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Drug Related Questions

Can I go trucking after taking SAP program? Yes

Can I go trucking after a weed charge? Yes

Can I be a truck driver while on Suboxone? No

Can I be on subscribed medicine and have a CDL? Depends on the medicine and the doctors note.

and more....

Please ask all drug related questions on the page dedicated to those types of questions.  When you get to that page, first do a search to make sure your question has not been asked.  You can find them here.

Relationship Questions

Let's face it.  It's a big deal to be a trucker and in a relationship of any type.  Lucky for you, there are pages upon pages of information about dating along with questions and answers, opinions and suggestions about trucking dating and relationships.

Common Relationship Questions

Some of the questions go directly to links of pages that answers the question.  Others will be answered on a page all with other questions.  

Please ask all relationship related questions on the pages dedicated to those types of questions.  Search to see if someone has asked your question and read that first so you don't end up asking the same question.  You can find them here.

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Buying a 2015 Freightliner Cascadia  
Hello I'm considering purchasing a 2015 Freightliner Cascadia high rise sleeper with a 455/1550 dd15 and a 10 speed manual. The truck just rolled …

Should I truck, or buy a new one? It keeps having break downs 
I need help, I own a 2005 Peterbilt 378. It has a Cummins ISM engine with unknown miles on it. I do have paperwork on it showing it went through a total …

Why did that trucker get fired that day? 
Hi! I'm Betsy, a little old lady with a question that puzzles me still today. I worked at a park whose entrance had a plastic, LED-lit archway. Our park …

Bouncing load, tandem position 
Rookie driver here. Been driving for a year and had something happen yesterday I've not experienced before. Picked up a load, approx 35,000 lbs, sensor …

How do I get my dac report 
How do I get my dac report

Why does my automatic semi rock violently side to side when backing and turning my trailer at the same time? 
Why is my semi rocking side to side when I'm turning and backing a trailer at the same time? When I try to alley dock, it rocks violently from side to …

Is it legal to take up both lanes 
Hello, I was just recently cutoff by an employee for Bridgetown Trucking, while on the southbound dual lane portion of Interstate-5 in Oregon. He …

SAP information in depth. Companies that will hire SAP drivers 
I am a recruiter and former driver of 17 years (good ole days of trucking 1986 - 2000) And things that had to do with drug use didn't come up very often …

I owe the company I'm leased on to money. what happens if i leave? 
I am an owner/operator leased on to a company that I owe money to for repairs. I have been having large deductions taken from my settlements for 10 months …

Trucking and sex life 
6yrs married husband comes home every 2 to 3 weeks. We try to have sex only 1 time and his penis goes limp fast, He has a hard time. But I have to …

Truck SALES that will take $5,000 to $17,000 for down payment 
Hi, Forum... Do anybody know of Truck sales companies that's asking for a reasonable down- payment...2016/23 $5000 to $17,000 down? Volvo …

What Trucking Company Will Provide Driver Training 
I have a CDL class A since I was 21. I am 60 now. When I got my CDL, I drove dump trucks for 14 yes. Now, I am wanting to go OTR. I went back to …

Trucking Company not paying me 
You guys have helped me in the past and I Appreciate it! The last 3 companies I worked for took my money and I need someone to help make them accountable! …

over weight or over axel 
If you are stopped at a weigh station and you are over weight or over axel can they keep you at the scale till you fix the problem.

Bobtailing home  
If you bobtail home can they stop you if every street has a no truck sign on it

if I had my liscence suspended 8 years ago for child support can I still get a commercial drivers permit? 
I want to get a commercial drivers permit, If my licence was suspended 10 years ago for a missed child support payment and has been rectified now. will …

Cooling a truck at night without idling 
When my husband shuts down at night he can't idle his truck. His cab gets very hot in this summer weather. He is new to this company. Is there a …

Is a CMV Driver Responsible for Mud coming off his truck after leaving a muddy customers lot 
Mud was caked on the mudflaps of a trailer that was picked up at a muddy railyard. Is the driver and the company responsible for the mud coming off the …

How do I go about becoming a subcontractor 
I am thinking about leasing a vehicle to become a subcontractor and wanted to know what would be involved in startup, mainly in regards to insurance, licensing …

Thinking of Starting New OTR Trucking Career at 56. Realistic? 
Manufacturing Engineer 34 Yrs. (Been there done that) Looking for adventure (next 5-10Yrs): 56 Single Male, physically fit no health issues except hearing …

Need a driver advocate recruiter 
Need a driver advocate recruiter

Can I drive more than 11 hours to go back to starting location 
Can I drive more than 11 hours to finished my delivery from and ending location. From point A to point B and to point A

Getting a CDL with an amputated Left Foot. 
Hi, my question involves interstate trucking with an amputated left foot. I live in California and I am trying to get into a Truck Driving School. …

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Can I get a CDL with this charge 
Can I get help getting my CDLs with s e x u a l abuse charge from 2012

RVs Overnight parking at Truck stops 
How do truckers feel about RVs parking in truck stops overnight?

Can Someone get a ticket if they don’t have a medical card  
Can someone get a ticket if they are driving without a medical card

How to take care of mail and bills at home when OTR 
I'm an new older driver. I live alone with no family I can really count on. What would be the best way to take care of mail and bills while I'm away …

What Loadboard is Best for Houston Area 
I am a recently a small business owner. I have been learning alot lately. My biggest question is what load boards are better around Houston Texas …

Will diabetes keep me from becoming a trucker? 
I have diabetes and I am taking the pills and the needles, will this stop me from driving `8 wheel trucks?

Splitting gears uphill 
I can shift up and split just fine as well as down shift and split while slowing down but going up hill with a heavy load i have a hard time splitting …

Operating a cmv on a prohibited street where the business you are delivering to is. 
Delivered freight to a business where the loading dock is on a no truck/prohibited street. After leaving was pulled over a cited for operating a cmv on …

Am i too old for a trucking job 
am 78 years old have been traveling around in my motorhomes but am now thinking of driver school I drove semi in the late 1950s and early 1960s am I …

Are there any companies that will hire with a 1 1/2 year old dui 
Are there any companies that will hire with a 1 1/2 year old dui.

Can I get caught sneaking a passenger on my truck and taking them on the road with me?  
My fiance would like to come with me on the truck and hit the road with me. The policy of the company is I have to be with the company for 6 months before …

I was working with a trainer for approximately three months when I was told to take one last run out to Mexico, Little did I know that this took a turn for the worse 
I am a new driver. I was working with a trainer for approximately three months when I was told to take one last run out to Mexico, Little did I know that …

Can anyone ask to see a drivers logbook? 
Can anyone ask to see a drivers logbook?

How to legally transport a trailer from auction 
What are the legal requirements for transporting a flatbed or dry van that was purchased at auction, out of state? Does it need to be registered or …

Should I notify my employer about a city ordinance speeding violation  
I received a violation of city ordinance speeding. The officer told me that it’s not a speeding ticket and it wouldn’t affect my records what should I …

Becoming an O/O 
I am a 33 year old military veteran that has been looking at getting a CDL A soon. My father passed away unexpectedly and left me and two sisters a …

how long do I have to wait before I can get my cdl back 
I failed a random drug test for marijuna after getting back in town.How long do I have to wait before I can get my cdl back

Can they fire me because i accidentally broke trailer in half? 
Im a owner operater can they fire me because i accidentally broke trailer in half?

Left at scalehouse alone over the weekend 
Had a failure to appear for a ticket so when at a DOT Scalehouse, I was left from Friday to Monday, alone in summer heat with no food, or bathroom facilities. …

Blew a steer tire and i went into median. Boss kept my check  
Steer tire blew apart and i went into median my boss kept my last check Is it legal for him to keep my last check for damage to the truck?

What is a MC number and how do I get one? 
Good morning I’m just now Graduate from truck in school. Graduate from truck in school this is my first time on the trucking world. Quick question …

Is it a MN requirement that the A/c works company trucks 
Isit required by Minnesota state law that companies repair the A/C in their fleet vehicles if it stops working?

A driver beating up his partner  
Can a driver beat up his or her partner for any reason or fault?

Can I take a dog with me hauling fuel? 
i want to haul fuel,but i have a pug(dog). Can i take my dog in a truck hauling hazmat??

Can a leaking cac cause a vibration during acceleration? 
Ok, i have an 03 pete 379 with a 6nz cat. I have a strange vibration plus a roaring sound under acceleration. I've replaced u joints, all wheel bearings, …

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Speeding ticket right before i got my cdl 
Hey I got a speeding ticket in May and just got my cdl. I paid the ticket and selected to do the traffic school but I got my cdl before I completed the …

If a company tractor gets a ticket for no mudflaps, does that go on the drivers record? 
A company tractor has no mudflaps, if DOT issues a ticket, does that go on the drivers record?

Backing Seems Like Rocket Science To Me 
Just started CDL school. Having the worst time keeping up with other people. Backing seems like rocket science to me. They are confusing me talking …

I'm looking at getting my first truck. Is this a good set up? 
I'm looking at getting my first truck. I'll be pulling SB through the mountains. The truck I found has series 60 515, 18 speed and 3.73 gears. …

is there a site to see truck drivers violations? 
i feel its right to see if truck drivers are using safety at all times/how can someone look up a trucking company's violations?

Requesting brutal honesty about women in truck driving. 
30yo female here. I have considered trucking for a while, weighing the pros and cons. Regarding hiring, it seems bias could go either way. Obviously …

How long till I can get my cdl 
I have driving citations I'm paying on and I'm wondering how long it will be till I'm allowed to get my cdl. The dates of offense are 12-1-16 12-1-16 …

Truck is dangerous to operate company wants me to drive the truck back 
Truck is dangerous to operate the company and corporate wants me drive back

Got a Ticket Today for Being in the Left Lane? 
Got a ticket today for being on left lane not far left lane but one next to it he asked for my license. I only have my class b learners. Shouldn't the …

I'm 18 and want to become a truck driver. 
I live in Georgia and have been looking into starting a career in driving. I'm having difficulty locating a job that will hire a driver under the age of …

Can I ever get hired with a big company after a rear end collision 
I am currently driving, local, and have been since my rear end accident in Feb. 2017. I was terminated from the company but was hired right away for a …

Training to get my cdl and got pulled over because my trainer wasn't wearing his seat belt properly and i got the ticket. What can i do? 
Ticket is wrote out to me even though i was wearing mine. In the description on the ticket it says passenger was not wearing seat belt properly. The …

Getting hired with a class A Cdl with no driving experience 
I got a class A CDL with endorsements over 10 years ago but have no driving experience. How can I get hired as a driver?

I want to become a trucker when I get out of school 
I am 16 year old girl invested in becoming a truck driver. Would truck driver be a good career choice after I get out of high school? Do you ever regret …

Trailer detached  
So I drove for Sch****er for 2 years . On 3 occasions they had to send maintenance out just to get my trailer dropped. They prayed it open each time.. …

I got a possession marijuana charge in my truck. Will my insurance increase or will they drop me off? 
Can the insurance company drop you off insurance for a misdemeanor charge of marijuana if you got stopped in your truck? I got a possession marijuana …

best used heavy duty tractors with sleeper to buy for Long Haul 
Good evening all, so I know everyone has there own opinions on what is the best rig. I am very conflicted and cannot decide what make and model I should …

Blowing by a weigh station 
If I pass a weigh station while it's open and not go in will I get a ticket if so will it be a mark on my license?

Are there any trucking companies in Birmingham Alabama that hire ex felon after 5 years 
I was convicted of burglary 3rd in 2012 went to prison and been out since 2014. Can i get job driving

about a parking lot incident  
i'm a company driver if perhaps i hit another truck coming out of a parking spot in a truck stop accidentally, and well it was reported and all that so …

Getting fired for red light camera 
I got caught by a red light camera, how's this going to affect my license and my DAC, Can you get fired by running a red light ?

Do you have archived articles from around 2015? 
The heading was. Why I hate Air Products and Chemicals Saw this one time and bookmarked it only to have tablet crash. Would it be possible to send me …

Allow license to expire for being lazy 
Do companies pass on hiring someone who allows their cdl license expire for just being to lazy to go renew it

Got Stuck in the Mud and Fired! 
So I got my front end of the company truck stuck in some mud at one of my stops i had already reported as a difficult one to the company. Well they …

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Is it ok to leave air in your tanks in cold weather  
When I’m parked for the night in cold weather is it ok to have my air tanks full or should I press the air out

Can you be put out of service for a warning  
So I was pulled over and they did a level to inspection I had trouble with turn signals which I fixed on site but I was given a warning and was told I …

being pulled over with no shoulder 
when being pulled over on a 2 lane road with no shoulder in an 18 wheeler what do you do?

$400 fine for not delivering immediately  
I was supposed to make a delivery last night and the batteries were completely dead on my freightliner. My boss would not even allow me to reschedule …

Does the year of my flat bed trailer matter? 
Does the year of my flatbed matter? How,why. please thanks Years since trailer was made .

Where to get hazmat finger printing done 
After I obtaining the Hazmat endorsement on D.M.V in Portland Or where I du have to activate du the fingerprint etc?

5 DUIs over 20 years ago. 
Had 5 DUIs over 20+ years ago. Haven't had even a beer in 5 years.Not even a speeding ticket in over 20 years. Van I attend a school and obtain a CDL and …

Adjusting the load at a weigh station 
Who’s responsible for load adjustment cost at a scale.

How many legal hours do I need to pay to get two work lights put on my truck 
I had to get to work lights put on my truck they just use the wire that was already hooked up to the work lights that was on the back of the truck so how …

Trans am scamming me???? 
Trans Am has hired me through the lease program they say it’s a walk away contract but 5 days in I have had nothing but problems. They promise to keep …

Got cited for having a bottle of beer in cmv 
Dot officer cited me 4 sealed beer in a commercial vehicle will I lose my license

Got hired at new company, before getting there had rollover at old company 
If i already got hired with new company before i left old company. But had a rollover right before i left. What will happen. I feel like i should tell …

Company put no rehire 
Company put no rehire

I am on disability because of recent back surgeries should I try trucking or not thankyou 
I am on disability earning 1200.00 a month love to go back to work thought about trucking but have had 3 back surgeries. Should I try it or not thank …

How long does a service failure stay on your record  
How long does a server failure stay on your record

Does a Tonu apply when already loaded and rolling, then have to return to shipper? 
Flatbed load. Loaded. Tarped. Go to scale. Over height. Return to shipper at brokers request. Unload. Load needed stepdeck...ordered wrong equipment. …

moving freight that belongs to another company 
I'm I'm forklift driver.I was recently told that it is illegal for me to move any freight that been loaded by some other company other than the one I …

Is there anyone that will hire me with a felony less than one year old 
Is there anyone that will hire me with a felony less than one year old Hiring recent felons.

HUsband got pulled in at Wisconsin scale, his log book is 14 hours behind and believes he is Over on the rear of the spread axle trailer. What is going to happen to him? 
we usually run team he is alone on a rescue mission to pick up his son who is stranded in MN. Got pulled into scale house and had to take in logbook …

what happens if a truck driver is caugh with the kid and wife on the truck? 
what happens if a truck driver is caugh by a cop with the kid a wife on the truck?

If your rig gets stolen  
If you are clocked out for lunch and your rig gets stolen, is the driver held responsible for any damages or will it be for the company to take responsibility …

Can I go over the road at age 19 cdl a with someone 21 and older. 
Can I go over the road with someone 21 and older in Maryland at age 19.

4 yrs old possession of marijuana 
If I have a 4 yr old possession of marijuana charge will that stop me from finding a paid CDL training job

What kind of citation would I get for blocking the road being stuck on a steep hill on a side street? 
I was sent by my company using their directions which put me on a side road that had a hill that was so extreme that my small Mack day cab could not pull …

How do i get over Fear of driving a big truck 
Im a new truck driver. How do i get over the fear of driving a big truck. I wanna drive i just got a fear of driving a truck. How do i get over that? …

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Can a company put a lien on your driver's license 
If you owe a trucking company money for school that they paid for and after a year of working with company you decide to leave for another company but …

Going back to work 2 weeks off do I need to retest 
I've worked for the same company for 2 years. My truck broke down and I worked for someone else for 2 weeks. Do I need to take another drug test to …

Arresting driver for company's failure to pay a ticket? 
By montana state can they arrest the driver for an unpaid ticket the company was responsible for paying? Owner forgot about ticket didnt show up for …

Possession of marijuana pipe 9 years ago and possession of marijuana 3 years ago. Are there any cdl schools that will accept me? 
After my last marijuana possession charge I decided I'm done living that lifestyle. I've changed my life an am currently employed at a company that gives …

Quitting my post office job for trucking.. 
I've been working with post office for 18 years.. I want to go i to trucking would it be a good idea.. I made 59000 no overtime 72000 with overtime.. …

I hit a power line my company terminated me, but no police report was made. Do I have to tell a potential new employer about it. 
Will I was driving my truck I hit a power line. No police involvement, but I was terminated. Do I have to tell a new potential employer about it?

Can log book violations affect your ability to get hired  
Log book violations can it affect you driving for companies and can it cause you to lose your job or effect the company?

If I hit a power pole with no citation but a accident report was file will it affect my mvr  
I hit a power pole & called the police. No citation but a accident report was file. Well this affect my mvr.

Looking for a career change at 56 years of age 
Hello I am turning 56 in a few months and am looking for a career change. I would be interested in paying for my CDL license then finding a trucking …

Using the clutch in stop and go traffic 
Newer driver in industry, and my issue may be the truck not me however unlikely. Local driver. Stop and go traffic tips when you can't just idle along …

Been blackballed by CRST got fired before contract was over 
How can I drive for a company to pay back another? Been blackballed by CRST got fired before contract was over, have a ton of money to pay back and …

What trucking company will hire a felon in Illinois? 
Are there any companies hiring felons out of Illinois?

My company has stranded me in Fl. do they owe me for this? 
Im stranded in Daytona Beach FL with no per diam or lodging I'm in a day cab. Do they owe me for this down time? If so how many hours and rate? I have …

Will a trucking company pay fees for revoked license 
Is there any trucking companys who will pay the fees of a suspended and under default license and train to drive for them once i pay collectors ill get …

Can I leave running lights on 
Can I leave my running lights on overnight without my truck on and not kill battery?

Can I go home on weekend during training  
Can I go home on the weekends while im at training

My gross weight is 81200lbs what kind of ticket will I get 
My gross weight is 81200 what kind of ticket will I get

tow truck in residual house 
can a tow truck park in residual neighborhood

Work place negligence and death 
My husband was an over-the-road truck driver owner operator he was in Virginia we live in Texas wasn't able to get ahold of him for 3 Days. Found out …

what skills do you need to be a truck driver 
what skills do you need to become a professional truck driver

Looking for a female team driver. 
This is probably a long shot but I am asking anyway. I drove team with my now deceased husband for 20+ years. I am looking for an older lady to team …

Swift trucking possession of marijuana 6yr old 
Hi I was just put on review for swift trucking. Because I have a possession of marijuana charge from March 2011. It is now may 2017. So it is 6 yr old. …

Can i bring my 1 yr old daughter and non driving spouse with meat Werner Enterprises 
I really want to bring them on the road with me when i graduate ait but i dont know if werner trucking will allow that, it would help me out pshycologically …

Can't do load check due to traffic jam 
I am hauling a flatbed time has come to do a load check and flag it on my log, I am stuck in traffic there is an accident up ahead.

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Will a Trucking School like Swift take a new student if taking controlled Blood Pressure Meds 
I worked offshore for over 20 years,I have a Able Bodied Seaman ticket and a Captain licence,and have to take a Coast Guard DOT Physical every 2 years,took …

What if I violate rider policy  
It's summer time and I want my financee and five year old daughter along with me what will be my consequences if I decided to violate company policy by …

Local refrigerator trucking 
I am retiring shortly and wanted to start a small refrigerator trucking business. Either buying 2 sprinter refrigerated vans or a refrigerated box truck. …

Need to rent a truck to take my cdl again in Elizabeth NJ 
Need to rent a truck to take my cdl again

Duration that accidents remain on DAC Report? 
What is the duration that an accident remains on a DAC Report? And how far back do companies look for accidents and preventables, whether DOT chargeable …

Is it legal to drive a truck with the trailer doors open 
is it legal to drive with trailer door open while freight is on the trailer?

CRST? I already have my CDL. Any idea how long the training and orientation will be?  
Unfortunately this is one of the only companies willing to give me a chance due to my background. Just graduated from driving school, so I need the …

What companies have apu units  
What companies have apu units?

I was arrested in Ohio for an expired med card. Company fired me. Is it their responsibility to schedule exams? 
I was arrested for the first time ever in Ohio. I was unaware that my medical card had expired just a week earlier which suspended my CDL's. My company …

Do I need new Dot physical 
Do I have to get a dot physical to get my cdl reinstated after a owi in the state of Michigan

I want to know if I can get insurance as an owner oparator 
I have a speeding ticket and a texting and driving and also a improper lane usage I need help finding an insurance

how high is a freightliner from the ground to the floor? 
I'm just wondering how high does a driver climb in order to get into the driver's seat?.

Sudden trailer detached from tractor 
Already drove 400 miles. Suddenly heard loud noise, looked back, trailer detached from tractor. What are some possible causes? Am I responsible to pay …

If you are unable to return the truck can they still claim I abandoned truck 
Due to my medical card my cdl was medically down graded. I was told not to drive from safety an some one would come get me and the truck back to the terminal. …

Independent contractor trucker refuses load 
If I'm leasing a truck as an independent contractor and I refuse a load and drive the truck home can I get in trouble

Cdl suspension in Pa, can i get a trucking job 
I have a ga cdl license which his currently valid but I have a suspension in pa. can I still get a truck driving job and please be respectful with the …

Can I take my hazmat test while in sap process 
Can I take my hazmat test while in sap process.

If I hired on as a flatbed driver can company force me to drive van? I signed a contract but it was as a flatbed driver. 
I signed on under a contract as a flatbed driver. Company is trying to force me to drive reefer. Can they do that or does it violate contract. I would …

Can I bobtail while technically injured 
Hello. I'm currently waiting for my shoulder injury to heal so that I can get back on the road. I hurt myself lifting heavy tarps. Went to dr. He put a …

Rent while doing your road training. 
What do you do while your doing your road training, pay rent or just stay in a hotel in between being on the road? I'm just trying to figure out which …

When put on safety hold does the co. have to pay you? 
Wasn't sleeping well and mentioned this to supervisor. Asked to be transfered from team to single run. Have been in CT on safety hold for 2 weeks no pay. …

Bad MVR no jobs will hire no dui, no at fault accidents  
Hi I'm D , although I've got about two yrs exp with a class A from OTR/Regional/local . I'm currently having a hard time finding a trucking job because …

how much space to stop a loaded truck? 
question? How long does it take to stop a 18 wheeler with gross weight 80,000 pounds at 65 mph on a good day and dry roads and if that does not make you …

can i work for someone else with my Dl70etp that i earned from cr england 
If I quit working for Cr England is this class a I received from them (do170 etp)like a regular class a can I work any where else with it

Can a passenger ride along without having gone through sap process 
A trucker failed a pre-employment test and needs to go through the SAP return to work process. However, while he waits to begin his SAP process, he …

Is preloaded tanker inspection required by the driver 
As a transport driver hauling refined oil products, am I responsible for checking my valves and dome lids for securement even if I don't load my own trailers …

I had a accident in a commercial vehicle it didn't show up on my DMV report will it show up somewhere else  
I was in an accident in a commercial vehicle a few months ago. The accident doesn't show up on my DMV history report will it show up somewhere else.

can a city ordinance keep from bringing my truck home  
i used to bring my truck home to plug it in and the cops told me i couldn't drive it home cuz there's a city ordinance saying i cant drive my semi down …

Man with cdl got pulled over in his semi and they found a little marijuana no dui or dwi was given  
He got pulled over at the scales for inspection and they smelled marijuana he got a ticket but not a dui or dwi they had a state cop follow him to a truckstop …

Drivers license reinstated  
My driving privileges were suspend due to non payment of fines...I am about to get them reinstated. Will this hinder a company taking me on to train …

Will someone hire me with a 2yr old dwai? 
I got a dwai 2yrs ago and want to drive a mixer truck, will i get hired if i go apply for the position?

forgot to set parking brake on truck and it rolled down hill, hit power pole 
forgot to set parking brake on truck and it rolled down hill, hit power pole. my lease contract was terminated. how will this affect my driving career? …

Semi drive hits parked car and runs.  
Truck driver hit my parked car turning on to residential street.

Trying to become a truck driver with a felony 
I am a 55 year old man. I have always wanted to drive a truck. I attended a cdl program in 2010 not know that with a felony, drug possession, that I had …

Can I get my CDL with driving with no insurance charge? 
Can I still get my CDL if I have had a suspension on my regular license because I was caught driving without insurance while I was living out of my car? …

Is the mattress changed when an new driver is assigned to a used truck 
I have been driving for 39years and it used to be a rule that a new mattress must be put in a semi if the truck has been reassigned to a different driver …

Can a trainer be fired for not passing a trainie  
A friend of mine was fired the other day from crst because he refused to pass a trainie because the trainie was not a safe driver an he felt that the …

What does a trucking company do with my drivers license when I'm. Going to be a passenger  
What are the procedures to be a passenger in a truck. With my boyfriend?

Pass dot inspection with check engine light on 
If my check engine light is on can i pass a dot inspection

Trucker's wife wanting to get him a dc to ac inverter 
My trucker hubby is working for US Xpress and has to purchase his own inverter that they install. I'd like to get him one that he can run a mini-fridge …

Can I be suspended in on state and not another 
If I'm suspended in VA but my CDL is from NJ can I still drive everywhere else but VA??

Slip trip and skip, admission to school... 
I had a fall accident twenty-four years ago. I have since fully recovered from a leg injury and a mild head injury. In light of that, would a trucking …

Does an old record affect me getting Hazmat? 
I work for dot foods and i just got my background check back. And it shows old charges that was pending but been dropped since 2014. I was never convicted …

Random drug testing during 10 hour break 
Can your company call you for a random drug test while you are on your 10-hour break

someone i kno has a cdl and does drugs daily who should i call 
Someone i kno with a cdl does illegal drugs dailey who can i call seeing this driver is good friends with his employer

Out of hours violations 
I got an out of hours violation driving a truck looking for a rest stop in training does this affect my driving record?

Are there many companies that allow you to drink on your 34 hour resets if you are in your own hotel and not operating the truck? 
Are there many companies that allow you to drink on your 34 hour resets if you are in your own hotel and not operating the truck? I know some do random …

If I get pulled over for a traffic violation such bald tires do I get the infraction or does t it go towards the company  
If I get pulled over for a traffic violation such as bald tires does that go towards my license or does that go towards the company that I'm driving for …

What will happen if i hit a car on highway? 
I hit a car on highway. What will happen right after accident. No one was hurt

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expired registration on company truck 
I got a citation for expired registration on company truck

Son killed by trucker who was driving while disqualified 
My son was killed in an accident where he was hit by a semi, the driver of the semi was disqualified from having a cdl before the accident what does this …

If I Slide Off the Road Due to Ice Will it Go On My DAC 
I was driving in NY on I85 and my trailer lost traction which caused me to slide i didn't make contact with any other cars but it did damage the truck …

If I leave the truck and trailer in their yard is it abandoned load? 
I left the company's truck and trailer loaded in their yard and they want to charge me with abandoned load.

What is the best soft luggage to buy a trucker 
I'm the wife of a long -hauler. He uses a long sloppy cheap duffle bag, cumbersome and needs to be replaced. I'd like to get him something compact …

Can I drive on highway with trailer doors open  
Driving with trailer doors open

Can I log off-duty bobtailing? 
If I am bobtail, without trailer, can I log myself off duty? I have heard that if it is under 250 miles, you can log yourself off duty.

Want to become a student 
im looking to get my CDL through a trucking company i used to smoke weed but stopped two months ago. Would i be safe to go into a training program? …

My brother recently received a misdemeanor for assault on female. Will this affect his trucking job 
If a driver receive a misdemeanor for assault on a female and he has a twic card will this impact his twic card or impact his ability to keep or get future …

Where is a best place to do a 34 hour reset  
What is a best place to do a 34 hour reset? Can you give us some good places. Thank you for answering

Looking for local truck driving job with no recent experience 
I'm a single mother with a teenager and a toddler. I have had my class A for thirteen years I have only been otr for six weeks when I first got my license …

2007 Volvo 3 axle tractor. 465hp@1800rpm 
Why is my fuel milage so bad and why is my pulling power so weak? I bought the truck 2 weeks ago. Is there a chance that it was electronically tuned down …

Can truckers get fired because of their dispatcher? 
Can a otr trucker get fired because the dispatcher doesn't give them their miles?

Running over animals (roadkill) 
Is running over animals while driving (roadkill) a serious problem for truckers? What animals present the worst problem? Deer? Racoon? Squirrel? Which …

Screwed over - Can the company fire me like this 
I have a grandfathered contract with a company- I hurt myself last Dec and required surgery while working ! I am now ready to resume my duties but have …

Can my personal insurance be affected by my commercial driving record? 
If I get a ticket for running a red light while driving a commercial vehicle is my personal insurance company for a private passenger automobile allowed …

A pickup pulling a trailer hit my door, who is at fault 
If a pickup truck that have a trailer pulling off at the gas station and i have my driver door open looking for something and he swung over to close pulling …

CDL was revoked this year after 20+ yrs because of Cancer... Help getting it reinstated? 
For the past 4 years, I have been fighting cancer, Stage 3b IGg Kappa Multiple Myeloma, and winning. Unfortunately, my MEC card was expiring this …

Overweight citation for an inexperienced driver  
Recently I was at a shipper with no scales and had to load my trailer with 3 motors and a radiator. I received a a overweight citation but was. Not trained …

Driving on weight restricted roads 
I live in a small town in Indiana and I usually bobtail for my home time. The road I live on says no trucks over 8 tons. I heard that I'm allowed to drive …

Company leaves me stranded  
Can my company leave me stranded without transportation to get home. My license just got suspended due to child support and I lease a truck been working …

payroll deductions - charging driver for ticket 
One of my drivers received a traffic stop violation that was his fault. Can I pay the ticket and deduct it from his check? Do I need his signed permission? …

How can you locate an 18 wheeler truck that caused an accident 
How can't you track down a 18 wheeler that caused a bad accident. Truck didn't stop after he lost his tire and wheel. How can you locate an 18 wheeler …

Is it a law that you must have High School diploma or GED 
Is it a law that you need a high school or GED to become a delivery driver or is it that most company's have there own policies?

Kids age limit 
What age can child be on the truck

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am i supposed to pay for load violations  
If I get an over height violation do I pay or does the company

I want to work for Flatbed companies that allow you to live in Mississippi and eventually moved to Las Vegas 
I'm thinking of becoming a CDL driver for Flatbed company. I live in Mississippi now but I want to move to Las Vegas is there companies that would match …

Loss of license and drugs 
My nephew, age 40, is in prison for drug related charges and has lost his driver's license. When he gets out in 4 years he says he wants to be a truck …

Do you get points on your license for rolling a truck? 
Can u get points on your license for rolling a truck?

If I completed a drug diversion program successfully and the case was dismissed...will i b disqualified from obtaining a cdl 
I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. I completed a drug program and the case was dismissed.. will that disqualify me from receiving …

Company forced me to run illegal, what can i do? 
I am a CDL Class A driver I got my license through the company that I work at now they paid for it and I signed a two-year contract saying that I will …

Automatic restriction on CDL 
I already have my cdl license from a manual school. What I can't find out is Werner put me out with a trainer who has an automatic transmission, will I'll …

Anybody know about Southern refrigerated  
would anyone out there be able to tell me more about a company called Southern Refrigerated out of Florida, i believe.

How can an Independent contractor trucker get medical insurance for him/herself and his/her spouse? 
Is there certain companies or places that I can medical insurance for myself and my spouse? I want to become an independent contractor and haul my own …

As a driver is there medical insurance for the driver and his or her family? 
All I need to know is if I were to become a driver is there medical insurance I can get for myself and my wife.

Company driver turned up truck speed should he be fired  
Had truck turned down to 75 mph.Driver had been given 3 verbal warnings. Should he be fired?

Truck was towed is tow company responsible for any damage to shipment 
Was park in parking lot a regular spot but got towed 1 in a.m is tow company responsible for damage to hhg shipments

I'm leaving my company to start at a new company. 
Hello, i recently found a better opportunity with another company. I plan on giving a 3 weeks notice to my current employer but who should i contact/fax …

Can I evict a passenger? 
Can I legally put an unruly passenger out of my truck?

Having an accident with unregistered medical card 
If a guy has an accident while driving my truck,but didn't have his medical card registered, will my insurance company still pay for the damages to my …

reinstate C D L at 64 after being away for 8 yrs 
I'm 64 years old, all of my Adult life I have been a truck driver, 48 foot flatbed, dry and liquid tanker, drop & hook 48 foot box cars, but 8 years ago …

Truck road tickets 
In campton, ca, i got a ticket wich was truck road. I want to know it has a point or not

Is it possible to get my company to allow me to use my truck and a trailer to move my personal belongings to move from state to state?  
I'm moving and just want to know if any company would allow using their equipment to do it.

How do I get loads from a load board. 
How do I acquire freight off of a load board if I own my own truck, and what are the requirements of the freight forwarders/brokers.

Can i take my wife and my 1 year old son on the truck with me to colorado  
Well i want to know if i could take my 1 year old son and my wife on the truck with me to Colorado

Driving from Western Oregon to Reno 
My wife and I are driving from Clackamas, Or to Reno this month and I wanted to know if there is a route to take that avoids going through California. …

Letter of resignation  
I'm currently looking for a better trucking job and was wanting to know who do I send my letter of resignation to? I work on a dedicated account, should …

Refusing an old truck coming back to work from sick leave 
I have been off work for 4 months on FMLA and personal leave time when I called to go back to work they're trying to give me an old International instead …

If you're in training with a company will you get fired if you damage 2 tires 
I started training for a 2 truck company and I hit the scale and damaged 2 tires. The owner of the company said he couldn't afford anymore damage and …

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I need a crash course on owner operating. 
All the information that I can find is scattered all over the internet in a variety of separate and disjointed blogs etc. I need a crash course in O/O …

How much does it cost to register my truck in nc 
How much is yearly tags in north Carolina for a semi I just moved from Virginia

Starting out in trucking again 
I have already passed trucking school, obtained my cdl and drove with Schneider western 11 (basically Sumner, wa to Rialto, ca 4 times) for couple weeks. …

Ticket for talking on cell phone 
Got a ticket in Memphis for talking on cell phone. Anyone know how much its gonna cost? I had nothing on my driving record...

Trucking Companies - Trucker Job Descriptions 
Hey, I am just curious and doing some research about carpal tunnel and truckers...when you are hired on at a company like Old Dominion or Schneider National, …

This legal trucker needs a ride from ND-MO fri July 22nd 
I can help drive or just keep you company

Should I disclose expunged charges (not conviction, no plea) to Prime Inc? 
Five years ago I was charged with small marijuana possession, paraphernalia, and receiving stolen property. The stolen property was a street sign i had …

can you drive haz mat fuel truck with disability card 
driver has disability placard and wants to drive a haz mat truck hauling fuel. is that legal?

Can I go off duty after blowing a trailer tire? 
I blew a trailer tire. Can I go to off duty on my log book?

Can a new employer make me take another medical exam? 
If i've taken a medical exam within the last 6 months and my exam is good for 12-24 months can a new employer force me to take a new medical exam?

Can a trucker deduct down time on taxes 
Can a over the road truck diver deduct down time driving and empty load to go and pick up anothe4r load.

Can I get Hazmat and pass background check with mental hospital history? 
Can I get my Hazmat license and do well on the Background check, even though I've been in a Mental hospital for 1 to 2 weeks? If yes, how?

Operating illegally upon owners request  
Stopped at a weigh station ran a level 1 inspection on truck and trailer. On doing so marked trailer out of service dew to brake drum cylinder or cover …

got ticketed in my car - can I still become a driver 
I have no truck driving experience and want to attend a company-owned truck driving school. I got ticketed for driving my own car with an expired license. …

how long Is the background check? 
How long does it take for a background check to come back?

Truck owner repossessed truck with drivers personal items in it 
My trucks owner came from NJ to GA to take his truck back, he stated that he thought I had quit. My belongings are still in the truck as I did NOT quit …

Can a class b cdl holder drive a bobtail tractor? 
Can a person with a class b cdl drive a bobtail tractor?

Out of service for no AC? 
Can you be put out of service for no air-conditioned in Truck

Company wants me to pull my own dmv.  
I called about a job with a USPS contractor. I can't find much info on the company (Experienced Mail Carrier) and they told me I had to pull my own dmv …

Company turned in a refusal to taking a drug test but I had already quit 
I was working for a small company who was wanting me to run illegal all of the time when I got in I cleaned stuff out of my truck and was waiting on my …

How many service failures can a driver acquire before reaching termination?  
I want to know how many service failures a driver can have before being fired?

Can I sue a driver that kept fuel money and ran truck out of diesel?  
If the driver was given money to pump diesel in my truck and kept the money and runs truck out of fuel requiring me to use a wrecker, can I file theft …

Tennessee axle vs weight fine 
My husband got a fine for having to much space between his axles but if he moved them his weight would be off is this really legal to fine? Either …

How can I keep my boss from knowing when I idle the truck? 
My boss knows how many hours my 2013 peterbilt idles for. I idle my truck for the air conditioning. If I release the tractor brakes will my boss still …

Whats a wild driver 
Whats a wild driver. Was offered a job as a wild driver. I have a wife and kids how will it affect them, what's the cons n pros?

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What type of truck do I need to haul mobile homes 
I am trying to start a mobile home moving business. I was offered a 1999 FLD day cab with an M11 engine with original miles of 140k. It is in excellent …

My daughter's boyfriend has talked her into getting her CDLs to tag team with her 
Here is my problem, she is giving up on finishing her college degree, because he told her she could sit on her ass and get paid for doing nothing. When …

can i bring my 3 year old son on the road with me? 
I am thinking about trucking but I have a 3 year old son that is important to me so I do not want to go an extended amount of time without him. is it legal …

I ride with my husband and I feel like he has audio and video hooked. but he won't admit 
Is it possible to run a hidden device for audio and and tracking somewhere to back of cab??

intetested in trucking 
I m 19 yrs old boy and thinking about of trucking career I have a lot of questions please have a look I stutter , can i be a trucker ? How …

Does a switch tractor need to close doors traveling 80 yards on a public road? 
I need to pick up a trailer at one location from a dock and deliver it to a dock across the street to another dock. I know the local police see me do it …

Want to drive again 
I was driving a truck from 2004 to 2006 and I stopped 2 years, now I want to back drive. What I should do Think you

How long does it take before and accident show on your dac report after is happen 
How long does it take and accident to show up on your dac report after it has happen

Do I need a DOT number to drive a truck I bought back home 
I bought a semi in Houston Texas do I need a d o t number to drive it back to little rock ar

Does the owner of the freight being transported need dot numbers 
I was pulled over two day ago by a PA state police officer who ran the plates of the trailer I was towing. The owner of that trailer has revoked dot numbers. …

After getting fired, how long do I have.... 
How long do I have to return the truck after getting fired?

Can the D.O.T. put a dog in the trailer loaded with produce legally  
I was stopped by dot in Iowa and they said that the dog hit on my trailer then they put the dog in the trailer loaded with potatoes is that legal …

I was working a company and my license was suspended and thay gave me a dot random and I failed it does it still effect my license

Who is at fault in this accident with a dump truck 
A dump truck was driveing down the road..a pickup truck was passing the dump truck in a no passing zone..another pickup truck came out of a private driveway …

Does your failed drug test follow you from state to state 
when you swap license from one state to another, do your failed drug test for preeremployment rolls over??

State laws about marriage and trucking 
Are there any state laws which require a male and a female, both with CDLs to be married to each other if they share the same commercial truck?

Getting tickets in a dump truck 
Just started working for a small company a friend owns and im new to driving. The dump trucks are not registered or inspected right now. "Should" be soon. …

If randomly selected for DOT drug test, can i just simply quit or would DOT force me to come in regardless 
Not currently using my CDL, but was offered a low risk part time job using it while attending school. Pot helps me relax and deal with some personal issues …

can a truck driver be ticketed for his partner log book? 
My twin is the main driver and he received a ticket on his partners log book not matching his. Is that allowed?

Can a company find out how long I have had my CDL? 
When a employer check yo dmv records , do it shows how long did u have yo cdl for ? Cause I just received my class A and only looking for local work , …

Does being termatied from a job will that effect me getting another driving job  
I've been recently fired from swift is there any other company that will hire me with a termination on my record

I drove my truck unauthorized to get serviced at a dealership 
I was told not to take my truck North from SoCal to get my truck serviced. I was within HOS, did not cheat my logs. My truck was unsafe to carry a load. …

Got a failure to wear set belt ticket while sitting on scale 
I got failure to wear seat belt tickets while sitting on the scale, When officers know I took it off after entering into the scale area

Would DOT tell my company if I legally posses a firearm? 
My company says no firearms in the truck . I have my permit and am legal and would like to carry in the states im a loud. My question is if stopped and …

Does possession charge cause a loss of license? 
I am wondering if a class A C.D.L. holder gets a posession of controlled substance (meth), do they lose their license? And for how long if yes?

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Does the DOT officer have to issue an overweight ticket? 
Does a Dot officer have to give a driver the opportunity to slide tanders first to get axle weightb4 issuing citation for being overweight I wasn't …

I already have my CDL unfortunately I am a felon and it's hard to find a job 
I am asking for any information on anybody hiring someone that already has experience and a valid CDL

My wife is pregnant can I get home for birth if I do psd for prime inc 
Can I get home to see my first child be born if I'm attending Prime inc. psd or tnt

Unauthorized passenger in the truck 
Can I lose my cold for having a unauthorized passenger in company big much trouble could I be in..and would I be able to find another job in …

Question about getting DOT physical while on Suboxone 
I am a recent cdl graduate and I am having a problem. I'll start from the beginning,I am a 37 yr old male and have had a recent dot physical and on the …

DOT violation question 
My driver side window is not going down because the switch is broken. Is that a DOT violation?

Improperly secured load damaged my trailer 
I am an owner operator and pick up a paper roll shipment last week , but their paper roll did not properly securely loaded then damaged my trailer. …

Failed breathilizer while truck was in the shop 
I was off duty my truck was in the shop and was in a hotel I had drank the night before and the next day when on swift property still had alcohol in my …

Another drivers fine deducted from my pay 
I'm a trainer for a company. I had a trainee who got an overweight citation, his name and license are the only one on the citation yet the company deducted …

Can my company go into the sleeper area anytime they want? 
Everytime I bring my truck into the shop, at my company terminal, for inspection they always want to open the curtain and go into the sleeper area without …

When buying a use trailer can u take it home with expire tags 
When buying a used trailer can you take it home with the old owners expired tags can they give you a ticket

Recent graduate blacklisted 
I Feel I Am Being blacklisted from a company I recently went to only for orientation I had family complications back home so I had to leave.. Now every …

Can I drive a truck  
I'm 19 year old I want to drive a truck can I truck one in the state of ct

BlackListed Recent Grad 
I Am A Recent Grad From A Trucking School. I Decided To Go OTR Due To Pressure Of Eviction And I Needed Something Fast. Went OTR With Schneider Out In …

Is it possible to start a truck w/air brakes in high gear without stalling 
Is it possible to start a truck in high gear without stalling

who will hire me after one not at fault accident  
Ive never had an issue in 13 years in a truck until 7 months ago bad luck struck and ended up in an accident i was not cited nor was i put at fault im …

is it legal to have sex in a semi truck sleeper 
is it legal to have sex in a semi truck sleeper.

Company holding my last check stating I didn't turn in logs 3 months ago 
Can a company hold my last check because thy say they can't find my logs from 3 months ago.

Can they take CDL if you are charged with smuggling drugs ?  
If you have a CDL licence & you get Caught Smuggling drug in a Non commercial Vehicle can they Revoke your CDL? Even if you were not driving the car ..? …

Which is better Schneider or Heartland Express and why 
I am school which company is better in your opinion. Heartland express or Schneider?

Im a self employed driver can my contractor fine me for tickets. 
I'm an independent contractor and recieve a 1099 from the company I contract to. That company is contracted to another company to run his truck under their …

how long does it take to have a semi washed? 
I was curious on how long it would take to have a semi truck washed at a professional cleaning company or what the timing usually ranges from?

for pay work while traveling with a driver 
Is there any type work I could do for pay while traveling with my truckdriver boyfriend? I enjoy the lifestyle,he enjoys my companionship,we both want …

Are there any companies that don't require cab sharing during training? 
I am very interested in truck driving, but I am not at all interested in spending an entire month sleeping in a cab with some other guy. Are there any …

Tanker endorsement with no hazmat 
I want to get my tanker endorsement but Is there a high demand for tankers with hazmats? Also how much more would I make with the hazmat plus tanker …

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consequences for leaving truck at unauthorized location 
I'm currently working a 2 weeks notice with company they want me to drop the truck off at the main terminal but there is a trailer lot they have with bobtail …

Can my employer sign my logbooks after I have handed them in to be checked  
My employer seems to think it's fine to sign my logbooks after I've handed them in to be checked. He said he does this so he knows he's checked it …

Lost my Wallet with my CDL license 
I lost my wallet. And I'm now grounded but I have no way to get to Colorado to get it. Can I loose my job over it.

Can you get hired for CDL job with citation for possession of paraphernalia that was put on STET docket - not charged 
My son wants to start a new career as a CDL Class A truck driver. He got a citation about a year ago for possession of drug paraphernalia (No Drugs). The …

Is it possible to go months without seeing a lot lizard? 
My husband starting driving OTR about 7-8 Months ago. He says he has never seen a prostitute. Hasnt heard a story. Has no clue. Says its not around him. …

If you need to plug you truck in at night and your neighborhood has a sign no triaxel trucks can you take it on home anyways 
I live in the historical part in Oklahoma city I own and operated my tri-axel dump truck. If I need to plug my truck in due to cold weather can I drive …

Looking for Creepy Trucker Stories? 
We're putting together a book of true scary stories called The Graveyard Shift. We want to get people who work though the night--police, ER nurses, security …

can an officer climb on my trailer? 
can an officer climb on my trailer to look for any issues?

Does having an accident mean disqualification  
I had an accident in March 2015 during a big snow in western PA. The police were not called and it was ruled against me. I paid 3500.00 in repairs, I haven't …

How do you maintain your personal vehicle at the terminal while OTR? 
I live in a cold climate in the northeast. During the cold months you need to start/run your car at least once per day as temps dip below zero. What happens …

How to find a job as a recent CDL school graduate........ 
I graduated from trucking school in December of 2015 and since then have become very disheartened by how hard it actually is to break into the trucking …

I wanted to know if it is okay for me to drive 18 Wheelrs if i have diabetes? 
I am asking what illness will disqualify You from being a driver of a 18 wheeler

Will my rollover affect my career 
I laid my truck over on its side. I was on a very narrow road and it had been off and on the entire day. The shoulders were soft and muddy. My drifted …

Can my trucking company use my vacation pay for days off without my permission?  
I took days off from work and my company has a policy that they have to pay use for any day we call of, so they used my vacation time to pay me. Is that …

Worried about geting a job after school 
So I got my mvr from the dmv it still shows my reckless driving from back in 2010 but the impropper driving and impropper lane change fell off can the …

Can I leave my truck parked at the scale 
I didn't know but The court is withholding my license for a fta. But I had a lawyer taking care of tht ticket, I got pulled out at the weight station …

hired, and fired same day, because of blood pressure meds? wasn't paid for that day of work. 
My uncle was hired, did doctors physical, drug test, signed tax information and was hired and started his first day on the job. He completed two local …

Trucking company made a key for a truck I own 
Got injuries on the job driving truck my employer got a key made for my semi that I own took their property out without permission

ovi conviction in out of state, home state license still clean. 
can I get a driving job? even local? I'm still stuck in out of state location while attending alc. rehab and honoring court obligations. (I did need help). …

Need help fast!!! 
So I started working or an owner operator contractor for werner been with them in total of 60 days. I no longer want to work for this owner. He threatened …

trucker gets turned in for smoking weed what happens 
If a truck driver got turned in for smoking weed n the driver knows how to get it out of their system will they do a hair drug test

company is deducting out of my check for accident 
I was in an accident where a truck ran into me and the trucking company I work for is deducting money out of my check for the accident without telling …

Wht do flatbeds sometimes haul toy Tonka trucks 
why do flatbeds have Tonka trucks on them sometimes?

Why would truck drivers flash the spotlight on the side of their cab at me when I'm passing in the left lane? 
Driving in the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning, when I-95 is ruled by truckers, I came across several whom when I passed from the …

Poor training in school with no CDL 
I attended a school in FL that does not have a good success rate with female students passing the class. I feel that I was not properly trained to back …

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Questions about truck driving school. 
I'm thinking of going to truck driving school. How many points can I have on my license to attend a truck driving school.

Do accidents in your personal car show up on d.o.t or dac report?  
Do non commercial accidents appear in your dac/ dot when potential employers background check you?

are there any rules about sharing sleepers 
If one guy drives a truck,and has to sleep in sleeper, are there any rules about switching that truck with another driver, who is also sleeping in sleeper. …

no ticket do I have to report 
I scraped a pole there was not enough damage to issue a ticket. Is this on my mvr do I have to report when apply for job

What is the deal that CRST has for veterans 
I was told that CRST credits vets 25% of total time served in the military toward driver experience, can some one educate me on the process

Can a police officer search vehicles you are transporting on traffic stop? 
When a truck hauling several vehicles is pulled over what rights do the drivers have for protection of their clients vehicles? Is there any point in …

Pulling different size trailers when pulling doubles- is it ok to do this? 
When pulling double, is it alright to pull different sizes(i.e. a 28' and a 30' or 32')

want to know if the tickets should go to the company instead of driver 
Windshield was cracked, Tandem pin was broken. And registration was expired I explained to the officer I was en route to get repairs he gave me all the …

If I fail at a weigh station, so I have one more chance to get it right before I get a ticket? 
I pulled into a weigh station and got ticketed for. Ring over weight. My understanding is that I would be able to try and fix my tandem one time before …

can a truck driver be fired for forgetting to disconnect his glad bands 
Can a truck driver be fired for forgetting to unhook his glad hands? He started driving and they along with the umbrella holding it together were ripped …

Can my Florida cdl be suspended for a parking ticket in Georgia? 
I got a parking ticket in the state of Georgia, my cdl license originated in the state of Florida. Can my license be suspended for a unpaid parking ticket? …

is there assitance to help pay for stress test for dot physical 
I have to get a stress test every two years and the cost is expensive is there assistance to help pay for it.

Driving with permit 
I have an indiana cdl class a permit i would like to know if i can legally drive for a transportation company if I am accompanied by a cdl holder that …

Car was at fault in accident, and my truck was badly damaged 
Car was at fault in accident, and my truck was badly damaged do they have to get me a rental or pay me some kind of reimbursement

can you bobtail with an expired cdl as long as my personal drivers license is valid? 
My cdl is set to expire before I am able to get the truck back to my boss, am I able to bobtail it back as long as my personal drivers license is still …

What permits and fees needed to start your own trucking business within California? 
What are all permits and fees needed in order to drive your own 18 wheeler truck within California only?

What is a service failure for a Swift driver 
what is a service failure on a swift driver

How many points for running a weight station 
How many points do a driver get for running a weight station

Can DOT give you a ticket in a truck stop parking lot? 
One of my drivers got a ticket in a truck stop parking lot. They had just picked up pipe and pulled in to the truck stop to make sure the tie downs were …

Can I take my 6 month baby and my wife with me on the roads ? 
It's legal to take my 6 months baby and my wife with me on the road.? I'm an owner operator pulling for big company

I renewed my class A, with hazmat, but decided not to get the background check. Will this hold up receiving my permanent license? 
I renewed my CA class A license with all of the endorsements, including hazmat, but decided not to get the hazmat security background check until I need …

Information regarding trucking ,with 17 year old fellony conviction. 
I have read recently,that with a conviction of distribution of a controlled substance, automatically disqualifies me to get hired. But,when I speak to …

How much driving time can I recoup after being in the sleeper just 8 hours 
I have just 3 hours of driving time left, I need 5 total to get to my destination,how many hours can I recoup by staying in the sleeper just 8 hours?

Should eals or locks go on my loads 
I'm a city driver and need to know if the loads I take out of facilities do they need seals or locks.

will the the body marks truck body in tifton ga be be liable for any problems with the seat after the accident. it was already damaged but after the  
ok the seat was old and damaged before the accident but it was safe to send him. after the accident it was bend over and a broken he straightened it up …

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no registration and truck impounded 
My driver was pulled over and subsequently told that the registration was expired, which was true. this because my insurance lapsed on Saturday and I only …

How much is truck registration in NC 
I live in nc how much does it cost to register my 1994 freightliner?

Terminated after bac of 0.02 do I have to see an sap before I can drive for another company 
Fired after a bac over 0.02 company offered no return to duty test or sap can I drive for another company without seeing sap

do i need a diploma or ged to go to truck driving school with swift 
Do I need a diploma to go to TD school with Swift?

MVR is BAD due to pay tickets not fighting in court can it be reopen and sought better? 
MVR is BAD due to just pay tickets not fighting in court can it be reopen and sought better outcome. speed in zone 43 on 25 and MVD from lane unsafely. …

Is it illegal to drink and then enter your truck and start a 10 hr break 
My safety manager accused me and my codriver of drinking and then sleeping it off in the semi, when he finally confronted us about it, I offered to take …

if i quit driving for a company and there main terminal is in memphis and they tell me to bring truck there but instead i bring it to there houston yard is it abandment 
can a company put abandonment on me if they want truck to be brought to main terminal in Memphis,tn but I bring it to there Houston,tx yard

I was locked up 400 miles from home. Is bosss liable? 
I went to jail for misdemeanor marijuana possession 400 miles from home&my truck was impounded. My boss came and got the truck,but did not post my bond. …

if the load is 48,000 pounds on a trailer 53 "is that overweight ?  
if the load is 48,000 pounds on a trailer 53 "is that overweight ?

Can company charge for broken axle?  
We are in Colorado and my husband was working for a trucking company for about 3 months. 3 weeks ago, the axle on a dump truck he drove broke, while he …

what can i say to an employer im appling for? 
i already and got my CDL and was driving for my company in a training program but the trainer wouldn't release me cause he thinks i might be unsafe 1 of …

Car ran into the back of my truck while parked it is on my DAC Report 
My rig was parked legally and a car rear ended my rig, I was not in the rig at the time of the accident. Should this be a DOT recordable on me...I was …

When can a truck be on a non truck route 
is it ever legal to drive a truck on a non truck route

Company deducting money for operating expenses at local trucking job 
My husband worked over the road.he wanted a local job.he find it..but they deduct half for fuel cost and half for truck ins and no he not leasing..i am …

Iis it illegal for the trucking company to deduct fuel costs from someone if they're driving the companies truck? 
What would be the best steps to take to get crappy company to pay right amount? So my husband just worked for a company for the past 3 & 1/2 weeks and …

Can u drive with 18 wheeler tailgat down in cali 
Itailgate down illegal or legal

Can I get hired with 3 prior D.U.I's 
Okay so I have been looking into trying to get out on the road trucking but seem to have hit a wall. I have three D.U.I's that are very old (last one …

Will assault charge and dismissed misdeaner affect me 
I am 22 in very interested in trucking.I have a relatively clean driving record but I am worried about a bogus dismissed assault on a female charge and …

Am i entitled to rate pay for driving a tri axle or rate job 
If I drive triaxle truck on a rate job am I entitled to rate pay?

can a truck get put out of service for the ac not working  
I work for a company. The ac was working and now it's not. Temerature are over 100 degrees ray

Will I go to prison if someone accidentally dies in a wreck? 
I was told by my trainer that if my truck has an accident with another vehicle and someone dies, then I will go straight to prison regardless of the circumstances. …

what states have restrictions on strokes? 
Are there restrictions in Alabama regarding driving my semi after having a stroke, and if so what are they?

Home made wine  
If you were given a bottle of home made wine , is it legal to transport it in the cab or sleeper of your semi as long as it is not open.

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How does west side drug test? 
A month ago I was having a hard time with so problems I was having at home anyway a friend of mine gave me a few hits of weed. I realize this was a …

Positive random bac while being off duty. 
I was hit with a random alcohol test 2012 testing positive turning in paper work while being off duty. Company didnt fire me made me go through sap program …

Do you have to have a sleeper to go out of state? 
Just wondering if to drive an 18 wheeler out of state, if you have to have a sleeper?

Class A cdl permit and driving a hazmat load. 
I live in Texas. If I have a class A cdl permit can I drive a hazmat load if there is a trainer in the vehicle who has their hazmat endorsement?

Can my employer fire me for breaking hours of service? 
The company I work for is more of a grocery distribution company than a long hauler. For years drivers rarely followed the hours of service regulations. …

what to do when a female truck driver is horny  
what to do when a female truck driver is horny

Is a over the road truck driving company suppose to deduct the total fuel cost for that week out of my check 
I drive for a company over the road. They are deducting from my paycheck for the fuel during the week. Am I suppose to be paying for my fuel or is that …

My husband has cancer. His company will not let him return to work as they say it would be all he will think about and it makes him an unsafe driver. .Is this legal ? 
My husband has been an over the road trucker for almost 10 years. The company he works for now, he was with about four years ago for a couple of years …

Will anyone hire me with 1point left on my cdl 
Will any company hire me with 1 point left on my cdl

Can the company owner take a deductible out of a driver's paycheck? 
My husband owns a trucking company. He had a driver cause an accident that he was 100% at fault for. Can my husband take the $1,000 deductible out of that …

is it legal to travel with girlfriend and 7 year old child and sleep in truck 
My friend drives a trailer truck. He has a new girlfriend and he is traveling with his girlfriend and her 7 year old son where all three are sleeping and …

If my company loads a truck over the trucks weight limit, they leave who is held responsbile 
We load trucks with salt, if the truck is weighted for 1 ton and we load 2 ton, they leave and are in an accident who can be held responsible

What is the typical fine for a citation for using your cell phone in Minnesota? 
I have had my license for 25 years with no citations or points against me. I understand a court appearance is required. I am wondering how this will affect …

Overweight tickets overdue license suspended can't work no I.D 
How can I get some help. I can't even get a regular I.D because of the fear of being arrested only to be released still owing the tickets with no end insight. …

can I still drive truck with a broken hip 
Have a broken hip..I'm screwed..have a walking Cane to assist in walking ..can I still drive semi truck?

looking for a orthopedic doctor to fill out paper work to get my SPE certifacate 
I am a below knee amputee on my right leg. i have been driving a truck for 5 years and have always got a 2 year physical with no limitations. now this …

Can you get a ticket for not having a/c on a semi tractor? 
Can you get a ticket from a Texas dot if your a/c is not working on your semi tractor?

I'm 15 years old, can I drive a semi on the road with a trailer if I have an adult with me?  
I was just wondering if I could haul corn this fall with a semi if my dad is with me in the semi.

Red Tagged at the scale which causes a driver to go over hours 
If a driver is red tagged at the scale and it throws him over hours is there a violation on the log or is it ok to proceed to the nearest stop?

where can I get a loan to pay my tickets so I can keep driving? 
I got a ticket in NY in 2011 they are just now asking me to pay the fine. But the company I worked for then told me they paid it. The letter looks suspicious …

Does DOT investigate a company if driver was arrested driving under influence in Commercial vehicle? 
If a driver was driving a company commercial vehicle under the influence and is charged with it, can the company expect the DOT to investigate their company? …

In Colorado, can a trucking co charge a driver for vehicle damage 
In Colorado, can a trucking company charge a company driver for vehicle damage? The company I drive for is trying to get me to sign a paper that says they …

How to get state permission for repetitive interstate transport route for felon 
Cascade Windows has a job for a trucker running repetitive delivery routes from Salt Lake City to Colorado. Will be out of state four days; in state three …

Moving trailer in Pittsburgh without getting into trouble by the police 
I bought a mobile home trailer yesterday.the owner has no title. I need to move the trailer from Leetsdale, Pa to Wilkinsburg,Pa. Once I get it to Wilkinsburg, …

My boyfriend is a truck driver, what kind of work can I do on the road so I can travel with him? 
My boyfriend is a semi truck driver for a family owned company. I was wondering what kinds of work I can do on the road while constantly traveling. …

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if my semi is damaged over the road who has to pay for my hotel and food accommodations? 
If my semi truck hit something on the highway and leaves me stranded who is responsible to pay for my hotel, food, and my trip home?

Company illegally loaded my truck... Am I responsible if caught 
I drive 32 miles from the company to weigh my load. I discovered it is loaded illegally. I am taking it back to the company. If I get caught by police, …

I lost the ticket that was given to me by officer 
i lost the ticket they gave me in the weight station. What do i do know ?

How many hours after having a few drinks can you legally drive? 
How many hours after having a few drinks can you legally drive?

does trans am observe you during your UA? 
Hi there. I am very uncomfortable at the thought of a stranger observing me perform my UA due to being severely molested as a child. Is it my legal …

Any second chances out there for old school driver?  
Hubby was a driver way back in the day, and a darn good one. Won awards, got safe driver bonuses, highly respected from drivers with 20+ yrs under their …

Do any companies allow babies as riders 
I used to be an over the road driver and I just found out that I am pregnant so I came off of the road I would like to know once I have my baby are there …

Did a semi driver warn me about police?  
Background Info: I am being tailed by cops who have been trying to bust me for smoking pot for the past year; they have had 24/7 surveillance …

is there any trucking companys hire you out of cdl school i have a bad driving record 18 years ago i live in virgina i need help 
I am fresh out of cdl school I need a job I have a bad driving record 18 years ago I am 48 now and I don't do the things I used to do

Can children travel in the truck? 
At what age should kids be to travel in a semi truck?

what school did you go to and was it good? 
I'm looking for any and all information on class A CDL training schools. I currently live near Pittsburgh, PA. I've been looking into schools for over …

if I'm 19 years old with a class a cdl can I drive for a custom cropping company anywhere in the us 
I am 19 years old and looking to get a new job I have a class a cdl in Vermont and am looking. At a job in Nebraska and talking with the owner of the …

Does orientation and drug test count 
I had to leave a orientation early before it was over due to death in the family.i took the a drug test and had to leave that same day..i later found out …

Ohio weigh station employees are not officers I was overweight and detained for 1hr 10mins until trooper showed up to give ticket is this legal?  
Ohio weigh stations are manned by civilian employees not law enforcement officers. I Entered/stopped on scales and I was overweight and I was told to pull …

How do you get prescription medicine OTR 
The medicine is approved, and is essential. How exactly do I refill it. Wait until I get home time, and refill months at a time? Refill on the road? …

What type of drug testing is currently done by trucking companies 
DISCLAIMER: Please read the whole thing before you think about judging me for my life choices. You aren't me you don't know what my life is like. Now …

State Permits 
How do I get a New Mexico permit?

transporting a truck to be traded 
I'm trading a truck in, do I need to place an out of service sign on it ?

i got a no insurance ticket but im not the owner of the truck and the owner will not provide the documents so i can have them dropped 
I got a no registration ticket and a no insurance ticket plus no state inspection sticker and i drive for the owner of the truck but it has a temporary …

Will a layover go on my record? 
Is a roll over the same as a layover and will it go on my record. I was driving a mixer truck and the concrete had dried up in the drum. I went to make …

can you get a big rig license with dui's in past 
I'm 57 realtor and all my kids are grown. I always thought I would like driving a big rig. If I've had dui's (2) over 40 years am I still eligible?

Chances I'll get caught having pet in truck with no pet policy? 
I've been driving for a few months now and my girlfriend has completely lost it with me being gone all week. I'm home on the weekends but that isn't enough …

broke trailer door off, am I fired? 
I am in a tight spot, and I broke the trailer door off, am I automatically fired?

Can I dot inspect my truck if I own it in tennessee? 
I own my own semi truck can I state inspect it myself and it be legal.

What to do when employer tries to force me past my legal hours of service 
I'm a dump truck driver and I have reached my 70/8 days on duty. I'm required by law to have 34 hr reset and my employer wants me to work past my 70/8. …

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Do I have to tell my company about a no seat belt ticket 
Do I have to tell my company about a no seat belt ticket

If i get caught with an overweight load does it fall on the driver or the emloyer 
say the weight is grossly over by 50,000lbs to include the truck trailer and load, will the employer be in trouble since they are the ones requiring this …

Who is responsible to repair a flat the contractor or carrier 
If you are leased to a company and suffer a flat tire who is responsible to repair the flat tire. The leased company provides my insurance also.

Can truck be reported stolen if not returned to where instructed 
Is truck driver legally obligated to return truck back where he picked it up if he quits in another state. Should it be reported stolen?

will depression disqualify me? 
If I have been diagnosed with depression and am taking meds can I still get hired by a trucking company?

what states have no restrictions for diabetes 
I use insulin and lost my job in iowa. what states have no restrictions with a cdl class a drive using insulin?

I have a domestic violence felony, does that affects me to get in to truck school driving? 
I have a domestic violence felony, does that affects me to get in to truck school driving?

If you miss the weight station and get a ticket does it go on your driving record 
If I'm driving a semi and I happen to drive past the scales and miss them and happen to get a ticket from the California highway patrol, does that citation …

Can i leave the truck somewhere safe other than where i was told to take it 
I drive for an independent owner who contracts his truck out to a company.his contract was terminated and told me to drive the truck home so I did but …

my driving record is bad 20 years ago im finishing trucking school now i am worried about getting job 
My driving record was bad 20 years ago. I'm in trucking school. My driving record today is perfect since 1997. I am worried about getting a job. Werner …

my driving record is bad 20 years ago im finishing trucking school now i am worried about getting job 

Can a Georgia DOT stop a truck in Tennessee? 
Georgia DOT pulled me over across state line in Tennessee. Is this legal?

what does own the intersection mean 
What does Own the intersection mean

can a O/O shut down his truck because of a safety issue with the trailer 
Can a driver shut down a trailer until the owner of the trailer fix it

can u get a commercial license in another state if california gave you a lifetime suspension 
Can you get a commercial license in another state if California gave you a lifetime suspension?

Idling the truck when its 80 degrees outside 
Can a trucking company tell a driver NOT to idle his truck when its 80 or 90 degrees outside?

I just got caught with less then a gram of weed will it keep me from driving 
Well ive been driving for this company for a year and a half and i just got caught with less then a gram of weed. Can this possession charge stop me from …

Getting pulled over and drug tested in Washington 
Can a Washington state trooper give a pulled over and on the spot drug test?

Points on my CDL for using a cell phone. 
Got a ticket in Ky. for using a cell phone while driving a semi. How long will the points stay on my license ? I have an Ohio CDL.

can i get into canada with a dwi 
i had a dwi 4 years ago and now have my CDL will canada allow me to enter while I am driving the tractor trailer?

cdl and failing drug test 
In north Carolina, does failing a random drug test effect your CDL license?

Do I have to pay a ticket  
Do I have to pay for a Fine that DOT gave me for a not working headlight.

how much will i have to pay back for training if i quit after training 
if i quit after my training how much do i have to pay back

will i get fired for catching a charge? 
I've been working for this trucking company for 3+ years and i recently caught a misdemeanor charge for dv and assault and had to spend the weekend in …

Can I still drive without a drivers license? 
I was wondering if i can still drive the semi without having my driver license.

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Will anybody hire you after a roll over? 
I was trying to go around a slow vehicle on the interstate and two cars ran into my blind spot as I was going around. I tried to escape without a accident …

9-year old violation, will that prevent me from getting a job? 
I have a stable(non-driving) work history and a clean driving record except for a 9-year old violation for dozing off. I want to work for Schneider, but …

Rider on probation  
can I have a passenger on my truck if they are probation and is a felony ? You

my license was suspended for not showing up for court can i still get cdl paid training  
License were suspended in 2011 i just got em back in 2015 but they were only suspended for unpaid tickets can i still get into a paid cdl traing program …

do i need a medical card to drive trucks at 62 with a class A cdl in Texas 
do i need a medical card to drive trucks at 62 with a class A cdl in Texas

Does a truck without a trailer still have to go 65 
Does a truck without a trailer still have to go 65

Do I need insurance to be a 1099 cdl truck driver for someone elses llc transport business? 
I've been driving OTR for a large company for 15 months. Need to be home more (wife going thur breast cancer) I found a guy in Ct that has 2 trucks & …

Will my company know if i got a ticket 
Will my company know if i got a ticket??

refusal drug screen  
if I got a refusal at a cdl training academy cause I was unable to go can I still go somewhere else and get my cdl and be hired

class A cdl not in a semi  
In Indiana if I have a class A cdl but didn't test in a semi can I still drive a semi?

is alcohol allowed in bunk of truck 
Can a semi driver carry beer in the bunk of his semi truck and drink it when he is finished driving for the day?

Sitting and sleeping in a box truck for 4 days and nights, is this legal? 
My husband sit in Arizona for 4 days and 4 nights in a box truck, waiting for a load. Finally they moved him to El Paso where he sat for a night and day. …

How many hours do truck drivers drive? 
For OTR drivers, how many hours do you drive per-day and per-week? How many hours is a new truck driver expected to drive? I've heard that some places …

can i transfer my cdl to ohio from indiana even if they are expired 
My cdl expired before i transfered it to ohio. Wat do i have to do to transfer it

Do I get a point for not going into an open scale 
Do I get a point for going past scales

How safe are truck stops for tween girls? 
My ex husband is an otr driver and wants to take our 11, 12 and 13 year old daughters with him this summer on his long hauls. He is not a safe person …

drug test on the spot 
if your driving a tractor trailet and a cop pulls you over and he pulls your background and you have a record of possession can he do a drug test there …

Can a tow company hold a trucker's personal belongings? 
A trucker friend had a tire blow and went down an embankment in Arkansas. He is only a driver for the company who owns the truck. Tractor and trailer are …

would driver get held up at weight station for not having health insurance? 
i was informed by dispatch on the day of deliveryfor a shipment that's suppose to be deliver to me, he told me the driver was held at the weight station …

how long does it take to get back into trucking with one at fault accident  
I was a student driver and I just finished my truck driver training and I got my own truck and my first day on the job I had an accident. They said …

Best state to drive trucks in and not Texas 
I want to drive trucks but I want to move out of Texas so I thinking about California Florida Atlanta New York So tell me where is one of the best place …

18 year old with cdl - should i buy a truck 
Hey I'm 18 I have cdl and I have $25,000. Should I just buy a truck and work for myself as owner operator? I ask this because you have to be 21 to …

i am under the teamster master freight agreement,can i be fired for not reporting a accident 
Trailer and tractor damage but didn't report it. Can I be fired?

Daughter of a trucker, will he be home?? 
My dad is a new Class A driver, and i was wondering if he will get to get time off for my graduation next year. Any answers are helpful thanks!

can I take my child with me on a diesel truck? 
can i take my 5 month old child on a diesel truck with me?

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No smoking in company trucks 
I have no smoking signs clearly posted in my assigned company truck yet dispatch allows smokers to use it on my off weekends. Isn't there a law against …

Can company fire u for careless driving ticket 
Got careless driving ticket my first ticket in 9 years and it was some bs but can my company fire me

What do you haul? 
I would like to know what you haul on your trucks? What companies do you ship for? What is the most wild thing you have hauled? I am looking to get into …

Speed when rolling at idle 
If, when traveling on level ground with no trailers, I take my foot off the gas pedal, will a semi-truck roll to a stop or will it slow to a steady speed …

How do truckers get online? 
What are some of the ways truckers get their daily data feed? I am working on getting a CDL, and I use up a lot of bandwidth at home. I was wondering …

how to get insurance to get my truck home from the dealer 
I'm going to buy a truck how do i transport it to my house and will they give me a temporary registration and tell me how to get temporary insurance

My DM kept me out past expiration of my temp cdl a ,what are my options? 
I finished all phases of training ,and drove approx 1month solo with no problems or violations.DM was aware of exp date of license and said he would get …

Do we have to memorize everything for the pre-trip inspection test? 
Wen we take the test at the dmv, do we have to memorize the whole PTI or can we use a study guide?? There's a lot of stuff to remember...

reinstated after a lifetime ban 
Has anyone ever had license reinstate after a lifetime ban was entered into the database

can I drive on a blown tire 
Trailer tire blew and dispatcher found a place 20 miles away and wanted me to drive there

Will CDL drivers be able to smoke marijuana if it is removed from schedule 1 list? 
Will CDL drivers be allowed to smoke marijuana if removed from schedule one drug list?

bought truck for cash from individual. need to get it to Tennessee what do I do  
I have no paper tag authority or insurance how do I get this truck home driving it what do I need to do

Disclosing having a Service Dog during trucking job interview 
Hi, I am enrolled in a CDL school. No one at the school or the companies I call can give me a definitive answer about my service dog (PTSD) during the …

was fired fedex freight for taking down an overhead wire need help 
FedEx freight has a 5 incidents in 3 years rule(new to me)or 3 in 1 year.. and your fired doesn't matter how minor they are. I agree to a certain point.. …

leaving the truck and going home 
this is my first load with this o/o. from Texas to NJ and nothing but problems.. no fuel money and got stopped for no plates on the trailer. two day layover …

Two over weight tickets on one load in two states 
My driver got an over weight ticket in florida. He was heading Georgia so he got stop again at Georgia and He got another ticket is that legal.

How do I stay loving and supportive to a selfish person? 
I am a newlywed. I have always enjoyed time with family and friends. My new truck driver husband seems to always make or say that he will go along with …

what truck companies use hair follicle testing for pre employment 
Truck companies that do not test hair follicle

susp air bag blew long will I be shut down? 
They said I needed to b towed. Is getting susp bag replaced on a kenworth a long process?

Can you be arrested for being overweight in Ohio 
Can you be arrested in Ohio for being so much overweight in a cdl vehicle

can i get pass a dot physical with prior mental illness 
i failed a dot physical when i told the docter i was on medication for a mental illness about 6 months ago.i have stopped taking my medication and dont …

blowing a weight station  
What will happen if I blew a weight station

Getting trucking job after completeing DOT Sap 
I just finished a sap program and was wondering if any companies will hire it has been a year now and I have no tickets or other violations on my record …

Is it feasible to work trucking jobs off and on while pursuing other certifications?  
I would like to use trucking jobs as a way to fund other pursuits and dreams that I have. There are not many jobs that pay well that I would be able to …

Are You an Employee or Independent Contractor 
Im a dumptruck driver in GA driving my bosses truck. I get paid hourly and they supply my tools,equipment and supplies,set my hrs. I think they are saying …

does getting a citation just before going to trucking school matter 
I received a citation today, and I'm in the process of going to swift trucking sschool. But I'm wondering if I'm still able to go there with a current …

i quit my truck driving job and the sheriff came with tow truck and took it away from my home what is about to happen to me over it 
I quit my job and told company to come get the truck. A sheriff et it, what can they do to me over it?

what kind of fine will a truck get if it is over weight  
i am doing this project about truck drivers and I want to now what kind of fine they get if there truck is over weight.

can I still get hired with 3 minor incidents in the last year 
I have had no accidents in the past 5 years on my MVR report and psp report.However, I have had 3 minor incidences in the last year. Can I still obtain …

if I roll a truck in a accident how long would it take for companies to hire me? 
I wreck a truck wit a trailer into a not truck and trailer my truck rolled on its side no injuries or no deads

Truck Insurance for 74 year old 
My step dad is 74 and has pretty much been an O/O all is life whether he has been local or OTR. He has not been OTR since April 2012 when he sold his …

owner says truck stolen 
Can i be charged with stealing a truck if i tell him to come get it the job is not working out.

Can I carry alcohol in my truck? 
Can I have a six or twelve pack of beer in my truck while driving?

driving after neck fusion 
can i still hold my cdl after neck surgery

Can i be left stranded with no way home after termination? 
I was smoking in my tractor and was reported to my manager, he called me and was yelling at me so loud that people outside my truck heard him. i asked …

If i have never had drivers license may i have time to get them while in cdl school 
I don't have my drivers license but i will love to drive trucks im 22 and its my dream i love to travel can i still go to cdl school?

Is it illegal for a truck driver to have a non driving job while having a driving job? 
Is it illegal for a truck driver to have a non driving job while having a driving job?

can I refuse to drive a company truck that has been smoked in and smells like an astray 
I'm a non smoker. Can I legally refuse a big truck that has been smoked in. My company has given me an older truck that has been smoked in for years. Can …

will my 4 yr. old be able to ride passenger ina bobtail truck? 
Would like to know if my 4 yr. Old can ride Passenger with me in a bobtail truck?

i got fired for damages to the interior of my rig. Can I fix this mess? Will I ever drive again? 
I drove a 2014 kw. I was fired for removing the mattresses and carpet. The day I was let go I removed a xm radio I had glued to the dash and ruined the …

shipper put on more weight than we agreed to 
I agreed to haul a 35,000# load for $2,200. After leaving and heading to scale the shipper loaded 41550# of freight. What can I do?

what do I do if I know a truck driver is keeping illegal book 
I know a truck driver who is keeping illegal logs and don't know what to do.

how do I stop my truck from shutting off after idling? 
Gonna be freezing tonight, tried a few tricks to keep the truck on, none have worked, ive tried leaving the parking break released, unplugging the qualcomm, …

Can your boss legally video record you 
Is it illegal for a boss to video record u in a tractor trailer

With team drivers does one person have to be in the back when the other is driving 
With team driving if one person is driving is the other allowed to be in the other seat or does he have to be in the back? Is that a law?

any truckers with 3 dui cases and one was involved ina accident that got probation  
I have a 3rd dui with head on collision no one was hurt. Can I get probation if I have mental illness

40 yr old start 
Can a man at age 40 yrs old start in the trucking industry. from the starting point of attending some sort of school. I have not worked since 2008 and …

Truck shifting... Prime inc trucking 
I can barely drive a stick shift in a car. Sometimes I stall, other times it's jumpy. Will they work with me and teach me how to drive manual? Want …

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My license were suspended in Oklahoma can i get license for a cdl in the state of louisiana? 
My license has been suspended in Oklahoma for a DUI I now live in Louisiana and need my state Driving license and need to get my CDL to drive a truck in …

how do I get my hours to roll over driving for swift at the end of my 70  
Wanting to work longer with rolling over hours but not sure how to get them to roll over

suspension before getting cdl 
If you recently had suspended license could you still get cdl and drive truck or is it a wait time

was in a wreak other driver did not have a heath card  
was in a wreak driver who hit me did not have a vaild heath card accdent was in tenn. what are the laws ??

Can I drive over 11 hrs to get to a place to stop? 
I think your allowed to drive 11 hours and then u have to take a 10 hour break.. Let's say u drove ur 11 hours.. Can you keep driving to a motel or to …

What trucking company will hire me if I've only held a job for 6 - 9 months 
I just graduated and have a class @ cdl but I dont have a steadily job history who will hire me

my employer forcing me to drive illegally 
My employer forces me to drive with air leaks broken trailer door hinges and cracked up and chipped windshield. I'm in Texas. What can I do if I get …

can you haul stone in a dump truck with a trailer 
can you pull a trailer behind a loaded dump truck?

Do you loose your cdl if you fail a random drug test for fedex freight ? 
Will i lose my cdl if i failed a random dot drug test?

can alcohol be consumed in the cab while off duty and parked in truck stop? 
Can alcohol be consumed in sleeper cab of truck while off duty and parked in truck stop

Can I get a CDL with sr-22 insurance 
can I obtain a cdl driver licence while paying for sr-22 insurance

how long do you have to wait to get your cdl after bein chargerd with posession of marijuana less than a oz in ga 
How long do you have to wait to get your cdl after been charged with a posession charge of less than a oz in ga

in calif.does medical cannabis card notify calif. d.o.t.  
in calif.does medical marijuana records report it to calif d.m.v if you have a commercial license ?

can you take children over the road with you in a 18 wheeler 
Can you take children over the road with you in a 18 wheeler

will having a heart attack keep me from becoming a trucker 
will a heart attack keep you from getting a new trucking job

How far does insurance company's go back for owi 
My dad want to put me on his insurance and they told him 4,000 a year for me. I got a DUI in 08 got sentences for it in 2010. would that still be on there. …

left my cdl in a motel 
left my cdl in a motel. They sent it ups to the next stop I had. It didn't arrive on schedule. I have to leave here before it gets here. What should …

Is 66 years old too late to become a truck driver? 
I'm 65YO now. I want to attend CDL school June of 2015. My desire is OTR. Am I too old to start this? Will decent companies hire me, or am I just …

I got false logbook ticket 260 $ in oregan state 
I am driver from Quebec Canada. I got false logbook fine $260 in Oregon. Do I get points?

does a total hip replacement disqualify a dot physical 
I had a total hip replacement. Can I still pass the DOT physical?

Tested positive for THC while in truck driving school 
I am in a driving school in north carolina and don't have my cdl permit yet and tested for thc will this keep me from getting a job and will it go on a …

34hr restart eligibility 
Haven't driven over the road in 5 yrs. The laws changed July 2013. My boss wants me to do a 34hr restart. midnight to midnight. Is a driver only eligible …

Will I receive points on my class a licence for being ticketed out of state for restricted left lane violation and a cell phone violation?  
I am from NC and was driving back from an event in Boston, MA. Just after entering Connecticut I was pulled over for being in the left lane while also …

do I still pay my tuition if I was fired before 9 months 
I was fired before 9 months, do I still pay my tuition?

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should a driver have to give the shipper a copy of his CDL a fingerprint and cell phone number 
I had a shipper ask for a copy of my cdl and finger print and cell phones number.

permits for driving into new mexico 
What type of permits do you need to be able to drive your 18 wheeler in New Mexico?

Where can I find a a trucking school that uses autoshift trucks in PA? 
Where can I find a trucking school in PA that uses an autoshift truck?

Do You Have to Have a NY HUB Stick on Your Truck to Go Into New York? 
We are permitted to go to New Your but someone said that we have to have a hub sticker on the truck. Is this true?

Are truck drivers open to help hitchhikers? 
I was thinking of ways to get across the country cheap. Would a truck driver with an open spot let you ride with him? If so how much would you say …

setting brakes while truck is moving 
I have been driving 5 years. My boss sometimes teams with me and I hate his driving. The one thing he does that I would never do is set my tractor brakes …

Will companies hire you if you have a failed drug screen on your record  
Will companies hire you if you have a failed drug screen on your record

what drug test crst use 
What type of drug test does CRST use

Will trucking companies hire me with a felony from 1996? 
I was convicted in 1996 for possession of stolen property,i only got probation. Did no jail time. Probation ended in 1999. Who will still hire me …

What is the law on a co-driver/ride along keeping a log?  
I have a co-driver/ride along with a dot physical but is not actually a driver. We work for a small delivery company with small to mid sized box trucks. …

I am heavily tattooed and want to be a trucker 
I am interested in becoming a truck driver and I am very heavily tattooed. I have both sleeves as well as the back of my hands and knuckles. I also have …

can u legally tint windows on an 18 wheeler (CMV) in the state of nm? 
Legally tint windows on 18 wheeler (CMV) in the state of nm

I'm on disability and take prescription meds can I still get a job driving a truck. I have my cdl license? 
I am presently on disability. I am an experienced driver and have a current cdl license. Can I get a job driving?

Does millis do hair follicle testing? 
Need to know of millis transfer does hair follicle testing. Haven't smoked in a long time, still nervous

Will an accident in the first in 3 yrs keep me from getting hired 
Recent accident first in 3 yrs and got ticket for improper lane change. Will I be able to find another job? No fatalities;no injuries

My husband had a stroke in his sleeper - can he get workers comp? 
My husband suffered a massive stroke while in his truck in a truckstop in NH. We live in ME. Could you help me with information on whether he is eligible …

How to determine profitable rate for hauling 
Is there a formula that owner operators use to calculate if a particular haul is going to make money for the O/O. Example: Haul from Miami to Jacksonville …

Caught driving CMV with no valid medical card.  
What would happen if I got caught driving a semi without a valid medical card?

Dot ticket for a flat 
Dot pulled me in for an inspection 20 miles from where I picked my trailer up. He done the inspection and found the trailer had a flat. He asked me if …

Do I have to do a dot physical and drug test if I don't go through a school or company for training 
I want to get my cdl on my own do I still have to do a dot physical and drug test

Misdemeanor paraphernalia and drug abuse! Plus criminal trespassing. 
So the title says it all! 2 to 3 years ago i got a ticket and had to go to court for criminal trespassing on a state park. Friends had dirt bikes riding …

can breathlyzer be installed in a 18 wheeler, like a chip hauling truck 
Is it legal to put a breathlyzer in big trucks

If you are a company driver and your truck has ac is the company bound by law or Osha to make sure it's functional 
If you are a company driver and your truck has ac is there any laws or regulations that says it has to be functional

Wondering if I can get a trucking job with 3 accidents 
I am attending truck driving school and am going to be getting my Cdl A. I have three at fault accidents on my record I was wondering if anybody Trucking …

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Incident While Taking my Class A road test  
I have a question guys. I took my CDL class A and pass the pre-trip and skill no problem but i fail on road test. Happen when making my left turn in …

does a "not for hire" truck drivers have to log? 
If a driver drives for an organization carrying equipment for shows, does he have to follow all HOS requirements same as any commercial trucker?

seat belt ticket in New Mexico as passenger with texas class a cdl 
Me and our oilfield crew just got pulled over for speeding in New Mexico in a dodge pickup. 3 of us including myself got no seat belt tickets while in …

Legal guidelines for driving after smoking weed 
Can a driver in Colorado drive two days after ingestion of Cannabis? After three months since the last ingestion of cannabis, would the driver be legal …

Local Job right out of school? 
I am thinking of going through a truck driving school in Dallas, TX. They are telling me that since I have a clean driving record, no criminal background, …

Is it legal in NY for employer to make applicant to pay for his/her initial drug/physical test ? 
I have my own valid medical certificate. When I applied for CDL driving job my prospective employer send me to their approved medical office for initial …

why was the driver on duty for 24 hours? 
the accident between the walmart truck and the limo over the weekend, was the driver being pushed to make a delivery on time? It happens all the time. …

What is a great southern state for a trucker to live in? 
Going to school in Oxford, Alabama ready to pass this CDL road test and get started in the field of trucking. Still trying to decide h.o wolding or …

Looking for female trucker who gave my husband oral 
Trying to find the female trucker in the southeast around North Carolina are who has relations with truckers. She pretends to have an issue with her …

Who is penalized for driving on a co drivers HOS? 
I'm sure it happens with teams. Where do I ask who gets in trouble driving on the others HOS while their own status is off duty for their restart?

my husband is carrying an unregister gun in his truck. What do I do. 
He is becoming,ing Grandiose and says he will kill (his words) cops, niggers, and anyone he fells is a threat to him. I worry, because in last few …

Alternative jobs in a trucking company  
If you cannot pass a physical to drive over the road, what are other types of jobs that a person can do within a trucking company other than a driving …

If I'm depressed or receiving treatment for depression can I drive an 18 wheeler? 
I've not been feeling like my old self for awhile. I'm wondering if I'm depressed or in a rut. I just can't mentally get out of it on my own. I'm considering …

Does co-drivers get a ticket when the driver gets one? 
My husband just started teams and just wants to make sure.

Need to Rent a Rig in Atlanta 
I have a cdl permit. I need a few hours behind tbe wheel to practice maneuvering and a few hrs at testing site. any way i could rent a rig or rigs. …

Is this deal worth it? 
I want to get my CDL A and was approached by PAM. I would have to drive from FL to Indianapolis to get trained and pay for my travel and food. I figure …

Has anyone ever gotten a traffic camera ticket on US 78 in Memphis? 
I was driving the other night on US 78 coming out of TN into MS and as I approached a light with a traffic camera it turned yellow. I was MT and was …

what can I do about my DAC Report 
All I ever wanted do is be around trucks for as long as I can recall. My parents started trucking when I was 9 and thought was so great but my parents …

18 month old dui with a million miles no accidents will a company hire me 
Have 18 month old DUI was owner operator for 11 yrs . No accidents or tickets am a 1 million safe driver award winner will anyone hire me?

Can an owner operator use my numbers while he gets his IFTA 
Owner operator wants to use my numbers while he gets his IFTA but wants to use his insurance he has. Can he do that?

arrested for domestic battery will it effect my commercial license 
Domestic battery charged and have a commercial license for semi truck driving will it effect my license

Can you drive 18 wheeler with pacemaker & defibrillator 
Pacemaker defibrillator can you drive 18 wheeler

unmailed fix-it ticket from a year ago. 
I received a fix-it ticket during a DOT inspection at a weigh station in New Mexico from a year ago. Forgot to mail in the ticket. What happens? …

driving under influence convictions 
I had three DUIs lifetime. The last one was 15 years ago. For insurance purpose will they prevent me from being hired as a truck driver.

Dot and Firearms 
Will Dot or local PD contact employer if personal firearm is found in company's commercial vehicle during inspection or stop? Current employers policy …

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I failed a drug test for prime inc 
Prime told me I had to leave due to a failed drug test and I really stopped smoking because I really want to change my course of life. Will swift allow …

what is the salary of a trucker 
how much would i get payed hourly if i was doing the third shift.

Transferring German CDL to Texas 
I'm a U.S. citizen Ex-Dept. of Defense employee. My job was Motor Vehicle operator for 7yrs. driving and delivering US mail to local APO's in Germany …

Can I drive a truck 2 years after a stroke 
I have a good driving record. I had a mild stroke back in May of 2012. I lost some function temporarily on my right side. However, after physical therapy …

Trucking company taking money out of my check to pay for a ticket 
What can I do to stop US Xpress from taking money out of my weekly check to pay a ticket I receive not in my name but in theirs. I receive that ticket …

CDL with mental health issues 
I have been diagnosed in the past with depression and mood disorder. These have never been a disability and were only apparent during my past drug addiction. …

How many truckers smoke? 
Specifically what is the percentage (total number) of truckers that want to quit smoking or using other forms of tobacco? Where can I find demographics …

Got a citation for smoking in the truck with placcarded load of diesel  
Got a citation for smoking in the truck with placcarded load of diesel . Can I loose my hazmat, Anyone know how much the fine is here in PA?

had wreck thc in blood will employer's truck ins cover me  
Gave UA after rolling a rock truck. Showed THC and Alcohol. Done at hospital. Have not had alcohol of any kind in 19yrs. Test report I received did not …

Life changing question about becoming a trucker 
Can you ever be a truck driver again after one 9 year old D.U.I?

Trucker pulled me over! Very Scary! 
This afternoon, I passed a slow moving 18 wheeler that immediately started honking and flashing his lights aggressively. I was concerned that my car …

Do you put SAP on your RESUME 
Just finished SAP, otherwise clean record, not tickets, DUI/DWI, no wrecks (Clean). Do I have to put the SAP on my resume? Or do I leave it off …

Can you be a diabetic and drive a 18 wheeler  
Can you be a diabetic and drive a 18 wheeler

Social Security Benefits as a truck driver 
I get Social Security Benefits a month. I want start new career as a 18 wheeler truck driver how would I do this.

What is it like pulling a refrigerated trailer? 
The company that offered me a job said I will be driving a refrigerated truck. I wanted to know what's that like?

I was rear ended by a drunk driver will this effect my cdl license 
I was hit from the back by a girl that had been drinking. Will this effect my license?

misdemeanor possession charge 7 yyrs old 
I was charged with a misdemeanor possession of marijuana 6 years ago almost 7 and got probation before judgement if that matters and I want to find a company …

What companies will hire you with your own long form physical? 
I have a physical on my dvrs license that's good until August 1st,and was wondering what companies will hire me without taking another physical? ______________________ …

after spinal fusion surgery can i drive my 6 axle dump truck 
Can i go back to driving my 6 axle dump truck after i get a spinal fusion surgery?

I have bipolar which is now managed by medications, will any companies hire me? 
I have suffered with bi-polar for several years now, but I have been managing my (mental) illness successfully with medication. I lost my CDL when …

How do I get my Class A back if I had them once before 
Can anyone tell me what i can do to recive my class a s back ?i have my b s now,but im thinking of going back out. Is there still a high demand for …

Will trucking companies consider hiring me with 3 OWIs 
I found out I can get my CDL, however I have 3 OWI last one about 9 years ago. Was wondering if any trucking companies would even consider me?

What happends if you fail the drug test at mtc 
What happends if you fail the drug test at mtc trucking

Owner operated can I have an infant in the truck?  
I am an owner operated and have a 9 month old boy ... We need to travel from El Paso Texas to Chicago Illinois... Would I get fined if he travel in the …

Will a large trucking company still hire a trucker after a refusal to take a drug test? 
I have a wrongly filed drug test refusal will a large company like werner hire me?

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what is the maximum number of drivers allowed in truck at the same time 
how many drivers can roll in the same tractor at the same time with a truck with two beds?

do I report felonies over 10 years 
I was convicted of a felony in 1991, 23 years ago. Do I report it during orientation

Will tattoos prevent me from getting trucking job 
Will a company judge me if i have tattoos on my face and hands???

Stop engine fault 
Hi, my name is amanda. My husband just got this volvo and it keeps saying stop engine fault. It just started last night. Then it goes to check engine fault …

Want to buy tri axle dump trucks to put to work out of state 
I have a llc in Ohio and want to buy tri axle dumps in Florida and put them to work. What is required to make this happen ???

when might i start training with a company after graduating truck driving school 
I'm going to be attending a school in march and was wondering how long it might take before I start working with a trainer from the company that is sponsoring …

Do you have to be a truck driver, driving a truck to maintain your CDL? 
I have a CDL that I earned in the early 90's, but now I am out of the profession. Can I still maintain my CDL under the new regulations requiring what …

Why are Restricted Road fines so high? 
I'm sorry, does anyone know why the fines are so ridiculously high for accidentally turning onto a restricted road in PA. I got turned around, nobody …

Company doesn't want to pay overweight tickets 
In California, is the employer required to pay the ticket? I work for a company and they don't want to pay for overweight tickets. They did not fill …

how to get unstuck with a loaded trailer from the snow 
Stuck in the snow how do I get unstuck new driver

Older trucker starting out 
I'm 62 years old and had a chance to go to truck driving school. I went to school and got my cdl. My question is, being that I'm 62, but in reasonably …

Travel time from Arizona to Texas 
How long does it usually take to travel from Arizona to Texas. I know you gotta take breaks, do repairs, weight checks etc. But Ive been waiting on a new …

what is the hand signal to let a trucker know he has a loose load? 
I recently attended a driving course in Ohio and the instructor told us a hand signal that can be used to let a trucker know they have a loose load or …

Can I get a cdl with a felony ovi on my driving record ?  
How far will state of ohio go back on driving history?

i have a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction, can i have a hazmat endorsement 
i have a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction, can i have a hazmat endorsement

Driving Test 
I am attending a truck driving academy which is being paid for by the Texas Workforce Commission. This is my last week in the class and my driving test …

What kinds of loads pay the best for an owner operator with his own authority in the state of ga? 
I want to know what kinds of loads are paying the best for an owner operator with his own authority in the state of GA?

Fix Penalty Fine For Not Wearing a Seatbelt 
I'm a trucker in the UK, I was charged today 13/11/13 for not wearing a seat belt in my truck. Do I need to inform my employer. Do the police notify …

After closing my trucking business do I still have to pay tickets 
I closed my trucking company (it was an Inc.) do I have to pay traffic tickets I received while in business. Business was in NJ tickets issued in Pa.

Perfect gift idea for a newer truck driver 
My boyfriend is a flat bed truck driver. He has the necessities. Not sure how long he wants to continue truck driving. He will switch to local and not …

how much experience needed to get a local truck driving job 
I am a newly minted OTR truck driver & the only reason I am doing this is because I wanted to drive tractor trailers for local companies like UPS, FedEx, …

weight distribution on tandem trl axles 
Received citation on weigh scale for too much weight on axle 5 while axle 4 was 4000 pounds lighter was told air bag was reason. How does lifting …

Can I get unemployment benefits in Washington with a suspended CDL? 
Suspended cdl can I get unemployment benefits i the state of Washington?

Who Pays For Truck Stop Rooms 
Does the company pay for a room at a truck stop and do you get a meal allowance?

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who can request a cdl driver to go take a drug test? 
Who can request a cdl driver to take a drug test for no reason at all? Police?

Where should I slide my tandems to? 
I have 40600 pounds on my 53 foot trailer and a lift gate on back have any suggestions on where to put my tandems scale house is right in front of me …

where should you install load locks 
Where do you put load locks at?

Can you drive tracker trailer with a bad heart 
My boyfriend has a bad heart can he drive tracker trailer

I have one accident on my dac, is it possible to get a car hauling job? 
I have one accident on my dac, is it possible to get a car hauling job?

Protesting Preventable Incidents 
on 10-10-11 i was to exit our security gate,they do a maintanence check on all outbound trailers..trailer was in bad order and had to be returned to shop …

Will he get fired 
My husband is a trucker for an LTL company, so he hauls doubles. He just had his first serious accident after 3 years of driving. He was in the right …

I received a speeding ticket. How can I beat it, and avoid points in my license?  
I got a speeding ticket about a month ago. I cannot afford any more points on my license. On the ticket the officer wrote that my license type is a class …

Hours Driving? and more 
I'm thinking about getting into this. Q: how many hours are you driving to make 35 to 40k. Q: how do YOU deal with the boredom? Q: is there a large …

can u get your cdl suspended for being hit by a train 
can u have your cdl suspended for stopping on railroad tracks and getting hit by a train.

trucking after a stroke 
how do i get back into trucking after a stroke

i worked for usa truck. got fired for takeing drug alcohol test late.can i draw unemployment still even though i passed the test.? 
I got terminated by USA truck for taking my drug and alcohol test late but passing it. Can I still draw unemployment benefits?

if a trucker is in a residential area how long would you let your truck idle for I thought it is 5 minutes or be fined 
Next store guy has a big rig runs all hours. Lets truck idle for min of 20 minutes. I know its not legal action but im getting tired of it. What should …

does epes trucking do a hair follicle test? 
Does Epes Transportation do hair testing?

Team = me and wife thinking of getting into trucking need help. 
A family member is over 70 and can no longer drive his truck. He is a dispatcher for his own company of between 30-60 trucks and is offering his peterbuilt …

Advice For Turning 1 Acre Lot Into Truck Parking 
I have a little over an acre that I would like to transition into a parking lot for rigs and large trucks, what would you say are some non-negotiables …

locate a truck driver 
Ive been trying to find an old friend but i dont know what is the best way with less pain. can someone help me?

will a ticket for skipping a scale be on my drivers record 
I got a ticket for skipping a scale in Oregon, is that gonna come on my drivers record and if so is it gonna be a point?

fail randim drug test 
My boyfriend failed a random drug test for he had amphetamines in his system, what can he do correct this?

if a get a left lane violation in construction zone with no workers in ohio my license is in nj will it show up on my motor vehicle report in nj 
If I get a left lane violation in construction zone with no workers in Ohio. My license is in NJ will it show up on my motor vehicle report in NJ? …

Will hip replacement come up in the medical exam? 
Will be 58 this year. Considering a career change. The right hip has been replaced due to an injury. No loss of sensation. Somewhat weak but improving. …

i have a heart device/pacemaker/dephribulater,can i still get a cdl liscence 
I am on disability at the moment i have congestive heart failure and related health issues.. I am about to have weight loss surgery and most my troubles …

are there any part time opportunitys avaliable for owner/operators? 
are there any part time opportunitys avaliable for owner/operators?

Can someone who has been convicted of transporting illegal trucks in a tractor trailer get his CDL back after he gets out of prison 
Driver was convicted of transport illegal trucks in his rig and wants to know if he can get his CDL once he gets out of prison. He is serving 20 year …

i had something slipped to me in a drink at a night club how do i report to this to my company to avoid consequences of anothers action 
how do i go about reporting something being slipped into my drink at a bar i don't wanna lose my job over someone elses negligence

I have a suspended l;icense due to one unpaid moving violation that I was unable to show up to court to because I was over the road, will any company hire me and help me pay off my fee? 
I got a moving violation in Februaury, and was unable to make it to court so I got a "failure to appear" and now my license is suspended until i pay the …

I have my permit is there a company that will hire me or should I go to a school progra first  
I have my permit is there a company that will hire me or should I go to a school program first

Has anyone been able to get Hired with a RECENT SUSPENSION? 
I my license was suspended in the a few years ago for FAILURE TO SHOW PROOF OF INSURANCE. I wanted to know if I might be able to get a job with this …

I haul logs in Florida, Do I need a medical examination card? 
I am a contracted driver with a CDL and haul logs to the mills, do I need to have a medical examination card?

Will a ticket from four years ago stop me from getting my cdl and getting hired as a truck driver 
I got a speeding ticket four years ago and i wanted to know can i get my cdl and get hired as atruck driver.

Is there age discrimination in the trucking industry 
Giving a lot of thought of getting into truck driving as my new career. Always wanted to drive a truck and see the country. Just got let go from a job …

What is a good mobile broadband carrier for truckers? 
my husband wants to use his lap top out on the road, but our current cell providers plan is too expensive, looking for other options?

Can you tell me couple good companies that they can hire my truck and supply their own driver 
I am about to buy couple trucks, I am looking for possible companies that would use my trucks, hire their own drivers, and pay me an incentive at the end …

Why do sometimes ice road trucks have strips of tape across their wheel hubs? 
Why do sometimes ice road trucks have strips of tape across their wheel hubs? Either in a cross or star, (ie criss crossed) I imagine its to stop the slow …

Should Backing Into a Fence Count Against Me As An "Accident" 
Early one morning, during a heavy rain, I backed up against a chain link fence at the drop. there was zero damage to both fence and trailer. i have since …

CPAP Machine and Sleeping in a Rig 
I have a sleep apnea machine and was wondering if there is a way to have it running without killing the battery in my truck if I end up with a solo gig? …

Is an over weight ticket points on your license or just a big fine? 
If I get an over weight violation at the weigh station is that points on my license or just a big fine?

Why truck driver doesn't have sex with wife when home? 
My husband drove over the road for 2 years. When he came home once a month he didn't want to have sex. If we tried he would go limp. I found that he …

Advice on becoming a trucker/ owner operator 
Okay I am very naive about much of the trucking world, but right now am looking at changing careers. Truck driving job opportunities seem plentiful and …

over weight loads? 
i was 940lb over weight and my dispatch sent me a msg after i advised of my over weihkt and told me that it was my choice to run over weight,can i report …

Are there any 3rd party companies that sponsor drivers trying to purchase a truck through lease with major companies? 
My husband has been driving trucks off and on for the past 8 years. For the past 2 years he has been to several companies trying to obtain a truck through …

Can a driver go in to canada if he has ever had DUI or felony 
Can a driver enter Canada if he has had a DUI or felony?

I wondering if I could get a cdl if i had suspension for having marijuana in my car i was not arrested i paid a fine had 6 MONTHS suspension that was in april 2009 
I wanted to get my cdl i had a 6 month suspension in april2009 it was because of marijuana i pick someone up at a bar that had much to drink he put it …

cdl and drug charges 
I have a class b cdl. And was recently arrested for possession of dangerous drug. I was not on duty and was not driving personal vehicle at the time. …

previous driver has question 
I am a previous truck driver 15 yrs, driving in 33 states.I had at that time a class e chauffeurs license which has been about 17 yrs ago. In 2011 …

Can they leave you stranded in a city? 
My sisters boyfriend was fired in California. He lives in las Vegas and was employed in las Vegas. They are not giving him any pay (his truck is broken …

My husband is laid off and he was thinking about becoming a driver. My question is, what is a normal pay range f0r a new driver. wondering if its worth being away from home. 
How much he should expect to get paid and which company pays the most and takes new graduates ________________________________________ Here is how much …

I'am recovering from surgery and my CDL physical is coming up in June I will not be released to go back to work until July ? 
My physical is due to be renewed 6-26-13 But I will not be released from my surgeon that did the surgery on my neck until 7-1-13 What happens if I am late …

is it legal for a private company take fuel out of pay 
is it legal for a private owned company to take fuel charge off the top before they pay you

what is the legal window tint specs for big rigs 
I want to tint the windows on my truck but I don't know what is legal

I got a Marijuna citation with cdl license but don't smoke it so its not in my system...... 
Okay so here's the deal......the other night I was pulled over by the cops I was told that my car smelt like marijuana (I don't smoke because I have a …

can an accident that was not my fault affect my cdl? 
i was on duty and a driver from another company hit me and caused significant damage to my company truck. i was not at fault, but will this affect …

how long do you have to wait after drinking to drive?? 
how long do you have to wait after drinking to drive?

what type of drug testing does Melton Trucking do with new hires? 
i smoked weed 2 months ago and i want to know if its worth shopping around for a new job? Melton has sparked my interest but i dont know if they test hair …

why will my peterbilt not start after I changed the fuel line that had a hole in it? 
The fuel line on my big truck rubbed a whole in it and I change it and now it will not start.

i had an unlicensed driver drive my semi and i got a ticket from the police for that,what kind of legal issues will ii be facing? 
My son is unlicensed and I have my own truck witth my. Own authority. Yesterday he got pulled over and arrested for driving with no cdl and was given 8 …

Does most trucks have AC? 
I want to know if prime inc. trucks have a/c?

How do you get a vision exemption? 
Need a vision exemption to go to school. How long will it take, how difficult to receive one?

I am a still in truck driving school. Are there jobs out there when I am finish with school? 
I am currently in Truck Driving School. Am I going to have a hard time finding a job when I finish with school? _____________________________________________ …

Can my husband and I both log sleeper berth at the same time? 
Can both drivers log being in the sleeper birth at the same time?

What kind of drug tests are used for General Trucking Company in Warren Michigan? 
What kind of drug tests are used for General Trucking Company in Warren Michigan?

will trucking companies hire you after back surgery 
had a five disc fusion want to drive again will companies hire me

Is it an offense for an owner operator Truck driver to drive without drug test 
If a driver did not take a drug test before driving his cousins truck as a team would he be committing an offense/crime? What are they and what are …

splitting drive time 
Ive got a pick up at 06:00 on 4/2 and deliver at 01:00 on 4/3 how would you split this driving time

Does landstar flatbed division allows you to be out 5 months and stay home one month? 
What's their average rate for flatbed ? Will they terminated you if you do 5 months in 1 month out cycle?

Hello, i had my cdl license for 3yrs now and never had anymore training.Is their any company that will provide me with training and career in truckin.Which …

Can a driver hold a load hostage for payment? 
Let's say that something gets messed up between shipper and receiver and nobody wants to pay the driver. What happens if the driver says, "get your crap …

Does CR England test for suboxen  
Im just wondering if they test for suboxen i have been taking it now for about 6 months and i am clean from everything now no other drugs in my system …

Is a sales tax free state a good state to buy a new tractor truck? 
I have been told I can save many thousands of dollars by buying a truck in one of the five states that do not have sales tax. Anyone have thoughts about …

Can i get hired if i have sr 22 insurance? 
Can i get hired if i have sr 22 insurance?

what will happen if failed a drug test for truckdriving school 
what will happen if i failed a drug test at my truck driving school

newbie questions about getting into trucking 
Can you share safety tips for women who are thinking about going out on the road. As a new driver what is the best Month to attend driving school. …

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how to get my own contract hauling crude oil 
I've been hauling crude oil in Texas for over four year first as a company driver and currently for a independent contractor. However no one will give …

I have a few misdemeanors can I still drive? 
I have an underage possession of a malt beverage (about 3 or 4 years ago, no DUI or DWI Shoplifting about 2 or 3 years back. I paid to have it expunged …

How much life insurance should I take out 
I want to get life insurance for my husband and had told him I thought I should get $400,000 is this too much?

Does USA trucking use hair drug test 
Does USA trucking use hair drug test

Has anyone else had a lot of problems with Indiana? 
I have another problem now. I went to my own DMV to have my license transferred back to Kentucky and take my permit test again because I cannot transfer …

can i get a cdl in pa if i had 2 dui's 30 years ago 
I had 2 dui's 30 years ago. Can I get a cdl class b license in pa to drive a school bus?

who is suppose to pay to get me home when i am fired  
i was fired and had to pay my own way home 500 miles away

i failed, but have a cdl permit. will that hurt my chances at another company? 
I attended a fast paced school through a company and failed. I really want this bad. I don't mind doing it all again. I can back, drive, and know pretrip. …

Is making right and left hand turns with doubles that same 
I will be doing a drive test tomorrow. I have my NT endorsements and will be testing with double dirt haulers. Roughly about 100FT. When driving in …

do swift check your dac mvr back ground check before u come to orantaion 
do swift check your dac mvr back ground check before coming to orientation?

Double cluthching is very difficult for me ie-left hip replcement and a new driver are there any company's that will give me a automatic to train with then give me my own after. 
Have Left Hip replacement passed all necessary physical tests but shifting ( double clutching) is Hard to do ie-lifting leg in sitting position and pushing …

I'm over 50 is it worth my time to go to trucking school to find a driving job in Oregon? 
I think I might be too old to began a trucking career. I have been out of work for several years and am wondering if a trucking school might be a good …

Can you still drive an 18 wheeler if you have diabetes? 
If someone has diabetes that is controlled by insulin, can they still drive an 18 wheeler? ___________________________________________ Medical conditions …

Do you have to have your CDL to be an passenger 
Can you ride in a big truck without a CDL

do i get points on my license because I got a ticket for failed to chain up my truck? 
do i get points on my license because I got a ticket for failed to chain up my truck?

New truck or Used truck? 
I own a 2009 Volvo 780, Cummins isx 500hp, Auto shift 10 speed, 651k. The truck is in great shape with no problems. I started flat bedding and I think …

In an accident with my truck, the people in the car are suing me/my insurance, what will happen? 
I am an owner operator with my own authority. While I was changing lanes I swiped a car that was in my blind-spot. The roads were wet (it was drizzling …

can you become a truck driver with a simple possession charge? 
I have a simple possession charge recently just got. My friend had a lot going on so I took it for them but I always wanted to be a truck driver can I …

is working for a moving company steady work ? 
i'm new to trucking and looking for a good career move . is working for a moving company a good choice?

Where can I find how many 18 wheelers are registered in Oregon? 
I am writing a report for school and I need to know how many 18 wheelers are registered in Oregon. Is there a website where I can find that information? …

having a passenger on my truck 
im an owner operator of my own truck and have my own authority. What do i need to do to be able to have my wife on the truck with me?

does driving so much cause decreased libido? 
my boyfriend is a OTR driver. He seems to have a decreases libido from so much sitting time, no exercise, and poor diet. is this common in the industry? …

Will a DAC report effect local employment? 
Back in August 2011 I went to C.R. England to start as a company driver. I've had my CDL license since 2005. I tested positive on a pre-employment …

How will taking pain meds affect my CDL? 
i recently had back surgery i have Indiana class b cdl its time formy physical but because of pain meds i know i wont pass what happens and will my regular …

Will this company put abandonment on my record. 
I was a trainer/operator and had a trip to TX. The guy on the truck got close to home and called family to pick him up. I was told that i didn't have to …

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what trucking companies will hire me after i have completed a SAP program? 
I have completed a SAP program. Are there any trucking companies that will hire me? If so which ones?

Can an 18 year old get a CDL in California? 
My son is 18 and we live in California. Does he have to carry a regular license or can he just apply for a CDL as tge first license?

if i bobtail 800 miles against company wishes to turn truck in can they give me a bad dac report? 
This company has known for 3 weeks that i was quitting at a certain time and facility. Now that it is time they are dragging there feet. I want to head …

why do people want to take trucks off the road? 
The people here want to take trucks off the roads and I have no clue why. Its like they have some thing against trucks and the drivers.

Getting a CDL after license has been unsuspended. 
Ok, I keep looking on the internet for an answer but can't find it. Figured I'd give this place a shot. So, my regular license has been suspended for …

Is it against the law to idle your truck for heat? 
If it is cold outside can you idle your truck for head or is it against the law?

how to get a company i used to work for to pay for property damage 
Had an accident that caused property damage(guardrail ) 12 years ago I recently learned that I had a judgement against me because the company never paid …

can I go to traffic school whem getting a ticket with a commercial license in car 
I got a speeding ticket when I was driving my own car. I have a commercial license.

will a felony stop yo u from taking the truck driving class at crengland? 
I supposed to go to training course in another city through cr england, so my question is how strict are they on the background check. My felony is 7 years …

If my husband and I are team drivers and he loses his cdl due to medical card disqualification, can I get my unemployment? 
My husband and I have been team otr drivers for 12 years. Last week his dr told him that his type 2 diabetes could no longer be controlled with pills and …

is it legal to take a baby aboard a 18 Wheeler 
Will you get in trouble for having a baby aboard a 18 Wheeler?

Are most truckers required to have annual (or maybe every few years) physicals including blood tests? 
Great website! You have helped me realize that trucking is something I really want to do, and I've also gotten countless advice about life in general from …

How does NC dmv assign points to an Improper Driving Conviction in VA? 
I was convicted of Improper Driving in VA (reduced from reckless driving). I know the charge puts 3 pts on your license in VA but NC has no charge known …

Can my CDL be suspended by another state for unpaid D.O.T.fines such as inspection violations? 
I recently paid off some fines that I had gotten in a passenger vehicle before I even obtained my license. Unfortunately my license was suspended also …

Can a run a 1994 Peterbilt cab over rig in Texas to haul crude oil or is the truck too old?  
Are there rules set by dot in texas that you cannot use an older truck to haul crude oil?

is it legal for my company to display my name and my citation for others to see 
my trucking company displays names of drivers with the citation for others to see

What companies do follicle testing? 
What companies do follicle testing?

What trucking companies are there that will hire someone who failed a urinalysis testing? 
Back in Sept of last year I went to Swift and that week failed the urinalysis. It's now on my MVR but shows that it was cleared because I paid all the …

Are there any point asigned to your CDL for a seat belt violation while driving in your personal vehicle in NC? 
Are there any points assesed to your CDL for a seat belt violation while driving in you personal car in NC?

Is there any hope for getting back OTR? 
I have been driving trucks for 8 years now. Honestly it is the only job I have found and held onto in my adult life that I really enjoyed and miss dearly. …

Im buying a 1995 peterbilt truck that`s in operation right now what should i do to put every thing in my name and start driving. I am a truck driver. 
Im buying a 1995 peterbilt that is in operation right now, i am a truck driver and i want to own my own truck,What should be done to put it in my companys …

i recently damaged my personal car no accident report, no cops, wil lthat affect me geting my cdl 
i recently hit a guide wire with my car and damaged it and I a thinking about claiming it with my insurance to fix it. i am going to school for my class …

When sliding tandems, how much weight does one hole represent? 
How much weight is adjusted moving tandems per hole?

Can i drive for millis with a 11 year old felon. 
Can i drive for Millis. Please Help!

will a company like werner hire me if my license was supended? 
Ok so about a year ago I was running late getting my daughter to school. I was doing about ten over and got pulled over. I was unable to pay the ticket …

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can you take a infant in a 18 wheeler if so how do you instal a car seat in  
taking a baby over the road in a 18 wheeler and to installing a car seat in an 18 wheeler.

I got cought cheating on a drug screen can i still get a truck driving job 
I got caught cheating on a drug screen can i still get a truck driving job?

what kinda pre employment drug test does swift give. 
I'm clean. I have been clean for about a year but some people say that hair testing goes back longer than that

Does epes transportation give a hair folicle test 
Does epes transportation give a pre employment hair follicle test

i recently took a random u a for my job, i take hydrocodone but it came up positive for morphine what will tx dot do with me and my cdl 
Will TX dot do take my cdl away from me and what do i need to do? I take medication and my job was fine with it, but when they popped a random on me i …

is cr england good as a company 
Is cr england any good as a place of employment?

Is it illegal to have sex in the sleeper in a public parking lot? 
I am meeting a friend at a Walmart, we will meet tonight and he delivers there in the morning. We want to have sex in the sleeper and obviously spend the …

Can I become a Truck Driver with a violent felony from 2002? 
I was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in 2002. This happened while I was driving my personal vehicle. I served 5 years and now off probation. …

How do I change my a/c filter on my Freightliner? 
I see its under the hood on the firewall passenger side. It has wire clamps and hex head screws. whats the proper procedure to remove and clean this filter? …

How does training work? 
Me and my fiance are going to go to the Road Master school in Arkansas for our cdls. The lady there said the company we choose has its own training. …

is it legal for a truck company take cdl away from passenger if riding on truck with spouse. 
I am riding as a passenger on a company truck with my husband. The company took my cdl, my only form of picture id I have. I now cant use my bank card, …

what type of drug test does arnold give? 
urine, blood, hair, saliva? which is it that Arnold Transportation gives.

Would misdemeanor retail theft disqualify me from becoming a truck driver? 
Would misdemeanor retail theft disqualify me from becoming a truck driver?

I want to go back trucking but now afraid I wont make it 
i am now working a factory job that is not allowing me to get ahead or I am barely making it. I did not have a g.p.s in the past now I do and I was wondering …

Is it true what the recruiter said? 
Hello, New to trucking and I was talking to a company that I am interested in because I have a vacation coming up and wondered if there was a way they …

how far back does training schools go back 
I am 48 and eager to start cld-a school. But I am learning that no companies will hire me if i have more than 2 DWI's. All DWI's are beyond 15 years …

can i still drive with a pacemaker? 
Been driving 30thru years. Now i need a pacemaker. Allowed to drive with one?

Can you bring children in the rig? 
I have two kids, can they ride along with me? _______________________________________ Response: For some companies yes for others no. It depends on …

I had my license suspended for not paying a ticket i didn't no about ,will it affect me getting my cdl for cr england? 
Can I get my CDL and a job at Cr England with a non moving suspension for a fix it ticket i didn't know about?

How do you guys store your food on the road? 
My husband had a good cooler, the kind you plug in, well after about 4yrs it finally gave out, we got another one, well that one the cord fried on it, …

i have 2 dui's in the 90's can i be a truck driver 
i have 2 dui's one in 97 one in 93 can i be hired as a otr driver

The place where I store my Toyota truck moved my truck and ran into a parked car.  
I had my personal vehicle parked in someones driveway and they moved my truck and ran into another vehicle that is also being stored in that driveway. …

Can I reapply for the HAZMAT endorsement if previously denied? 
I previously applied for a HAZMAT endorsement over five years ago and was denied because I was not released from prison for at least five years. The …

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what meds can i take for depression 
I am taking zoloft for depression, Ive had some financial issues and had some anxiety and my dr put me on clonazapam and zoloft, yesterday at my dot …

Will my driving record keep me from getting a trucking job? 
Want to be an otr trucker... no trucking exp. Got a speeding ticket, improper turn, seat belt violation in 94... dui in 96, driving on suspended and no …

How do I get a message to a trucker?  
Looked online and cannot find a place to leave a message for a trucker. Cannot reach him by phone. If you know of a site, please send it to me. If you …

is it too late to become a truck driver at age 65 ? 
and learn how to drive a truck? What will be my chances of being hired and what will be the expense of learning and getting a license to drive a truck? …

How can I clear a DOT citation? 
While in NY,I missed a low clearance sign..needless to say,I hit a over pass..truck itself wasn't damaged,but trailer was. I was sent home on a bus. …

Rider program thru Werner 
I am now in school & researching the different companies when I get my CDL A. The rider program is very important to me. So far Werner is the only …

Is there a busiest. time of year for flat bed freight? 
I want to know if there is a time of the year that a flat bed trucker is the busiest compared to other times of the year? And just HOW busy are we talking …

It is now legal for tractor trailers to have windows tinted with a product called LLumar AIR 80, is there a market out there, I have a tint shop on an interstate hwy. in Louisiana. 
I have a tint shop in Lake Charles,Louisiana on interstate 210 bypass. I have bay doors that can easily drive tractor rigs inside for tint jobs with ceiling …

I sent him a text that i'm regretting having sent now..ugh... i'm thinking wayyyy too much about this and thinking too much into it but I don't really care right now so..... The last text I sent this trucker …

I like this trucker guy, he seems to like me too, how do I get him to date me? 
Hi...I will try my best to keep this brief but no promises lol..... I met this trucker guy by chance online a couple of months ago. I wasn't expecting …

do you know any company that will hire a three year felony 
Am trying to find work for a three year old felony with no otr training but I have my cdl license _______________________________________ Response: …

I have two class a misdemeanor battery charges on my record, what company should I contact for either payment of schooling, or company trained schooling. 
I am currently not a trucker and I don't hold my cdl's but I want to get them. I have tried several companies, even the ones that I heard really suck. …

Was arrested a little over a year ago for sales and possession charges they were reduced to 2 disorderly conducts and a violation 
I have been aressted 5 times since 2000 3 misdemeanors and have 2 tickets from a year and a half ago for driving with suspended license and commercial …

Terminated for 11mph over, got it reduced, still got canned 
I had a question about trucking. On FEB 15 i received a speeding ticket for 66MPH in a 55MPH zone in Bucyrus,OH. I am from CA and i was employed with CRST. …

will being on unsupervised probation keep me from going on the road or getin a truckin job? 
i currently had a simple assault charge this year and they gave me some community service and a years unsupervised probation will that effect me in tryin …

Does us xpress take a hair test or urine 
Just need to know if US Xpress does a hair test because I screwed up over 2 months ago a friend said it would work for pain cuz I hurt myself and had no …

if you blow an air bag on your trailer, and you have a light load, can you keep going for a short distance to get it repaired?? 
Blew an air bag on the trailer. I have a light load. Is it OK to keep going to get to yard for repairs. Have about 200 miles to go???

is central refigerated a good company 
want to know about cenral refigerated

does stevens transport use a hair follicle test  
I don't have hair on my body wanting to know if Stevens uses a hair follicle test

what size power inverter do i need to run a cpap breathing machine, a fan and a tv set? 
What size of power inverter do I need in order to run a cpap (sleep apnea) breathing machine, small fan and a tv set? Will this be a simple install …

I dropped my CA, class A licesne ayear ago can i get it back by taking the test and skipping the behind the wheel  
dropped my CA, class A license a year ago can i get it back by only taking the written and skipping the driving portion

How many points for a Turn signal citation on my cdl? 
Got pulled in to new Mexico port of entry. I got citation for no turn signal how many points is that on my cdl ?

What is difference between studio and condo sleepers 
I'm just getting into trucking, but with an eventual eye on being an O/O...I know the size of a sleeper can make a difference in many ways, good and bad …

Any companies hiring a driver with a 2 and 1/2 years open container violation 
I am at wits end, I have a North Carolina cdl unrestricted, 2 and 1/2 years ago my friend was pulled over and the cops searched the car there was an open …

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Dootson School of Trucking Arcadia California 
im thinking of becoming a truck driver and wanted to go get trained at dootson school of trucking in arcadia,CA just want to know if anyone has any comments …

Do weigh stations give random drug test? 
Do weigh stations give drug test. _____________________________ Answer: No Thanks

have been evaluated and referred and past return-to-duty process..who will hire me now.. 
failed a pre-employment u/a over a year ago..saw a SAP,he evaluated me and referred me to already enrolled SAP classes..I graduated with over 27 hours …

i went through the sap program can i become a owner operator 
i went through the sap program for one session did what they needed me to do can i become a owner operator

went thru Sap program and was released to drive a safety senseitive function..who will hire me 
fail a pre-employment urine test,complied with dot return-to-duty regulation..who will hire me now?

Is this the truth about trucking jobs? 
I 've been thinking about taking the CDL class, but friends of mine report disadvantages of being Semi-truck driver: - they make you buy YOUR TRUCK …

If I get my cdl & go otr, can my husband with a dui ride as a passenger only? 
I am thinking about going to get my cdl. My husband has a dui a year old & a suspended license completely. Will he be able to travel with me. He would …

Can someone advise best route to take. 
I am recently widowed and will be Moving back to Cheyenne from central California the end of march. I priced out costs for hiring a moving company …

Did 18 wheelers have sleepers 20 years ago? 
I was a driver, an pulled the 48ft flatbed.. He's never driven.. We are debating about whether flatbed drivers had sleepers 20 years ago or not... He said …

What can a do if the regarding a bad report from past company I worked for whose equipment was impounded & ticketed for safety violations? 
I was working for a company who had issues with their equipment, got pulled over a couple of times & the vehicle was impounded. Police wrote ticket …

Can I get a new job as a truck driver with collision ticket(4months ago) on my record,it was distmist by judge,but still on my record. 
Can I get a new job as a truck driver with collision ticket(4months ago) on my record,it was distmist by judge,but still on my record.

What does a driver want to see at the terminal driver lounge ? 
Comfortable couches , recliners ? TV ?

can i get training and a job with a felony back in 2000 and a two misdemenors two years ago and a suspended license one year ago? 
I have a felony back in 2000 and two misdemeanors two years ago and a suspended license one year ago for no ins. My driving record before that is clean. …

HI THERE, Well let me start with after my years on the road, and been trying to get a job since end of 2008. No one want's to hire you. They say too long …

Which truck companies hire Class B drivers? 
I am looking to be hired by any truck companies, but I only wish to drive Class B over the road or local. Can you help me out here please???

whats companies will hire if you have a 2 year old failed drug test 
failed drug screen 2 years ago wanting to know what trucking companies will hire with this on dac

What do you think of Missouri's CDL Quick Truck Rental? 
In St. Joseph, Missouri there is a 1 day course to get your CDL license. That's all I really need. I do not need a school. The only way to get your CDL's …

What happens if you fail hazmat test 3 times 
I failed hazmat test 2 times here in Texas. What happens if I fail test again

my question is can a cdl driver fuel off duty and personal use before he starts his day 
Well im doing my log book but I fuel and stayed at a truck stop for about four hours before started driving. Can I legally put when I started driving and …

I got terminated from central refrigerated service in 2008 for failure to report an accident. It is now 2012 and I still cannot find a trucking job. What should I do? 
Does anybody know any trucking company what so ever that will hire me even though I've been getting black balled for so many years?

Are their any o/o that are looking for a flat bed driver in Katy or Houston,Tx.n 
I am a rookie only been driving about 6 months. Hoping to find someone that needs a driver with flatbed experience to run intrastate. Have hauled …

is it legal for someone to retread their on diesel tires ? 
I am wondering how dangerous it is to re-thread your own tires. To me it would seem like a qualified person should be doing this. Am I right or wrong? …

do people listed as a rider get paid too? 
My boyfriends nephew is a truck driver for dollar general. My boyfriend told me he's on some kind of list as a rider. He says after this 5 day trip they've …

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can i own and drive for recreation a class 8 with a class c license? 
I'd like to buy a friend's W900 since he's going out of business. I will have the truck customized and use it to pull my RV. I have a class c license and …

I had two dui's in 2005 in my personal vehicle....will large trucking companies hire me now 
I want to get my cdl's and I have been told that no large over the road company will hire me because I had two dui's in 2005. They were in my personal …

Truck Driver Training Without Recent Experience  
Why do trucking companies want you to have 6 months recent work before they will accept you into their training school? I haven't worked since 2008 …

I need to interview a class 1 driver for school purpose 
I am trying to get funding for my class 1 license through the government and they want me to do a quick interview with some truck drivers. Its a quick …

What dose a good psp record look like? 
What would a good psp record look like?

How do you protect yourself from being robbed or hijacked and how often does it occur 
Safety in trucking is an issue that comes up often. Usually it is in reference to driving on the highways, truck accidents or driver fatigue. This …

undendorsed hazmat felon cdl driver illegally dispatched load to cross state line 
my felon fiance was dispatched a hazmat load from swift to take from IL to IA without endorsement and i was with him as part of the rider program, we didn't …

After getting a tanker truck washed at a truck wash, is it standard procedure to walk around the truck to make sure the valve is closed, etc.? 
If you are driving a tanker truck and you stop at a truck wash to get it washed: #1. Do you stay in the truck while it is getting washed? #2. Do …

do u need ur highschool diploma to get cdl in pennsylvania? 
do u need ur high school diploma to get cdl in Pennsylvania

Can somebody still get a cdl license if you have a marijuana and paraphnelia charge on your regular driving record 
Got pulled over and busted for marijuana and a pipe can I still get my cdl license it happened 3yrs. Ago now I have a family and this is something i'm …

I'm a left foot below the knee amputee and wear a prosthetic. I can ride my Harley and drive a full size standard pick up. Will it be a show stopper to drive a Big Truck? 
I'm a left foot below the knee amputee and wear a prosthetic. I can ride my Harley and drive a full size standard pick up. Will it be a show stopper to …

How do I find & hire an owner operator to move my household goods from Alabama out of state? 
My husband and I are moving in about 6-7 months but I would like to hire an owner operator rather than deal with a moving company. Is there a website …

will leasing a truck through a company allow me to bring in more cash than being a company driver? 
Thinking about leasing a big truck and just want to be sure that it will net me a bigger paycheck.

do you deliver to diffrent places ? 
do you deliver to different places on most runs or are you constantly going back and fourth to the same location ?

Getting your CDL-A on your own versus going to a school? 
I am planning on getting my cdl class A. I have look online and went to my local dmv office and found out that I can get the cdl license on my own. they …

Can a trucking company charge me for a preventible accident 
I was charged for a preventible accident by Central Refrigerated Service because my tandems slide once because a four wheeler cut me off but they didn't …

I have a OWI in my personal vehicle 2.5 years ago and a CDL A , can I get hired ? 
I have US Xresss, Crete/Shaffer, and Precision Motor Transport experience

Not sure if I should go to trucking school or let a company train me? 
Thinking of a career change at 59. I have always been interested in trucking. Should I go to a trucking school or sign on with a company to get training. …

Recruiter questions? 
Hello my question is this. I'm looking to get into trucking soon. I want to know what type of questions should I ask of any recruiter? I realize they will …

why are the DOT and Police Always mean to truck drivers? 
why is it always fines are way too high to pay,and the driver gets blamed for every thing?

how long do you have to have a valid licence to apply for a cdl licence? 
My license was Suspended 4yrs ago, for failure to pay a fine, I recently paid the fine & got my license back. Can I apply for a cdl license now? & If so, …

Does CR England give a hair folicle test on the first day? 
i start at cr England school on Monday will they require me to take a hair follicle test or just a urine sample

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Trudy Macy. We are thinking of starting a trucking company as a team couple, any advice? 
My Husband and I are thinking of working as a team and starting a trucking business together....Anyone have any thoughts on that????

Does anyone know anything about a company called TWT trucking out of Spokane,Wa.  
I was thinking about trying this company out. They are TWT trucking in the Spokane,Washington area. I am a driver just coming back into the trucking industry. …

I have 3 speeding violations and one HOV violation on my MVR.  
I have 3 speeding violations and one HOV violation on my MVR. They all happened in my personal car and one is coming off in January of 2012. Is there …

what happens to my c.d.l. if i get a careless driving ticket? 
what happens to my c.d.l. if i get a ticket for careless driving?

Charged with DUI while in sleeper berth? 
36 hours Off duty, in Sleeper Berth, got charged with DUI. Motor running as comfort needed for air conditioning.

could i obtain a class B cdl with 20/20 in one eye and 20/200 in the other eye in the state of idaho 
i had macular tramma to my left eye and i need to know if i can still get a class b cdl

Why do the the trucking companies have you fast before your physical 
What are the trucking companies looking for by having you fast before a physical ?

had a roll over in 09 and had job since then I quit they didn't pay correct 
in 09 I rolled over and got ticket for careless driving I down shifted the ticket to unsafe operation of motor vehicle all this was no points on the abstract. …

How long does it take for a careless driving charge to come of license 
My boyfriend is seeking a driving job. However, November 2008 he hit a city bus mirror and was charged with careless driving and four points on the license. …

Can I get a CDL after getting a DUI? 
I had my first DUI back in Dec. 2008. I had a clean record before my first DUI. I talk to my Employer's about becoming a boss. The job requires me …

My question involves communication between truck drivers and passenger car drivers.  
As a passenger car driver, say we're all stuck in traffic. A trucker has his turn signal on to move over in front of me. Do I just flash my high beams …

is there a blue book value for big rigs? 
Trying to find out the going price for a 2004 freightliner century with 1 million miles on the engine and transmission. what's scaring me is that the trailer …

In trucking school, failed the hair test 
Don't have a cdl, in school, got a random hair test, failed.

How can I get a job here in Texas driving 
I graduated from a trucking school about a month ago and can't get a job anywhere. So today I went and got my tanker endorsement to better my chances. …

Is there any companies that will hire a driver with 2 DWI convictions? 
I had 2 DWI convictions (June 2002 & March 2003) in my car when I still had my Class C license. In June 2008 I got my Class A CDL, but have never …

I want to start a small trucking co but don't have funds  
I want to start a small trucking co but don't have funds which I'm trying to get a grant but to many run arounds. What should I do?

How can I get a job driving only in the state of Texas and I'm a recent CDL school graduate? 
can't leave state because of parole.have 1 year left on 20 year sentence.That means no trouble in 19 years.will anyone hire me can run all over the state …

How can I get a job driving only in the state of Texas and I'm a recent CDL school graduate? 
I am trying to find a truck driving job driving all of Texas because I can not leave the state. On parole. One year remaining. This happened 19years ago. …

Do truckers get paid to help cops find people in the car smoking weed? 
Do truckers get paid to help cops find people that do bad things?

do - have to be in sleeper berth while my co driver is on driving status 
My co driver says when he's driving I have to be in sleeper berth satus that - can't be on off duty status in the passenger seat in line 1 on the log.

Have A CDL / Not Driven since early 93 / Would like to get back OTR / Have Felony from 04, Any Ideas or hope to share along these lines? 
I have about 4 years OTR with JB Hunt at first then CFI. I have a felony conviction from 2004 for meth, but have been clean as can be since that day of …

Would it be a waste of time getting my cdl's if I have a refusal with in the last year on my record? 
I don't have any points on my license and just got them back from being suspended for refusal to take a breathalyzer. Like I said no DUI's or points …

Grad with "ADD" need company with longest orientation. 
I have learning problem but pass through college to bad. Like this, know my: logs,maps,and everything but I just little slower than others. See it might …

how much do you earn 
i am keen to get into the trucking industry but i would like to know how much you guys are earning thanks

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which is an good company Epes,Arnold,orEstes? 
I have worked for Werner for a few months. Now its time for something better I was thing about Epes,Arnold,or Estes? I don't know..hard decision. …

How do I check to make sure big trucks are allowed on the street I want to take to get to my destination? 
How do I check for restricted truck routes? I'm talking about streets, not highways, I've called the numbers in my atlas but they don't answer or don't …

If I graduated a truck driving school 5 years ago and still have my CDL but no experience, will anyone hire me? 
I graduated truck driving school in 2005. I went OTR for a few months then I was offered a local job. Haven't had alot of Class A driving in the last 5 …

What is the best way to back out of a JB Hunt application. 
Recently, I began the process of applying to JB Hunt. I filled out a pre-qualify form online, I completed a telephone interview with the recruiter, …

How many traffic tickets can I have and still get a trucking job? 
So I want to know how many tickets I can have and still get into a trucking career. I have 1 violation for a U turn in business district of Los Angeles …

Carrier will not allow me to drive for an Owner Operator 
I have applied to work with an Owner Operator who has several trucks leased to a carrier and during the "hiring process " the carrier refused to allow …

I'm looking into trucking jobs 
Hi Jeff from Texas here yall know me I been posting on here for a while now and ran into this. Still waiting for november of 2011 to come on so I can do …

can a truck driver take a leave of absense and go to drug rehab 
Can a cdl driver go to rehab without getting fired? Perfect driving record with no violations but wanting to go voluntarily to rehab but not sure if that …

Has anyone ever driven for Wolfe Trucking out of Van Nuys Ca,  
Looking for info about Wolfe Trucking in Van Nuys ca.

What southern states and cities does CR England take loads on a regular basis? 
What southern states does CR England take loads on a regular basis?

What is meant by the term "P & D Driver"? 
I have heard and read job descriptions in the trucking industry mention "P & D" as a type of truck driver position. I was just wondering what it meant. …

To Whom Do I Report a Stolen Trailer 
I had a driver who worked for me for just a few months. The truck the driver drove was not registered in my name but in my business partner name, which …

What can a fourteen year old do to prepare to become a trucker? 
I am fourteen and looking into becoming a trucker as a job profession. Is there anything I can do to prepare to become one, or would I have to wait …

How is it working UPS Freight Truckload? 
Have heard some good and some bad rumors. Hope to hear from someone that has actually worked there.

I failed a pre employment drug test but i dont work for the company will this go on my record 
I am looking for work and i took a drug test for a company and was told i had failed i dont really know how that happened i am been drug free. Will …

I want to get back into truck driving OTR I have not driven OTR for 3 years why do i have to go back to driver school 
I want to drive OTR again but I have not driven for three years I dont need an entire schooling because i have been driving since 2003 what companys offer …

How do I know if Truck driving is for me? 
I'm thinking about driving a truck but I don't want to go to school & find out that I don't enjoy it. I would like to know if truck driving is for me. …

If I fail my first drug test 4 CR England school 
I start school on Monday. I last smoked on Monday. I have a bottle of test clean I take.

not for hire sign on your semi 
im goint to pick up a truck an trailer in eastern washington an need to know if i put a (not for hire) sign on the truck an trailer will i still have to …

Are there jobs to be had while on the road for a non driving wife? 
My husband is an owner/operator for a major trucking company. I would love to stop working here at home and join him on the road. However, we could not …

What companies hire felons that need some training? 
I have a felony that won't be five years old until 4/25/2013. I've spoken to several companies and they all tell me the same thing, "your felony has to …

What road situations do you face on the road as professional drivers? 
- what mechanical difficulties do you have to stop down and fix? - what warning signs do you see and how to you react? - how do truckers help each other …

Just started driving and I got a flat, a fender bender and got stuck will I get fired or just more traning 
Just got my truck and started out driving for USA trucking. There was a tarp in the middle of the road. I was able to avoid it but it caused a flat tire. …

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i had an and got a ticket for unsafe lane move 
I had an accident in jan of this yr and got a ticket for move from lane unsafely i was fired is there any company out there that will hire me also on …

How do you make a doctor's appointment or get a prescription refilled while you are out on the road? 
My husband is retired military and we pay so much to still be able to go on base to be seen by the base doctors and to get our prescriptions. Since …

Why won't my trucker boyfriend call me when he is OFF the road, at home? 
Ok,we are both in our 40s and actually went to high school together, so it's not like we're perfect strangers. We talk on the phone for literally HOURS …

medical questions for a 56 year old newbie 
I am trying to get a OTR job with a company. I have a few medical problems. I have a pacemaker, and because of age a have a over active bladder. Do …

how to get broadband internet on the road 
I have been a trucker before and used the wi-fi hotspot or idle aire connection to get on the internet, but I would like to use my home internet connection …

Handguns in the truck? 
This may be a dumb question and I think I've read somewhere that it is illegal but can you carry a handgun in your truck? I'm not saying on the dash or …

Need some advice? 
I’m and driver with about 9 years regional tractor trailer experience got a owi ticket in 2005 in my personal vehicle, I haven’t had a ticket or any other …


is a driver responsible for part 390 fed safety regs-gen. policy? 
I had recently started driving for an owner/operator.i went across a scale in Ky. the trooper gave the truck 5 violations(internet register,unified register,no …

Can i truck drive if i have had a Open Heart Surgery? 
I am 18 years of age and am wondering since i have had Open Heart Surgery if i could be a Truck Driver?

Where can I learn about laws regarding children in big rigs? 
Need to know age limits, or car seat laws (and installation advice) or insurance, whatever you can tell me. Any link or info about bringing a baby OTR, …

I was told that once I purchase my truck from a dealership I can not get on the road for at least 30 days... What does that mean? 
Have been trying to get my truck and get right on the road just need as much information in that area as possible.. Any information is appreciated.

best way to get unstuck in snow 
best way to get unstuck in snow.

Would I have to go to a CDL School to get a Class C for just operation of air brakes? 
I am planning on becoming a tow truck operator in southern Illinois and besides needing a class c non cdl the insurance also needs for new drivers to have …

A landscape supply co. in northern Ohio looking for owner operators in 2011, what's the best place online to find or advertise? 
A landscape supply company in northern Ohio is looking for 6 axles,quads, semis & walking floors for our 2011 season. We make bulk commodities such as …

i have diabetes can i still keep my cdl 
I have diabetes can I keep my CDL

I would like to speak with a female truck driver about getting into trucking, but I am not sure how to go about it. 
I need to know of a good trucking school around Indiana, and the ins and outs of trucking. Who to go with and who not to go with. I am a single female, …

What do you think are the best gloves to use for chaining up, they would need to be warm and waterproof. 
I go over Donner Summit and need some gloves for chaining that will be warm and dry.

What is your best advice for safe winter driving?  
Hi, I know this isn't exactly the purpose of your site so if you don't respond I'll understand. I write an employee wellness newsletter for a MN county …

I am 17 and would like to start getting my CDL in utah, how, and where can I do that? 
I want to start getting my CDL, Im 17, and would like to just take the tests and not have to go to the trucking schools if I can help it. (limited funds) …

Has anyone heard a lot of negativity about transport America? 
I was told by someone that used to drive for them that they are one of the worst companies to drive for. Transport America aren't what they seem? They …

where can i find the regulations on hauling construction fuel storage tanks 
we need to haul 500 gallion deisel fuel construction site storage tanks on our trucks. with varying levels of fuel to empty. Where can i find the specific …

What would be the best truck to choose if u are just starting? 
I'm not even out of high school yet but im thinking about trucking after college. but im not sure. My dad was a trucker and im thinking about doing …



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Semi hit us from the side. Was in our lane. Who is at fault? 
my daughter and my two grand daughters were traveling when a trucker was coming in our lane. The lady driving tried passing him when we said not to , …

The USMC logo seen on some dry vans across the country. 
On a Marine forum the question came up about who owns these vans and if the Corps was involved in the advertisement. Some speculate that they carry …

What does the label "H "triangle" D" on the back of a trailer mean? 
I am very interested in trucking typography, signage, and symbols. I often see a label on the back of a semi's trailer that will read an uppercase H, followed …

i went to school 3 years ago i have cdls,but never used them/ 
hello i am Donald smith i live in Salisbury n,c .i went to school 3 years ago but never driven other than school the reason i did not go where they …

stevens transport drug and physical policy 
Please give me more detail about my question.

what is stevens transport drug testing and physical policy? 
What is stevens transport drug testing and physical policy?

Does anyone know someone looking for a job? 
My father suffered a massive heart attack and then had to have open heart surgery 3 weeks ago. We are looking to put someone in our truck and get it back …

Can I get a CDL if I have an open container ticket? 
The ticket was about 3 yrs ago. I had a beer bottle in the back seat with cigarette butts in it - that was the open container. No other charges.

Has the trucking industry improved at all for women in terms of harrassment by other male drivers?  
I'm a 24 year old woman from Canada and I've worked plenty of different jobs, all of which i was very good at. But lately I've been really wanting a change …

Can i become a trucker if i have a prior dui from years ago? 
I got a DUI while driving my personal automobile. Can I still become a truck driver with an old DUI?

what is a utility driver? what is a line driver? 
in a trucking site it listed positions as above. what is a line driver? what is utility?

How many chains do you need to put on reels of cable 
I am wondering do I need 2 or 3 chains on these reels I am hauling?

Do you know of any good drug rehab facilities for truckers? 
I'm searching for a drug rehab facility that someone who likes being outdoors and on the road could tolerate.

I want to take my test for my CDL. 
I am 45 years old and want to take the test for my CDL, but I need a truck to use so I can practice and take my test. I took the written part about 3 years …

Stuff for rookies to watch out for from companies. 
I'm about to enter trucking school and need to know what can I expect as a rookie driving for a company. What business practices should I expect as …

do you have a list of truck companies that will hire after you completed the sap program 
i failed a random looking for trucking companies that will hire you after completing the sap program.

would like feedback on millis transfer and thier driver training school. 
Hi to all, I have been doing a lot of research on finding a good truck driving school and company to work for after i get my c.d.l.. I have spoken to millis …

Anyone know about Budd Van Lines in Wisconsin? 
I live in MI and am thinking about commuting to Wisconsin if they hire me. Does anyone know if Budd Van Lines in Wisconsin leases their trucks or do …

Do you see the same guys from trip to trip? 
When you meet other truckers at a stop or over CB, is it pretty much guaranteed that you aren't going to ever run into that guy again?

Is it legal for a TRUCKING CO. to fine a owner operator for late paper work, log book mistakes or blown tires ( recaps fallen apart) 
I am an owner operator and this co. Is I work for fines us 100 dollars if we go to DOT inspection and the truck does'nt pass inspection. On the tires …

i would like to know where can I get hired with a class a permit 
were i can fine a a company that will hire me with a class a permit so i can get drive time..

How many hours a week does the average trucker idle their engine? 
I am doing research for a product. I need to know the idling hours, per week (month, year, whatever) of the average trucker.

i need help getting into trucking 
i'm trying to get into trucking and having a hard time getting my cdl.the dmv wont let me take the test unless i can prove domicile which i dont have and …

I faild a pee test, went to rehab, Kept my job,,,Whats my chances of getting a truck driving job.? please keep in mind that i didnt get fired 
I guess what I'm asking is do i look for other work other than a truck driver, after failing a drug test? went to drug rehab,kept my job payed the money. …

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Can I get a OTR job with 3 DWI's in a lifetime? 
In 2008 I completed a CDL driving school. As of 2010 I have had a clean driving record for 7 years. Unfortunately I made mistakes in my younger years. …

What to pack in a lunch for a diabetic trucker? 
My husband drives a truck. As you know his schedule is hectic. He doesn't have time to stop for meals. Any suggestions?

Will i fit in a otr truck? 
Hi, i am interested in doing otr trucking but have one question before i look more into it. I will most likely be driving a newer model peterbilt t2000 …

What is the real rate story out there today from Brokers? Fair Tran says (reefer) $1.68 a mile (+1,400 miles) + ~$0.40/mile fuel surcharge (+$3 fuel). Is this accurate? 
Can't seem to find good info on rates. Every thing says "it depends." Great, that tells us a lot. Understanding that it will fluctuate a bit, what is …

My boyfriend is a trucker and when he comes home on the weekends he doesnt want to have sex either night. Is he cheating??? 
When we first got together he was great. when he came home on weekends he loved me up. he acted like i was everything. which i know the new wears off eventually …

why don't trucks use their flashers going up hill in calif like they do in other states 
why don't trucks use their flashers going up hill in California like they do in other states

How to start to become a truck driver 
I am only 17 going on 18 this October but my question is how old do you need to be to start. i just want to know how to start and to be ready for it …

What is the going rate of pay starting out as a trucker? 
hi im going to be going to swift truckin school in june i am 23 years old with a perfect driving record and have decided after a lot of thought that trucking …

When your on home time do you have to write HOME in your log book? 
My husband received a ticket in New Mexico for not writing in his log book that he was home for 3 days The word HOME is that true? he's been driving for …

Accredited CDL school VS non accredited trucking school 
I can't afford an accredited trucking school. If I go the private route, how do I obtain a job?

Owner Operator Need To Give The Truck Back ! 
I need help here & I just thought that I would ask you helpful men what is the best thing to do & to how to go about it? I need to turn in my truck …

is there more freedom and control as an owner operator vs company driver? 

answer to my? 
i left a long list of ?did u get them the sites cool alot of info

Slow times? 
Yea, its me again, lol. But I have a question for ya'll. I have noticed over the last few weeks--since the stock market crash, that the lanes are slow. …

How much does O/O make? lease payment on new freightliner? 
Thanks for the info on How much O/O make? By the way, how much is the lease payment on a new Frieghtliner/sleeper with nominal accessories? What kind …

Is it a moving violation of you don't follow the truck route? 
Husband was pulled over and got a ticket for not using the truck route. Just wondering if this would be considered a moving violation. Worries me because …

Can a company strand you miles away from home after being fired 
If a company fired you, can they strand you 1000s of miles from home even though they have a term in your home state plus your car is there?

Florida rock and tank lines drug test 
Does Florida rock and tank lines hair follicle drug test their new hires?

What is the best way to handle this ordeal with my medical history 
When I went to a trucking school, on the first day I had to take a dot physical. On the paperwork I filled out, I didn't tell them about being bi-polar …

Can someone with high blood pressure get a cdl 
I just found out that I have high blood pressure can I still get my CDL

Will antidepressants and/or pain meds cause me to fail drug test 
I have been using antidepressants and lortab for quite a while now will these meds fail me on my drug test while trying to obtain my CDL?

Does anyone know about the company Swfit  
I am asking about the company Swift and what is it like driving for them?

What should I do if I see a female truck driver acting like a lot lizard 
What should I do if I see a female truck driver employed by a national carrier posting her phone number in her cab window and inviting men into her truck? …

How do you guys deal with the no idle rules when its cold or hot ? 
Just wondering how you stay warm or cool when your trying to get your rest.

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Hendrickson Trucking out of Sacramento, CA 
Any good or bad about Hendrickson Trucking out of Sacramento? They called me about lease/purchase program for my wife and I team. They sound good, but …

prime inc trucking 
what should i expect when i attend their school in Springfield,mo? how much money will i actually make? 3 days of orientation and then on the road 4-6 …

Is alcohol allowed in the truck 
Is alcohol allowed in the truck?

In Pennsylvania is there any regulation that says anything about having air conditioning in a tractor trailer? 
The air conditioner in my husbands truck has been broken for a while. HE is the only truck without air conditioning and the owner refuses to fix it. …

can my husband and i take our one year old on the road with us 
Me and my husband thinking about driving together will we be able to bring my 1yr old baby on the road with us

If I complain about a truck driver will they get fired? 
I had a terrible experience with a truck driver today on a very icey road in a very tiny car. I got his license & dot # and I plan on complaining. …

Do some trucking companies remove the passenger seat from semis do to liability reasons? 
Just trying to find out if some companies take the passenger seats out for liability reasons.

could anyone tell me about swift tucking school 
Hello my name is Tony longenbach. I would like to know if anyone could email me or tell me about Swift Trucking school in Tn. I was thinking about …

I'm a class b Driver I live in Florida if I get pulled over for bald tires and such do I get the fine what is my company get it  
I am a class B CDL driver in Sarasota I have bald tires I leak a quart of oil a day and it shows I have no working gauges no speedometer no horn and three …

What type of drug test does JR schegul use 
What type of drug test does jr schugel use urine or hair follicles?

wal marts pre trip inspection help 
Taking a test for Walmart pre trip inspection. Any help

will trucking companies care about several speeding tickets 
I have a couple of speeding tickets and a ticket for running a red light, will this prevent me from getting a trucking job?

License suspended for not showing proof of insurance 
I got my CDL suspended because the other company didnt show proof of insurance at the time of the accident. Is it the company fault or the police officers …

Starting Over in Arizona 
Seeking 100% travel based out of Queen Creek, Arizona Current CDL Class A with ALL endorsements Current DOT medical card Driving flatbed reference …

Knee replacements and getting CDL 
I have just had both knees replaced, can I still drive? I still have my CDL.

Company sponsored insurance and plates Not rated yet
What’s the cons as a owner op leasing on with a company that has plates and insurance program?

Are Trucking Companies Profitable? Not rated yet
Profitability of a trucking company is a very hard question to answer. Two companies can have the same number of trucks and drivers and run the same …

Will Trucking Get Better in 2024? Not rated yet
This is a question I get often. So I'll give my opinion about if trucking will get better in 2024 here was well. I've provided a more detail answer …

What is the recommended and safe way of braking on a downhill? Short(3seconds) full braking vs Long trail braking? Not rated yet
What is the recommended and safe way of braking on a downhill? Short(3seconds) full braking vs Long trail braking?

How To Become a Trucker Not rated yet
First you have to step back from your situation and look at it from a birds eye view. Some things to consider are below.... Does anyone need you …

Can Truckers Work Part Time Not rated yet
Can truckers work part time? The short answer is yes! Here's the thing. You won't likely start your trucking career working part time as a truck driver. …

Trucking Jobs Review For 2023 Including Buying a Truck Not rated yet
Are trucking jobs still a great employment opportunity in 2023? Here's my honest review of trucking jobs for 2023. Trucking jobs are still in high …

How Much Do Truck Drivers Make in A Week Not rated yet
This is a broad question and hard to answer. But I will give it a shot, since its asked so often. The amount of money a truck driver makes in each …

Will Texting While Driving Ticket in POV affect CDL? Not rated yet
If receiving a texting while driving fine in my personal vehicle will it affect my cdl ?

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Is Hair folicle testing and for prehire after trucking school? Not rated yet
Will I have to take a hair folicle test for the company thats giving me prehire before or after trucking school?

Transmission in a 1990 White/GMC Not rated yet
I was looking at an old white/GMC tandem plow truck. Truck has a 8v71 and a 6 speed I haven't seen before. Its a 6 speed with a 3 speed shift pattern. …

what companies by name hire after completing a sap program Not rated yet
wat companies hire after sap program

Truck 1 intrastate. What to do to run 2nd truck OTR? Not rated yet
I own a small business. 2 tractors and 2 trailers. At this time I am intrastate only. Wanting to know what step to take next to get my other truck …

Steps to take from intrastate to interstate  Not rated yet
I own a small business. 2 tractors and 2 trailers. Right now I am intrastate only. What step do I take next to let my other truck be interstate? I know …

Detroit DT12 Automated Manual Transmission Issue Not rated yet
I recently start with a new company and they gave me a 2016 Cascadia with a dt12 automated. It randomly disengages going down the highway then you have …

Retired now want to start trucking at Company with free CDL training program Not rated yet
Been trying to get into one of the companies that offer paid CDL training programs. Keep getting turned down cause NO past Three tears Work history. …

Can a 12.7 60 series detroit engine be turned up to 550 hp? Not rated yet
Im about a year or better away but i plan on being an owner operator. Most carriers want 5 years old or newer trucks but seem to be ok with glider kit …

companies in Houston tx hiring for 2nd chance after completing SAP program Not rated yet
My husband was randomly selected to do a drug/alcohol test and failed. Are there any companies in the Houston Texas area that give 2nd chances?

Registering a service dog with C R England Not rated yet
I am newly licensed and wondering if there are any C R England employees driving with their service dog in the cab?

Which axle on a three axle trailer should I chain up Not rated yet
I am towing a three axle trailer # 9500 which axle should I chain up

physical aptitude test? Not rated yet
The company I will work for wants me to take the pat test physical aptitude test, of course with a bp test first, my current med card is good for two years …

Pre employment drug test owner operator under 26,000 new dot numbers first load Not rated yet
New dot numbers my company hauling under 26,000 I need to haul a load can not do drug test till after load is that a felony to run without preemployment …

Longest railer i can pull Not rated yet
what is the longest trailer i can haul without a cdl

Can I get a trucking job as a type 1 diabetic Not rated yet
I am a type 1 Diabetic. Will any trucking company hire me once I receive my diabetes waiver from the feds?

Tilting while driving hardly any wind Not rated yet
Brand new truck when I'm on the highway going at least 45mph and the wind hits me it feels as if I'm gonna tip over feels like wheel left the ground and …

When a truck is jack knifed/is it the law to use Safety triangles/flares? Not rated yet
what laws/regulations should a trucker use if jack knifed and literally covering both lanes of highway?

Help finding cars to be transported in Phoenix Az Not rated yet
Are there any car haulers in the phx az area that will tell me where I can find cars to be transported in state. I am just getting started with a 1 …

Looking to build customer base for car hauling Phoenix Not rated yet
I have been driving truck locally in phx az for many years hauling mining product for a company and am thinking about starting my own 1 truck business …

What states have their weigh stations linked to each other besides Oregon and Washington. Not rated yet
What states have their weigh stations linked together,besides Oregon and Washington? What I mean is Oregon can see at what time youbwent through a weigh …

How do I apply for dispatch at Flat Creek Trucking? Not rated yet I would like to apply for dispatch with Flat Creek Trucking, Kinston, Al.

Valuable personal items not returned Not rated yet
I was recently separated from this company. I had got pulled over by cops driving company's tractor and trailer. They took me in for ransom. All of my …

Should My Tipper Truck Have Mudflaps Not rated yet
will not having mud guards on my tipper truck incur penalty points

does urine test remain on file after school Not rated yet
does urine test remain on file after school

Becareful and be alert out there truckers and obay the laws Not rated yet
Becareful and be alert out there truckers and obay the laws

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logging individual stops  Not rated yet
Do I need to log my individual stops if I am staying within 100 miles of my base?

My husband was stopped for speeding and there was ano open container in truck Not rated yet
We were on our way home. My husband got pulled over for speeding and cop did search of truck found my open container of beer from night before. They …

My husband was stopped for speeding and there was ano open container in truck Not rated yet
We were on our way home. My husband got pulled over for speeding and cop did search of truck found my open container of beer from night before. They …

I am a wife of truck driver, I was drinking while parked overnight in truck, can my husband lose his license if cop finds my open can?  Not rated yet
I was on a trip with my husband and we were on our way home and pulled over for the night. I got a 3 pak of beer and drank 1, but I left the empty can …

I am a wife of truck driver, I was drinking while parked overnight in truck, can my husband lose his license if cop finds my open can?  Not rated yet
I was on a trip with my husband and we were on our way home and pulled over for the night. I got a 3 pak of beer and drank 1, but I left the empty can …

in louisiana do you pay sales tax on a log truck if you have an apportioned tag Not rated yet
In the state of Louisiana, do you pay sales tax on a log truck with apportioned tags

Will a warning for over length combo vehicle go on my permanent record Not rated yet
If I received a written warning for an over length combo vehicle was given to me in California but I'm licensed in nj will it be on my permanent cdl record …

The first thing you do when you park Not rated yet
The first thing you do to when stopped for sleep at truck stop is set the brakes correct? #1 priority

how bad is an out of route on your Dac report Not rated yet
If a company charges you with an out of route does that go on your Dac report? And if it does how bad is that

i got warning for using cellphone  Not rated yet
i was given warning for cellphone used while driving my car and i have cdl .does it effect my cdl

Got DOT inspection on new truck in Va. Not rated yet
My husband was in Virginia and got a dot inspection on new truck. Brakes on the back of truck was not hooked up by shop. My husband said officer was nice. …

Can I back out of a lease if I haven't been employed by the company yet? Not rated yet
I signed a lease that the company reo hasn't signed yet. Got a better offer the next day. Am I obligated to honor that lease? No money was exchanged I …

Need a truck to take my cdl in Louisville KY Not rated yet
Would anyone be able to meet me in the Louisville area to take my cdl test? I will pay for ur time & fuel. I had my license before and let them expire …

Interstate or intrastate hour of service Not rated yet
I register as intrastate at the dmv but I have a job that does local work with in the 100 mile radius which hour off service do I comply

If I need SR22 and my spouse bought a semi, will the insurance be unbelievably high? Not rated yet
My husband is starting a transport company and is looking into insurance. He has a company that quoted him $612/month. Then they found out I need SR22, …

Blowing thru a scale in California Not rated yet
Does the I 15 north on the El Cajon pass (CALIFORNIA)have cameras that give out tickets if you blow thru an open scale ?

can the company charge a driver for bad DOT inspections? Not rated yet
I am owner operetor for trucking company, i got ticket for log book, so my company changes me $500 for this ticket , they saying that company points.loosing …

Paper logs for beginners? Please help😟 Not rated yet
Newbie here kinda feel like its a dumb question but I'm the type of person that's needs someone to break things down step by step so I can clearly understand …

Distance stomach must be from steering wheel Not rated yet
Is their a dot regulation stating how for a persons stomach has to from the steering wheel while in operation

Got 2 dui's get off disqualification for the first one in 6 months got the second January 2017 will lose my cdl forever? Not rated yet
Received a disqualification for a year which is up in 6 months. In my car received the second dui in my car again in January Will I retain my cdl?

My DL was suspended for literally 15 years, But no moving violations or any violations in past 5 years. Is this a bad MVR? Not rated yet
Ok I know I know.... 15 years of DL suspension is crazy. So was the roughly $12,000 in fines i had to pay Going back and paying all these old tickets …

Best CB Radio to buy Not rated yet
I am thinking about investing in a good branded CB radio. But I don't want to waste my money, if there's not many truckers using CB radio nowadays. …

If I get loaded with steel pipes how long can they stick out on the rear of my trailer Not rated yet
If I go to a company and I pickup steel but it's bigger that my flatbed how long can it stick out at the rear of my trailer?

how to file taxes as a company driver Not rated yet
need to know what form I file when filling taxes I am a driver for a company. Do I get per diem? I'm new to all this.

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Is it a dot violation if your passenger door on truck won't open Not rated yet
Is it a dot violation if your passenger door won't open on truck

drinking while on a ten hour break Not rated yet
If I'm on my ten hour break and I'm at home or at a truck stop, can I drink a beer even if I don't bring it onto my truck?

can a truck driver haul military loads with a of Protection From Abuse? Not rated yet
Can a trucker haul any military loads with any PFA (protection from abuse) against him into Canada?

How come the scale master legally violate someones rights! Not rated yet
I run team, I was pulled into a scale in Ohio, said I was 100 pounds over on my steers, was actually on route to a Carly scale, anyway said I had to pay …

8 year old under 60 lbs passenger Not rated yet
Can an 8 year old under 60 lbs ride as a passenger in a Semi truck with no car seat in Texas?

have 7 dui's from the 1990s. 1, 2007. active cdl Not rated yet
I have 7 dui from before i got my cdl(1990s). and 1 in 2007 in my personal car after i had my cdl. i have 10 years exp. no other infractions on dmv. sober …

i want to know the risk behind ice trucker Not rated yet
what are the risk behind ice trucker?

Trucking after having a baby? Not rated yet
I just had a baby and I want to do truck driving to support my family. My husband has his cdl but is currently serving time for being a dummy and I know …

automated license plate readers for commercial trucks Not rated yet
Werte is a list of all the roadside and scale automated license plate readers

If you are not convicted of a dui it's still in court do you have to take sap classes before a conviction  Not rated yet
If you are going to courts on a dui do you have to take SAP classes before you are convicted

is it true that if i use a third party i can register my carrier in indiana while residing in virginia? Not rated yet
I heard that if i use a third party company that i can register my carrier in Indiana while i reside in Virginia. Is this true?

points on my license for driving in left lane Not rated yet
How many points get deducted off my commercial driver's license if police officer pulls me over for driving on the far left lane?

How long must I wait after reinstatement to get CDL Not rated yet
I recently got my drivers license reinstated and would like to go to cdl training school. How long do I have to have my license to apply?

Rental for cdl testing Not rated yet
Where can l find someone who can rent their truck and trailer for cdl test Syracuse ny(Phil hicks)

What CDL Endorsements can you have with a felony Not rated yet
What endorsements can a trucker have after being convicted with non violent felonies?

what states require notification to the state police if I breakdown on the highway with haz mat Not rated yet
I need to know that states that require a call if a trucker breaks down with haz mat load.

unable to drive sleeper berth running local Not rated yet
I took my road test in a day cab. I'm a local driver. Can my job be in jeopardy if the job tells me to drive with a sleeper berth and im unable to drive …

Can safety directory write up driver for preventable if DOT didn't issue a ticket? Not rated yet
If a driver is involved in a accident and the responding DOT officer doesn't issue him a ticket nor does he file a police report can the company safety …

Load height question Not rated yet
Loading a dum truck with slash. I will tarp the load. Can the load extend above the dump bed sides as long as the tarp holds the tree limbs from exiting …

Is a broken hood latch a dot violation in texas Not rated yet
Is a broken hood latch on a cdl truck a dot violation in Texas

Getting insured after a rollover  Not rated yet
Can you get insurance after a preventable rollover and can you still be hired by a trucking company

What's maximum penalty for pins not being out on trailer Not rated yet
Dot checked truck all four lines were not out on truck company says may have to terminate due to it costing them thousands on insurance. Is this true? …

Failed non- dot drug test over a year ago Not rated yet
I've never had a cdl or worked in thwamego trucking industry but I am interested in getting into it. I failed a non-dot drug test and was terminated from …

Can you carry your gun with you if you deliver liquor and wine Not rated yet
I work for a Liquor and Wine Company and I want to know is it illegal for me to carry my weapon with me in Michigan

Is my company liable if they allow me to drive their trucks on a revoked license? Not rated yet
My company promised to pay a chain restriction ticket that I received while operating their tractor. They promised to pay the ticket as long as I turned …

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How many days are required to miss for a CDL driver that had an accident Not rated yet
I am a shuttle bus driver at the airport I also Drive part time at a school district if I had an accident with the school bus can I still drive the shuttle …

What is it like being a Christian trucker  Not rated yet
I would like to do a small blog about being a trucker and a Christian person who loves God and family and friends. Thank you for helping

Can an unmarried couple lease a truck together Not rated yet
Trying to end an argument with a friend of mine she says it is illegal for her and her boyfriend to lease a truck together

I'm an owner operator had rollover no injuries no one involved got a ticket for failure to mantain lane what will happen  Not rated yet
I'm an owner operator w own authority had a roll over no injuries ticket for failure to maintain first and only violation what will happen with CDL

is points involved for a ticket for being on a weight restricted Rd in 18 wheeler? Not rated yet
Turn on a road after about 300 yards saw a Rd sign that read weight limit 5 ton no where to turn around I slowly made my away cross it and one on the other …

White smoke coming out of oil fill cap on relatively new truck Not rated yet
Do I need a oil change or is it something else it does not burn oil I already drove it 20 thousand miles. I just got the truck and it is throwing a little …

will tickets in a car affect your CDL Not rated yet
I borrowed my boyfriends car and he had expired tags on his plates the cop gave me a ticket. Will any of this affect his CDL

if I have an LLC in CA can I plate my truck in AZ? Not rated yet
I just formed an LLC in CA I have a AZ license and I'm wondering if I can plate my truck in AZ or does it have to be ca because of the LLC?

Who gets citation for a failed roadside DOT inpection  Not rated yet
Who gets citation for a failed roadside DOT inspection owner or driver. What recourse does driver have if he has proof that he's pointed out mechanical …

Can a trucking company you work for charge you your own money for getting a violation ticket ? Not rated yet
A friend that drives his own truck got a violation and his dispatcher took out $500 from his escrow for getting that violation .. Is he allowed to do this …

had accident and need insurance Not rated yet
worked with family business, driver had an accident. trying to open new business and insurance wont touch me because they keep linking me to old business. …

Is a traffic ticket that resulted in a probation before judgement or placed on a stet docket a "moving violation"? Not rated yet
I was pulled over twice within the past three years and each time i was pulled over each officer wrote me three tickets for each incident although i was …

Company got tags and registration and I am leaving them, do I return it? Not rated yet
I was leased to western express and they got tags and registration for me, now I'm moving to another company. Ptl, and they are in Tennessee as well. …

Keeping Batteries Charged While on Hometime Not rated yet
What's the best way to keep your trucks batteries charged when you're down for a few days?

Friend wants to transfer trailer title to my name Not rated yet
A friend of mine wants to transfer his trailer to me so he will not have to list it as an asset in an insurance case. He still wants to use it, what type …

Does my trucking company need MVR's per driver in the qualification file if they have been approved by my insurance? Not rated yet
Does my trucking company need MVR's per driver in the qualification file if they have been approved by my insurance?

Does the driver gets points on his licese passenger doesn't have on seatbelt Not rated yet
I was getting out of the bunk and before I could get my seatbelt on d.o.t. pulled us over. My co driver got a 25.00 fine because he was driving. I was …

Legal is it legal in Oregon to drive a triple trailer at night behind a 18 wheeler Not rated yet
If it is legal to drive triple trailers behind a semi truck at night

Cpo dismissed Not rated yet
Husband is contracted truck driver. Will he loose contract when it comes up for renewal. He lives in Ohio.

What if they find Marijuana in the truck at Naval Base Not rated yet
What happens to a 18 wheeler driver who drive to a Naval base an they find marijuana in the cab of the 18 wheeler? What happens to the Driver? Is he …

If i buy a truck with current plates and sticker can i transfer over everything without having to pay for new plates Not rated yet
Bought a truck with current plates and sticker can i just transfer over the title and not buy new plates

Oil consumption and power Not rated yet
So I'm in a 2015 international with179k miles and we are burning a little over a gallon a week is that normal? Also we just notice a loss of power …

Highway from Columbus to Florida Not rated yet
Ok this is for all the travelers out there I have heard there is an old highway from Columbus ohio to fort walton beach florida anyone know what it is? …

How to get points off your record with a CDL Not rated yet
Is there a class you can take to get points off your license from bad equipment like for mud flaps bad,tire. I don't need for speeding it is that new law …

What is the cost of sap program Not rated yet
I have to do the SAP program, I know the evaluation cost, treatment costs, I have no issues,will probably, be a two week program

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Driving after a neck fusion surgery?  Not rated yet
Can I still drive my truck after a neck fusion surgery?

Can I be forced to take a random drug test while on my 10 hour break ? Not rated yet
I was forced to take a (random ?) drug test while on my 10 hour break after driving 600 miles during the previous duty period. This happened after filing …

I had a possession charge in NY Not rated yet
if I had a possession of marijuana In NY state went to court the judge gave me are Tournament of dismissal. do she have to take it off my record

How to use bond for the first from CAN to US Not rated yet
I got a US Bond. I have t bring a load from Canada into the United States in Bond through the US. Does anyone no how I do the paperwork or what I have …

How long does a big rig accident stay on your driving record in california Not rated yet
I had in accident in January 2016 highway patrol declare I felt a sleep behind the wheel

The company forgot to pay a fix a ticket  Not rated yet
I got a fix a ticket that the company didn't pay. Can my license be suspended?

Has any one ever been caught with a firearm on there Truck by dot or a weigh station Not rated yet
Has the dot or a weigh station ever found a firearm on someone's truck

Insuring a driver with a lot of tickets Not rated yet
I had to switch drivers and the new driver has too many tickets and would raise my insurance rate. How much trouble will I get in if my driver is not …

When put out of service ... Not rated yet
If my DOT gets put out of services can i still do loads in side of my state.?

Night visions requirements and the FMCSA Not rated yet
Does the FMCSA list any requirements for night vision in CFR 49?

need propac logistics reviews Not rated yet
need reviews on propac logistics

do you have to graduate to be a trucker? yes or no Not rated yet
No. But most better trucking companies will want you to have it. You have to ask them to find out why. Generally speaking, most companies feel like …

how can I state trooper determine if your tire blew are not at accident Not rated yet
A driver had a steer tire blow causing him to go off the road. A State Trooper said that the steer Tire did not blow. How is that determined

Can I get a medical card after stroke? Not rated yet
What are current regulations regarding returning to driving after a stroke?

driving a truck with expires tabs Not rated yet
I am working for a business and driving with expires license plates. What can happen to my CDL is checked?

Vegas to buffalo NY. Your load + my 25 small boxes  Not rated yet
Hi I'm in Vegas and was wondering if a trucker to take my 25 boxes (small) with his load cross country I'm heading to buffalo NY.

towing a broke down big truck cross country Not rated yet
My dad's semi broke down in Tennessee and we want to transport it to Texas for repairs since it is going to be a long repair. Any recommendations on …

Pulled over and found that registration was not valid Not rated yet
My driver was pulled over while driving his vehicle home from work and subsequently told that the registration was not valid. Can he lose his CDL class …

I'm a little nervous about this deal made on a truck Not rated yet
Why would someone send a title on a semi truck and trailer without buying it....I am in current works on starting a business and my partner gets a truck …

workman's compensation for truck drivers Not rated yet
My husband worked for and drove a company truck for XYZ company. He had a stroke while driving. Should this have been reported under workman's comp? …

Fines in AZ for over axle weight... Not rated yet
I got a ticket for being 3,400 lbs overweight on my drive axle in Lake Havasu, AZ. How do I estimate the total fine before going to court? Also, the …

cant get physical bc of dialysis in nc Not rated yet
I'm a dialysis patient and i cant get a dot card bc of a medical review board that recommended that dialysis patients dot qualify to get their card but …

Tickets in Montana  Not rated yet
Can you get out of a ticket in Montana for too long of a traitor?

Can I drive a tractor trailer down the road if one of the trailer doors are broken off will I get a ticket Not rated yet
Can I drive a tractor trailer down the road if one of the trailer doors are broken off will I get a ticket

Private use interstate travel with my semi truck with no ifta of irp??? Not rated yet
I need to pick up a trailer I bought "internet auction" from a govt base in Indiana for my private use empty back to Florida. I own the trailer and …

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Will company drug test me because I hit a truck Not rated yet
Ok I was backing. stop, pulled up. Trailer hit a parked truck that been there for 11 will my job drug test me.

up grade licence  Not rated yet
i want to upgrade my class g licence to a class 3 if i fail the test can they take my class g away

Legal or not? Not rated yet
I'm a trainer for a company. Recently I had a trainee receive an overweight citation, only his name and license are on the citation mine is not. The …

company had fake registration and i got stuck with ticket can i sue to recoup monies? Not rated yet
On August 5th 2015 I got pulled into a state of Illinois DOT weigh station outside of Chicago. The company paid the overweight ticket, but there registration …

Trucking jobs in Baltimore Not rated yet
What companies in Baltimore would hire someone who has 12 years of trucking experience but has a sex offender conviction?

Surgery out on the road - who is responsible for me getting home? Not rated yet
I recently had cardiac intervention surgery and was told by the dr I couldn't drive home. So who is responsible for the plane fare? It was a co truck that …

Company holding my last check stating I didn't turn in logs 3 months ago Not rated yet
Can a company hold my last check because thy say they can't find my logs from 3 months ago

I suffered a concussion age residual effects. now my ability to drive is in question by the company doctor with whom i'm applying.  Not rated yet
is this for real. i recently completed driving school and now want to go to work. can i be turned down because of an uneventful injury that happened 45-50 …

I have a misdeamnor Theft Charge that Happened June 2015.. Not rated yet
Is the any companies that will still give me a chance to Make some money and change my life dispite of my fresh charge I need help someone.

Heart attack pre-existing. Can I still drive truck and get workers comp Not rated yet
Truck driver had heart attack then wrecked 18 wheeler. Is death covered for workers comp death benefits. Had heart attack few years ago o

Reckless driving conviction almost 3 yrs ago, can I get hired in WA with SR22 insurance? Not rated yet
My husband was convicted of reckless driving almost 2.5 years ago, in our personal vehicle because he wrecked it. His license was suspended as well as …

I failed a pre employment drug screening Not rated yet
After a completely clean driving/safety/drug record of 35 years, I failed a pre employment drug screening. (I smoked pot at my going away party.) I am …

Can a company disclose non dot accidents to potential employers  Not rated yet
My present employer is disclosing not dot accidents to potential employers what do I do about this this my first trucking employer

Put a tractor trailer on its side Not rated yet
hi i been driving for 19 years i had no major accidents trough out my career was working in the oilfield but recently got laid off only thing is on my …

can I get a ticket for non working windows in my truck Not rated yet
Windows won't roll down is it a violation?

I have to drive an hour to and an hour back to terminal . Does this count for my 8 off or will I need 10 off to accommodate?  Not rated yet
I have a split run where I get 8 off in the middle of the day and 8 off at night. My company makes me drive an hour away to a terminal. So really, at night …

Truckers insurance policy Not rated yet
i like to know if i lease my truck to a trucking co. and have to use there insurance ,which fall under a occupational accident group policy. and this trucking …

Youngest Female Trucker Not rated yet
Anyone know who the first 21 y/o or whatever the case, female cross-country trucker was?

How to go back OTR how? Not rated yet
I have 27 years driving a truck, over one million logged miles. I have ran everything on the highway, all 48 states and parts of Canada. I have …

Trucking company added Qualcomm & fried wiring. What can I do? Not rated yet
My employer added a Qualcomm to my truck & fried all my wiring. I just bought the truck. Employer refuses to accept this... What can I do???

Team drivers put in charge of dispatch... Not rated yet
Our company recently put a driver team in charge of dispatching 10 trucks. Is this legal, if so, how can they log it?

getting a job with a cdl permit Not rated yet
I am twenty years old, and will turn twenty-one in January. I recently obtained my cdl A permit with doubles/triples and tank endorsements. I live in CT. …

Truck name and dmv fililng don't match Not rated yet
Does the name on the side of the truck for dmv purposes have to always match what the dmv has on file?

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is it illigal to have sex with my gf in sleeper? Not rated yet
My girlfriend will start coming with me on trips. i know there's chances of us wanting to have sexual relations. is it legal or illegal to do this

Is Road King or Astatic a better mic?  Not rated yet
Road king 56 or Astatic 636L?

Does not having current inspection go on my record Not rated yet
If I get pulled over in Colorado for not having a current inspection sticker, does it go on my license or the company safety rating?

Drug use on application and during interview process Not rated yet
I know I would pass a drug test since I have been drug free for 1.5 years. However, I do not want to lie on my application or anytime during an interview …

Requirements for a CDL Not rated yet
Thinking about persueing getting a CDL but I need to know if A GeD is required, if a DuI from 7 years ago will disqualify me , and a felony poss. Of Marijuana …

my son just failed a pre-employmet drug test...barely over the limit. is his career over? Not rated yet
he failed the test by 6 nanongrams. what now? is his life as a driver over? what can he do? who will hire him if he goes through the sap program? …

Ticket for getting stuck on railroad tracks  Not rated yet
What is the punishment for getting a ticket for getting stuck on railroad tracks? In a big truck.

If my truck sits for 3 days should i turn auto start on or keep it off Not rated yet
Just wondering new driver don't know if I'll save fuel or will it freeze up? Don't know what I should do any answers will help please! Thanks

Check engine light Not rated yet
If I get stopped for a random vehicle inspection and my check engine light is on, will they red-tag my truck on the spot?

How do i dispute a false positive on drug screen Not rated yet
went to crst trucking school took drug screen there saying i failed i know i was 100% clean how do i dispute this an does this stay on record

How can I get a ticket for going over on my harvest permit when the Louisiana dot officer didn't weigh me to see if it was over on the permit? Not rated yet
The officer says my permit only allowed me 55 on the interstate but my load was only 80000. Which didn't make it a permitted load.

expired tag will.the driver or the company get the ticket Not rated yet
I have a expired tag on the dump truck I drive. will that ticket go against me or the company

i was told i cant delete a truck off my insurance without bill of sale Not rated yet
My insurance premiums have gone up and i have an older rig that i wanted to remove. I was told by the insurance company that i cant delete the truck without …

laydown pay for student driver Not rated yet
I got my class a and am required to train 180 driving hours while being paid minimum wage. I drove 15 minutes and the engine lights came on. The truck …

How far should I move the tractor from a burning trailer Not rated yet
If your trailer is on fire and you manage to unhook from it, how far should you move tractor from burning trailer?

Can you go to school to have a point withdrawn from you Cdl commercial license Not rated yet
Got a speeding ticket. Can I go to school to have that erased from my driving record

Prior rehab stints for alcholishm.. and school. Not rated yet
I have checked myself into and completed 3 different rehabs. All for alcoholism. Anyway, the last one was 2 years ago, the one before that was 3 years …

can you get arrested driving without the dot medical card Not rated yet
Can you get arrested driving without the dot medical card in the state of Florida.

can you get arrested driving without the dot medical card Not rated yet
Can you get arrested driving without the dot medical card in the state of Florida?

Should a truck driver be tipped? Not rated yet
Does a trucker expect a tip for delivering an enclosed container? He just brings it and puts it in place, and unhooks. It's being driven from Seattle …

are truck numbers required by law? Not rated yet
Is it required by federal regulations to have numbers on the tractor. I can't find it in the regulation book

Can all truck driving companies look up your dot physical. Not rated yet
If you could not pass a dot physical (not for drugs) in one state can another state look you up.

will i be to drive again if i have preventable incidents in my record? Not rated yet
will I be able to have another job as a truck driver if I have 9 months experience and a preventable incident in my record?

I got a speeding ticket in oregon, which doesn't have a point system, will points be assessed on my Colorado cdl? Not rated yet
If I receive a ticket in a state without a point system, like oregon, but my cdl is in Colorado, will Colorado assess points? Or are there cdl specific …

I am a former trucker and now I am loosing my hearing. Not rated yet
I am just trying to see if anyone else (older drivers) have experienced this?

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i have 7 points on my drivers license can i still get my cdl Not rated yet
i have 7 points on my license can i still get my cdl

my husbands company witheld funds for repair bill after accident Not rated yet
My husband was involved in an accident a week ago. Just his truck hitting a guard rail, only he was injured (whiplash so far) His company informed …

minor traffic accident Not rated yet
I have a CDL out of NV I got into a minor traffic accident my fault. The police did not show up so no ticket just exchanged insurance info. Will this show …

as a passenger can the driver claim me at the end of the year Not rated yet
Money that the driver spends on food for the passenger can he claim it at the end of the year on his taxes

Can a OTR Team driver that drives with the co parent can you still take a minor on the road Not rated yet
Ok I'm a Team driver and I ride with the mother of my child would that be fine to bring my minor on board with us?

How can we raise a baby on the road for a few years? Not rated yet
I will be taking my wife and 5 month old son on the road with me for a year or two until we save up for a place. My wife's concern is how would we go about …

Ticket for a bald tire Not rated yet
I got a ticket for having one of my trailer tires cord showing through. Can my company hold me back from advancing to another position. How will this …

can you drive an 18 wheeler with your kid? Not rated yet
can an adult driver drive a 18 wheeler with his or her child

on average, how long to receive a diabetes waiver from fmcsa once they have received everything? Not rated yet
I sent all the required information to fmcsa for a diabetes waiver. I have a company offering me a job but I can't get my permit until I have the waiver …

Can I do vehicle annual inspection if I'm owner operator? Not rated yet
Well I have heard if you are owner/operator with experience you can perform break adjustments and/or vehicle annual inspections by yourself legally. No …

how many hours can I drive a day  Not rated yet
if i drive 12 days on and 2 days off how many hours can i drive a day?

Leaving out of state for 6 weeks for truck driving what should I pack? Not rated yet
My husband will be leaving out of state for 6 weeks for truck driving. What all should he pack?

How can I get traffic violations removed from history??have my CDL . Not rated yet
Need lawyer to remove traffic violations

Crete drug test type  Not rated yet
What kind of drug test does Crete give?

If husband drives my rig do i need workmans comp Not rated yet
My husband drives my big rig do I need to buy workers comp

Should I have reported hitting a cable with the truck Not rated yet
Hit a cable coming down from a telephone poll dented my cng tank housing im in a cng truck told the company will this go on my dac report shoul i have …

Training a large dog to get in and out of a tractor Not rated yet
I am currently in school for my CDL and have a 45 pound dog who is also at school with me. She is my service dog for non-insulin dependant diabetes. …

Fine for expired base plate in Oklahoma Not rated yet
What is the fine in Oklahoma for expired base plate hauling hasmat in Oklahoma?

How difficult is it to get another trucking job after termination? Not rated yet
I was a student trainee & while driving a CMV, the trailer either caught the wind or hydro-planed, ultimately wrecking the truck. Trailer was a light …

Starting a18 wheeler Not rated yet
Does an engine light need to be off before starting an 18 wheeler?

do you have to have your Ged or high school diploma to become a trucker Not rated yet
i want to become a truck driver but dont have either is there any company or tranning program that will accept me

I just recently got my CLASS A CDL back after 15 yrs  Not rated yet
I just recently got my CLASS A CDL back after 15 yrs they were suspended revoked and had expired. My question is it still possible to find a trucking company …

is dot going to lift the ban on defibultors Not rated yet
will there be a lifting of the ban on drivers who have a defibulator

I was stopped at the weigh station in tennessee and my company truck was out of service Not rated yet
The truck was fixed within hours on the weigh station lot, i received three tickets., one for a malfunctioning brake chamber, other for no proof of trailer …

Is there any truck driving company that will send me to CDL school with me just getting a valid drivers license  Not rated yet
Are there any truck driving companys that will send me to CDL school with me just getting my drivers license

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Are trucking companies required to have air conditioning Not rated yet
Is it illegal for company trucks not to have air condition for drivers

Can trucking companies find out how long you had CDL Not rated yet
Is there a way for trucking companies to find out how long you have had your CDL?

What effect does carrying too much weight on my drive axels have on my tractor trailer? Not rated yet
I want to know what effect carrying too much weight on my drive axels has on my tractor trailer?

how long does an alcohol ticket stay on my cdl Not rated yet
I got a dot inspection and the officer found a bottle of alcohol in my truck I hadn't been drinking and now my boss tells my is on my record how long will …

How does a company send you out to pick up a recover a truck? Not rated yet
When a company is sending you somewhere else to pick up a truck that was left somewhere how do they do it? Do they put you on a bus to where it is? …

Can I transport hazmat UN1263 in a pickup truck? Not rated yet
My company just started shipping Paint and we have customers sometimes pickup the product or we will deliver it in our pickup trucks. It's usually no …

Color blind fails you in NJ ? Not rated yet
CDL licensed 30+ years Color blind 50 years NOW NJ DOT failed my physical?

Got a fmfr ticket who is resonsible  Not rated yet
im driving for a owner operator and was pulled over with the owner of the truck there and got a fmfr ticket cause i couldnt show the proof of the insurance …

how long can I leave inside lights on Not rated yet
How long is it safe to leave the in cab lights in in my sleeper before I need to start my truck

does a rider have to go thru a background check Not rated yet
When you bring a rider with you do they have to do a background check

What happens to my CDL if I was found guilty of Marijuana possession charge Not rated yet
what happens to my cdl if I was found guilty of a marijuana charge if it is a misderminer

As a driver am I responsible for the load if I hit something with the load Not rated yet
While hauling an oversize load i got off route and hit a bridge which resulted in damaging my load. I did have an escort but didn't follow their directions …

Can I drive blind in one eye? Not rated yet
Can I drive with one eye. Blind in left

what are the procedures for a dot card? Not rated yet
Im applying for a job in towing industry an they want me to go get a dot physical . What does the dot physical consist of??

Have LLC in Utah Can truck be registered in AZ Not rated yet
We have our LLC in Utah but the truck will be driven in AZ and needs to be registered there. Can we do that even the LLC is in UTAH?

will i get fired for improper lane change ticket Not rated yet
I was in accident I got a ticket for improper lane change will I get fired

How long for an accident to show on mvr Not rated yet
I Had my first accident 2 days ago driving my semi didn't receive no citation although police took report, will this be on my mvr and if so how long do …

In a team operation, can I log my non-driving time as off duty? Not rated yet
In a team operation may I log my non-driving time as off duty

6 points on my licence. Not rated yet
Ive been drivifng for two years in Tx. Before i quit my last job i had a run in with a small town deputy and he wrote me 3 tickets each for two points …

when buying a used tractor/trailer, does the title show actual mileage? Not rated yet
is it a law for the seller to state actual mileage on the truck's title when selling it? otherwise, how does the buyer know the exact mileage of the 18wheeler …

How long does a service failure stay on your record? Not rated yet
How long does a service failure stay on your record? Also how many can you receive on your record?

what is a good rear gear ratio for pulling hills Not rated yet
Is an ISX Cummings 450 HP 13 speed transmission with a 3.36 gear rear ratio good for pulling hills?

Home Truck Parking Not rated yet
I am looking for truck parking near my home for 5-7 days every 4 weeks. I am having a very difficult time with this. I live in the Jupiter Florida …

using drugs and driving truck Not rated yet
I cannot believe the stupidity of some of the question askers regarding using drugs and driving. That's a multi-ton vehicle you are operating and common …

Failed drug test not on my dac report. But license were suspended. Not rated yet
I applied for a trucking company in October 2014 and I failed a pre-employment drug test but they did not report it on my dac report. and I never worked …

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On the road, truck will not start since the lights were left on.  Not rated yet
I'm in a jam. I left the lights on truck will not start. This happened once already. I'm afraid that if I call my job again to assist with this I will …

I was rear ended switching into another cars lane, report says i made unsafe lane change Not rated yet
was rear ended by a car when switching into his lane but was cited for unsafe lane change, am i at fault

Can I take refused freight to a storage facility without consequence Not rated yet
I delivered a load to point a to b on time but some of the load was refused due to the way it was processed from the shipper.Because i now cant get this …

how to report miles driven to d.o.t. Not rated yet
I work for a owner opportunity and he has not been reporting my hours, what do I do

is there any way to get out of the inside of a tank trailor if you get locked inside? Not rated yet
It's weird I know but I just had had a dream and I was inside one of the shipping containers they use for transporting oil and other types of liquids while …

what's the wait time of after taking a shot of hard liquor? Not rated yet
What's the wait time of a driver if he or she takes a shot of hard liquor?

oversize load on 18 wheeler brake down on restrictions route, can it go 35 miles off route for repairs? Not rated yet
on US-27 in Florida and have bearing seal go bad on my lowboy, Ta tech i'll called shows up, not able to fixed on side of road,( actual sitting a turning …

What if the employer will not pay you for your last day of work Not rated yet
I work for this company and they would not go by the CDL laws so I quit now they will not pay for what they owe me

is there a company that will help me pay a ticket and hire me Not rated yet
I have tickets that equal 400 dollars. I need to pay these tickets to get my cdl license back and hire me afterwards

how do you report fuel surcharges for in, ky,and va. on ifta on-line forms? Not rated yet
Filing ifta with masstaxconnect, asking for surgharges for in,ky,and va. it wont let me enter data.

What will prevent me from getting my cdl licence Not rated yet
What will prevent me from getting my cdl licence

how long will it take to lift a disqualificaton for cdl on my licensce once i complete dot substance abuse sessions? Not rated yet
Attending substance abuse class for failing a drug test in 2006

if you cut 5 foot off of the back of a 53 foot trailer and make it a 48 foot does it mess up the wheel base? Not rated yet
If you cut 5 foot the back of a 53 foot dry van and make it a 48 foot does it mess up the wheel base?

Is the ride smooth or rough??? Not rated yet
I've been tossing the idea of driving again. It was 2000 when I came off the road and got a regular job. Three years ago I injured my lower back, …

If I refused a dot drug screen and got hired at a trucking company is my dac ok? Not rated yet
I refused and two weeks later I was hired somewhere else does this mean my dac report is good and still clean?

can i drive a truck again  Not rated yet
I faild a random over 3 yrs ago can i drive again

I am a smoker. Going to swift transportation academy. Not rated yet
Will I be able to smoke at swift transportation academy?

rear ended someone but I didnt receive a citation  Not rated yet
I rear ended someone at a red light but I didnt receive a citation , so is this accident going to be on my driving record?

Can i get cdls if i had a suspended license  Not rated yet
my license was suspended for not paying a ticket i just got them back can i go to any cdl training schools.

prime inc. messed up my dac  Not rated yet
while i was in training as a student driver my so called elite trainer forced me into a u turn and i refused to do it but he told me that i was gonna do …

what driving abstract do I use Not rated yet
I just got my cdl 6 months ago. When applying for a job what abstract do i use non commercial or commercial

How long after a domestic violence conviction do you have to wait before going to cdl school Not rated yet
Trying to get into CRST cdl school was convicted of a domestic violence charge in April 2014. Recruitter thinks I will be okay after 1 year. Any ideas? …

If I replace my engine who do I report it to  Not rated yet
I recently had to get a new engine for my peterbilt and I don't know who should I notify of the change

I own my truck how much can i make in a weak hauling produce from florda to new york  Not rated yet
I own my truck. How much can i make in a week hauling produce from to new york

What are the consequences of pulling someones kingpin  Not rated yet
How much trouble can you get in for pulling some ones kingpin if there empty and there was no damage

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how far can your product stick out of the back of your truck? Not rated yet
in NY State how far can your product stick out of the back of your flatbed?

Any way to get a pre-hire letter faster? Not rated yet
Hello, My name is Kevin. I am 26 and trying to get my CDL. The best truck driver training company I have found here in Las Vegas, NV, seems to be Southwest …

speeding ticket on scale Not rated yet
i am a class one driver and i got speeding ticket on scale is that gonna affect my reccord

Desperate  Not rated yet
Would anyone be able to take a full truck load from Troy, VA to Dayton, OH today? if so

Can I still get a class B license in Massachusetts with suspension Not rated yet
Getting a class B license in massachusetts with having a suspended license in my past.

Need to find truck for expediting, where to do this? Not rated yet
I want to get back on the road. I use to drive back in the 80's and I only want to expedite now. I already drive a 24' motorhome daily, have since 2012. …

Random drug test failure does not show on my DAC report Not rated yet
I am a class B CdL holder, I failed a random drug test in june 2014 but it does not show up on my DAC report, is it safe to apply for a trucking school …

hazmat background check.washington state disqualifiers! Not rated yet
Been on disability for a bit but have a good work record. Mental issues from family deaths. But need my hazmat endorsement. Will I still qualify? I …

trucking hazmat loads without placards Not rated yet
is it legal to move a truckload of car batteries from ohio to port huron mich without placards

logbook fail in oregon Not rated yet
Ive got a logbook fail in Oregon. is it going into my criminal record?

Can u write off on taxes time spent in the sleeper berth? Not rated yet
Going to do taxes soon . If I was an employee can I write off time I slept in the sleeper berth or do you have to be a sub contractor to write that time …

Got a ticket for using cell phone in Michigan Not rated yet
received a ticket in Michigan for using a cell phone in a cmv,what is the cost? Is there points?

company driver backing trailer hit another company truck. Not rated yet
I did very little damage to the tractor, the outer lens of the headlight was cracked but everything was still functional. My dispatcher handed me a accident …

how old do you have to be to own a title Not rated yet
how old do you have to be to own a title

3yrs has passed with my simple possession charge....what cdl school will allow me to train or get funded Not rated yet
any truck school is willing to take me after 3 yrs of my simple possession charge.

What division can a driver get the most miles at Prime Inc. Not rated yet
I'm a 23 year old man with no kids, no wife, no house, nothing. OTR trucking is perfect. No home time.. no problem. More money for me. What division …

NJ local truck driving jobs? Not rated yet
My boss had 6 trucks and about 15 trailers. All dry van . And we don't have like an office or drivers lounge where notices can get posted like at …

If no police report taken on a parking lot fender-bender, will it still be an incident on my license? Not rated yet
I received my CDL A this past summer and started driving for an LTL company in August. I haven't had any kind of accident in over 20 years, and the last …

Would like to rent out a truck Not rated yet
I own a 18 wheeler truck and i don't have a driver so can i rent it out to a company and how much would you think i'll get paid

I was involved in an "at fault" accident, what can I do? Not rated yet
I (2012 GMC Sierra) was pulling out of a gas station, making a left turn into the turn lane next to a dangerous and extremely busy intersection in my personal …

Vibration that apears just sometimes going up a hill loaded? Not rated yet
I have vibration in my 2000 Peterbilt 379 with N14 engine. When its empty can not feel any vibration, ones it gets loaded even with a light load going …

Can I get a bond to go to Canada?  Not rated yet
Have a class 3 misdemeanor that is ten years old. Can I get a bond to deliver loads to Canada?

How I can reach CASE in St. James Not rated yet
For close to a month now, I had tried calling the C.A.S.E for my CDL assistance. Anyone who knows a way to reach them should please help me because the …

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Are the words ' Team Operation' legally required on truck Not rated yet
Is there a law that says a decal has to be on the truck stating team operation check bunk

Will having 3 DUIs keep me from becoming a trucker Not rated yet
Okay I have. 3 DUI but the last one was like 7years old is there anyway I could still get my CDL. And is there a company that we'll hire me

crst drug screen hair or urine or both? Not rated yet
i took a couple hydrocodine pills for a bad tooth i dont have a script or ins or money just went through a divorce wife took everything been out of driving …

points for having intoxicating beverage on board Not rated yet
I got pulled in for inspection. The DOT found intoxicating liquor aboard. What points will I receive?

can I gt my trucking license if ive had me medical marijuana card at one point 2 yrs ago Not rated yet
Im going try and get my class a license for trucking but will the medical test doctor see that ive havd my medical marijuana license. I gt it 2 years …

what is the best ransmission oil lubricant Not rated yet
What is the best lubricate to use when changing the transmission oil?

Rental companies no longer rent out to individuals and the schools down here only rent and test out to THEIR students...Is there any drivers or Owner/Operators …

I have to get sr-22 due to pending dwi charge can i still drive a cmv Not rated yet
I have to get sr-22 due to pending dwi charge can i still drive a cmv with sr 22 insurance in texas

Two felonies in 2010 - Have CDL learners permit - Need Advice/help Not rated yet
Im a female driver. I got 2 felonies in 2010 assault 2nd degree an receive and buying stolen goods. I have a CDL CLASS A LEARNERS PERMIT. I graduated …

is there a law about leaving a driver stranded when terminated Not rated yet
Me and my wife was left at a truck stop when I was terminated for not having enough revenue. Was given $300 dollars and was told I wasn't getting my last …

i went through the sap program can i lease on with a company? Not rated yet
I Just went through a sap program And I bought a truck will I be able to haul containers for a company?

Would like to do a ride along with a OTR Truck Driver Not rated yet
Hi, I am a Graduate Student doing research on long haul truck drivers and am looking at how they live and interact in the cab of the truck. As …

I got a no seatbelt citation on a dot inspection Not rated yet
I got a seatbelt citation on a dot inspection but I'm a temp employee does the company I work for still get dinged

After delivering a tank shipment to Canada what is needed to clear the empty dirty trailer back into the US? It has been a while and I heard the rules have changed. Not rated yet
Delivered a shipment from the US to Canada using the PARS system. Is there another process to bring the dirty empty trailer back?

what companies will hire me if i was put out of service for blowing.03 Not rated yet
I took a breath test and it came back.03. I was placed out of service for 24 hours. Can I find another trucking company to hire me?

buying a truck out of state, lien holder wants sales tax at time of sale Not rated yet
i'm registering vehicle in mass and buying in Georgia. the lienholder/finance company wants me to pay sales tax at time of sale. i'm pretty sure I pay …

part time trucker  Not rated yet
I'm in college, but I have always wanted to drive trucks, is it possible to be a student trucker for local routes and work part time and also be in college …

can you start at 66 Not rated yet
have a cdl that I got 8 yrs ago. Have driven coach buses otr for a few yrs Can I be a trucker at age 66

Can I start young? Not rated yet
I am 19 years old and would like to start driving a truck, Not sure if anyone will hire me or if I can even drive at my age. any help would be appreciated. …

can i get a job driving after im released from dr care Not rated yet
I herniated two disk in my back at work in April 2013. I'm planning on being released next week from Dr care to go back to work with no restrictions. Is …

want to go trucking Not rated yet
Can I get back into trucking after being out of it for the past seven years? 20 yrs prior exp.

Boss makes me drive a illegal truck Not rated yet
Truck has cracked wing shield bad tires no head light or turn signals can I get into truble

is it illegal for an owner op to take a baby on his 18 wheeler? Not rated yet
our son is almost 2 months old and my husband owns his truck and wants to take him with him, is that illegal?

When are the weight scales least busy in North Carolina? Not rated yet
I tow an Airstream trailer with a 3/4 ton Dodge/Cummins and need to set up the weight distribution hitch for optimum safety and ease of towing. I do not …

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cost of trasporting goods from indiana to carlifonia Not rated yet
I would like to know a minimum cost of transporting goods from Indiana to California using a 18 wheeler truck. The amount time and days it takes to travel …

why is my inner windshield frosting? Not rated yet
My wife and i sleep in the truck. Every time we wake the inside of the windows are frozen and we have to scrape ice off. Are there ways to prevent this? …

drive personal rig with personal household belongings from Florida thru Alabama to Georgia Not rated yet
I now live in Georgia, I want to drive my friends tractor-trailer to Florida to move my furniture and household stuff back to Georgia. His rig is only …

Do you have to have a Class A CDL when bobtail? In California. Not rated yet
The reason I ask is because I was told that if you are driving a vehicle that accepts a trailer that also has glad hands then it's a combination vehicle …

Is it possible to get hired to a company without high school diploma /GED? Not rated yet
I want to know is high school diploma /GED absolutely necessary to get hired to a trucking company?

Idle in a parking lot near an intersection Not rated yet
If I park my truck in the parking lot of a gas station near an intersection, how close can it be to the intersection?

Short suspension for not having an insurance card Not rated yet
My current company was supposed to take care of a ticket for not having a insurance card and they failed to do it so my license was suspended a week before …

Downgraded ticket to unsafe operation will i lose Hasmat? Not rated yet
I received a careless driving speeding ticket in my personal car. I down graded the ticket but they gave me a unsafe operation ticket. Will this prevent …

Seat belt ticket in crew Van affect cdl  Not rated yet
My crew got pulled over by a state trooper and gave us all a seat belt ticket does this affect our cdl

company driver takes truck home for the night Not rated yet
If the driver finishes a delivery or pick up and is told to take the load home and deliver in morning or bob tail to next pick up bc out of hours. Is …

If i didn't get a medical card in Texas do I have to retest Not rated yet
i had a class a cdl in Texas until 2013. I lost it because I didn't get a medical card . Will I have to retake the written and driving tests to regain …

how far does us express go on background checks Not rated yet
Back ground checks for us express

went to renew my cdl in sc and ca has a hold on my cdl for an unpaid "fixit" ticket  Not rated yet
OK i went to Renew my license in sc and dmv wouldn't because they said if there was a "hold on my license on the national registry from an unpaid fixit …

I have 2 dwi's, 13 and 15 years ago. Will these keep me from getting a trucking job? Not rated yet
I had two DWI's, one in 1999 and another in 2002. I have been told by two trucking companies they will not hire me because of these. Is this typical …

Company paid train terms Not rated yet
if a company pays for your truck driving school do you have to stay with that company for a certain amount of time

Drivers getting home after being fired Not rated yet
If a companies only terminal is in Arizona, and they terminate a driver or driver states that they are quitting. Is the company responsible for getting …

overweight ticket that is 12 years old Not rated yet
My husband received a call from a collections company about an over weight ticket in Indiana from 2002 for 302.25. He has been disabled since 2010 …

Short miles good money Not rated yet
Just curious why a lot of drivers decline short trips for a large chunk of money. Like deliver direct the same day and make a quick $800.

Christmas gifts for management Not rated yet
specifically truck drivers to their driver managers

trucker for life Not rated yet
my license is currently suspended for not paying a ticket is there a trucking company that will pay my fine as long as I work for them

Insurance dropped me due to points on my cdl license  Not rated yet
My boss just called me and told me that his insurance will not cover me anymore due to too many points on my Texas cdl license. What do I do now?

Connfused in TN Not rated yet
I moved to another state,and i am currently waiting for my TSA hazeprint to come back so i can take my test, but my new medical card has me restricted …

Can 4 adults legally ride in a semi truck? Not rated yet
My husband is thinking about buying his own truck and we were wondering if we went on vacation while we were out if my parents would legally be able to …

how many days back do i need to have on my dvr books in Louisiana  Not rated yet
My company wants me to turn in my old dvr book to get a new one but i thought u had to have like 7 days prior or is that only log books

Left behind possessions. How do I get back? Not rated yet
My boyfriend parked in a truck stop. After a dispute, His boss, the owner took the truck and all of his possessions with it, how can we get them back?! …

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any trucker going from eurka ca to ohio Not rated yet
my son was murdered in eurka ca and his dog stayed with him for the 3 weeks it took for him to be found I am trying to get my sons dog brought home to …

I want to get cdl but failed a pre employees drug test for fed x can I still go to truck driving school and get a job Not rated yet
I want to go to cdl school but failed a pre employees drug test for dot physical. Will I be able to go to school and get cdl and get a job?

lunch and breaks laws during a 8 hr shift with a cdl license Not rated yet
Is there a law in nys that a cdl driver is entitled to paid or unpaid lunch or break during a 8 hr period?

Will any truck company hire me with my past record? Not rated yet
I was convicted of owi, possession of marijuana in a vehicle and possession of paraphernalia all class A misdemeanors on the same day 10 years ago I lost …

Getting a driving an unregistered vehicle ticket Not rated yet
I received a ticket for driving an unregistered vehicle and have had my class a for less than a month. Will this effect my license at all?

Can I return a used truck that keeps breaking down after having it 3 weeks? Not rated yet
My husband traded in our 2009 international prostar with a cumin isx for a 2006 kenworth t600 with a c13 because of all of the repairs on the dpf. …

Registering a '57 Pete for non-commercial use Not rated yet
I am thinking about building a '57 Pete into a rat rod truck and was wondering how I could register it in Texas for personal use only. Thanks.

Parking rules? Not rated yet
I'm a store owner in a small downtown. Occasionally I receive shipments from a 25' truck. These loads take 5 to 15 min to unload. There is no designated …

Forced to sleep in a nasty truck with 500k miles they sent me to recover Not rated yet
I recently went to work for a major company. They didn't have any trucks available when orientation finished. They sent me 1200 miles away to recover …

Can i park my semi behind a store if there isn't a no parking sign Not rated yet
i wondering if i can park my semi truck behind store where no prohibiting signs for parking and no signs private property? Also wondering if for a …

Does California law prohibit a lift gate on 40ft trailers Not rated yet
Does California law prohibit a lift gate on a trailer longer than 40 ft

State lines and my drug felony Not rated yet
I have a drug felony I got about six or seven years ago. I've now been clean for five years but wondering if this felony will prohibit me from driving …

Forced to drive in right lane Not rated yet
Can I sue my trucking company for forcing me to drive in the right lane on any street

closed truck compny Not rated yet
what if my trucking company is closed from 3 years than what will happen will they charge a penalty or any fees to re-open??

had a couple empty wine bottles can I get fired  Not rated yet
The company was cleaning out my truck and found empty bottles of wine

Can I get a driving job with 2 owi;s on my record ? 1 in 1985 and 1 in 2004 Not rated yet
I got a owi in 1985 and I got one in 2004. Will any truck companies hire me with 2 owi's on my record

Requirements to drive again after a few years. Not rated yet
After not being behind the wheel for four years, how many hours must I drive to become certified to drive again and where can I go to get those hours and …

Can i get a CDL license as a tourist visiting from another country? Not rated yet
I am in the US at the moment on a tourist visa. I am waiting on extension for my work visa and I was wondering whether I can get a CDL classes and license …

Can I get a CDL b or c I have a DUI 9 year ago? Not rated yet
I got the first DUI 9 years ago, now I want to go school for a Fl Comercial Driver license. Please tell me will I be eligible to get a CDL?

Can you be a truck driver with a prosthetic  Not rated yet
Not having a foot

is it allow to drive with kids in semi truck? Not rated yet
is it allow to drive with kids in semi truck?I hve boy 4 yrs old n I going to use car seat at front of passenger seat.

what medical condition will keep u from driving a big rig Not rated yet
what medical condition will keep u from driving a big rig

I took my dot physical and passed but Not rated yet
I pass except I told him I only had half foot on my left ft and I have drove for over thirty years with this half of a ft. It was cut off when I was a …

When I get better how can I get back in to the driver seat again? Not rated yet
I have had my class A cdl now for three years. I have also had to get a vision waiver all those years as well. I am almost completely blind in my right …

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Hazmat endorcement with shoplifting charges  Not rated yet
I recently got my class a but want to get my hazmat & work for a propane heating oil delivery company. Was wondering if I have 2 Shop lifting charges …

can i get my CDL with a weed charge Not rated yet
if I have a charge for simple possession of marijuana under a half ounce and it got dismissed can I still get my CDLs

The best phone to pair with VXI BT250XT Not rated yet
I am on my second phone and the headset disconnects and reconnects by itself... What cell phone are you guy (and gals) using successfully with you BT250XT? …

can you drive a 18 Wheeler with a wrist fusion?  Not rated yet
I got hurt on my job 4 years ago and had to get a wrist. Fusion and I want o know if I can pass my dot physical with my wrist fusion?

do you take fuel cost out before or after you pay a self employeed truck driver in ohio Not rated yet
Would a owner of a semi pay a self employeed truck driver before or after he takes fuel charge out in the state of Ohio.

Got ticketed for failure to stop and weigh, should i fight it? Not rated yet
I passed a port of entry scale that was on another hwy. I received a ticket in the mail for failure to stop and weigh? Is it worth the fight. My pre pass …

suspended license arrest on your background check Not rated yet
Will a 10 year old suspended license arrest affect your chance of getting a job

Will a Trucking hire me with 2 OWI on my record Not rated yet
I'm from Indiana, I got a owi in 1985 and I got another in 2004. When I got the first I had no licenses. When I got the second. I had a class A cdl and …

Can I drive again after open heart surgery Not rated yet
Can I drive again after heart surgery

i had a dwi and my cdl was revolced for 4 years. the 4 years are up how do i get started on the road again . i have a cdhow do l and drove trackter trailors / 18 wheelers. Not rated yet
I had a dwi and my cdl license was revoked for 4 years. the 4 years are up now. how do i get back on the road and working again with 18 wheelers and tractor …

My fan does not kick on like it's suppose to Not rated yet
I have 2001 freightliner classic xl and the fan does not work automatically only when I switch it to manual it does also I keep repairing my a/c every …

Return to trucking after hip replacement Not rated yet
Does anyone have experience with returning to trucking after hip replacement? How long until operated leg is strong enough? How long before climbing in …

in virginia, how long do i have before my cdl is downgraded if my medical card expires Not rated yet
My medical card is about to expire and I have to have a stress test. If the test can not be done until a week after he expires, how long will my cdl last …

Trucking with Bi-polar Not rated yet
I have been on disability for Bi-polar depression for several years now. I was diagnosed after honorably serving in the military. I have a clean driving …

If I only have one DUI can I still get a class A  Not rated yet
I got a DUI in 2010 it's now 2014 can go get my CDL this year

Can I be fired from parking my truck after work near a place that serves beer, can I be fired for this? Not rated yet
I pull oversized loads in TN. I was called and fired at 71 yrs of age, on the phone, last night, not because of my job performance...but because on an …

Can I get a truck driving job with a battery conviction.  Not rated yet
I got into a fight with someone and was charged with a class A misdemeanor.

Will I be able to get back into a driver training program after cleaning DAC? Not rated yet
Hello my name is Raymond Rockwell 2yrs. ago I was accepted y central refrigerated to take their driver training so I did and I got my cdl and a job but …

getting a big rig lic after a dui Not rated yet
i got a DUI a year i a half ago can i still try to get a big rig license.

If my cdl is suspended due to high blood pressure can I drive my private vehicle? Not rated yet
Can I drive my personal vehicle if my cdl is suspended due to high blood pressure?

Seatbelt citation in personal vehicle Not rated yet
Seatbelt citation in a pov.

owe money to trucking company Not rated yet
i paid off my truck through lease purchase and i want to leave the company because of no miles but i owe them money for fuel can they keep my truck enven …

Can a trucker drive if diagnosed with sleep apnea Not rated yet
can a truck driver still drive if he/she has sleep apnea.

I Have Sleep Apnea - What are the rules? Not rated yet
I have sleep Apnea and am having a tough time finding out the rules. Do I have to have a sleep study every 12 months or do I need to show that I use my …

rear ended a car in company truck, no call police does it go on record? Not rated yet
I was going down the road maybe 25-32 mph when the car in front of me slams on brakes. I hit the back of her car, no damage to either vehicle and the …

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What is the lane rate Ma outbound Not rated yet
What is the lane rate out of Ma?

Have an oui that's going to be expunged. Can I get hired anywhere as a OTR trucker? Not rated yet
I got a misdemeanor for operating a vehicle under the influence back in January 2013 but I have recently completed my diversion and the misdemeanor is …

Will having an open container charge on my record stop me from trucking? Not rated yet
Can you obtain a cdl with an open container on your record?

Question about becoming a trucker with issues in history Not rated yet
I have a DUI conviction from six years ago when my license got suspended for 90 days. I have a misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge from two years …

failure to signal lane change. .how much is the fine Not rated yet
I switched lanes without using my turn much is the fine

Can you loose your CDL after an accident in Texas? Not rated yet
I had a flat and lost control in my own personal vehicle hitting a guard rail, there were no other cars involved. How does this affect my CDL in Texas? …

I am out of San Jacinto Ca. What company should I apply to? Not rated yet
I Have my Trucking License I am Looking For an Owner Operator That Is Hiring. I want to work right away I have 3 + Years of Experience? What Company …

Will a trucking company make you park a truck and send you home about your personal taxes Not rated yet
I know some one that said the company called and told them to park the truck they were driving due to personal income taxes. What will a trucking company …

DOT certified after hernia surgery? Not rated yet
Have a blown hernia. Going in for surgery in 2 weeks. After the recovery time can I still be certified and get my medical card?

can I get my hazmat endorsement if: Not rated yet
Can I get my hazmat endorsement if I have a misdemeanor attempted domestic violence charge on my record

Keep getting turned away Not rated yet
My license was suspended in 2007 for a dui I reinstated my license in 2013. What companies will train me to obtain my cdl?

can I haul a load weighing 44,000lbs in this situation Not rated yet
Lets say you have a load but the weight is unknown except it says 44,000 on the bill of lading. You have a single-axle tractor and a tandem-axle trailer. …

Can you proceed if you come to 10 ton road limit Not rated yet
If your driving a tandom-axle tractor and an empty 53 foot trailer and you suddenly come up to a 10 ton load limit road, can you continue? Thanks

hitting a pole in a parking lot Not rated yet
I hit a pole in private property parking lot without knowing about it. Can i get a police citation? Thank you.

Will a trucking company hire me if I got fired 2 years ago? Not rated yet
Can I go back to trucking its been 2 years since Swift Fired me. I still got my CDL which companies will hire me and besides I'm a veteran in the military …

Is a hanging light (the indicator light), on a reefer a D.O.T. violation? Not rated yet
I drive as a local driver. Through out the state of Colorado. Our fleet is serviced by a 2nd party company. The light on the front of the reefer. The one …

Do I have to take a lunch IF I work less than 8 hours Not rated yet
If I go on duty at 6am and go off duty at 1:30pm. An elapsed time of 7 1/2 hours, do I still have to take a off duty lunch?

Getting a Hazmat with a weapon possession from 19yrs ago Not rated yet
Can I be disqualified from getting a hazmat endorsement in NY if I have a 3rd degree criminal possession of a weapon from 19yrs ago?

Should I report getting a ticket to my company as a lease driver Not rated yet
I am a lease owner operator and by mistake missed a weigh scale and got a fine for it. Now I know it wont show up on my license but am I required to inform …

can a person have there cdl class a license suspened for a minor fender bender Not rated yet
I was involved in a minor fender bender in a tractor trailer. can they suspend my license for a minor fender bender

Will a 1 year old accident keep me from trucking Not rated yet
I have a 1 year old accident I had in my personal pick up truck. Is there any company that would consider hiring me? I do have a little under 2 years driving …

How long will an accident stay on a CSA report? Not rated yet
how long do a accident stay on your csa report

question about driving after trucking school with no experience Not rated yet
I have a cdl with endorsements for triples Ive been offered a job hauling produce to texas from Georgia once a week is it legal for me to take the job …

Mobile internet with unlimited data Not rated yet
I would like to know what is a good recommendation for mobile internet. I'm looking for something with unlimited data that can handle many items like my …

Is it legal for the company that I work for charge me for the deductable for an accident that ultimately was my fault?  Not rated yet
I recently clipped a low lying tree and did considerable damage to the top front half of a 26ft straight truck. The total repairs were $1800.00. The …

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What is the difference between a violation write up and a citation? Not rated yet
Does a violation write up give the trucker time to fix the problem without any points against his license?

Names in truck cabin window Not rated yet
Hi, I'm wondering if you can tell me why some truck cabin's have a sign with a name on it that appears in the window. Are they names of the trucker's children? …

Can I lose my license for careless driving citation for taking down phone line on designated truck route? Not rated yet
Cited for careless driving in Nazareth PA for taking down phone line on designated truck route. Have been told if ticket sticks, I will lose my license …

I was convicted dui and my commercial dl was suspended for 2yrs being my 1st offense how can i get a permit to work Not rated yet
I was convicted dui and my commercial dl was suspended for 2yrs but it is my 1st offense. what can i do so i can be able to drive. any truck driver advise …

driving with pace maker Not rated yet
i was wanting to know if you can drive with a pace maker i live in texas

what is the easiest most reliable way to navigate through big cities such as Montreal Not rated yet
I used a rand mcnally trucker gps to make my pickups and deliveries in Montreal Quebec and ended stuck in the downtown core totally lost and in a mess. …

Obtaining hazmat endorsement with a charge on record Not rated yet
Hi, I'll be starting school as of this Monday. I'm looking to getting all my endorsements . I was charged( case was dismissed) with aggravated assault …

is there a way to make a baby safe on an 18 wheeler? Not rated yet
is there a way I can make my baby safe on an 18 wheeler without always being in a car seat?

Can I qualify for a CDL if I have trigeminal neuralgia?  Not rated yet
I have trigeminal neuralgia and I want to know if this will medically disqualify me from obtaining my CDL? I am scared that this will cause me to fail …

can a dz licence pull a trailer behind a dump truck Not rated yet
I work driving a dump truck and I pull a trailer loaded with a paver.roller.and bobcat. Is this legal

can i still drive a truck and possess a cdl if ive had bipass surgery Not rated yet
I had triple bipass surgery.. I am wondering if I can still drive a truck and keep my cdl licenses

Is an aluminum hi cube worth more than a stell hi cube?? Not rated yet
Working with insurance on a total loss. Ford e350 cutaway with 14' Grumman "aircraft" aluminum cube/box. Is it worth more than other materails ??

Where do you look to find a job? Not rated yet
I am recently a member of the trucking community. I work with carriers, terminal managers, truckers, etc. I am basically there to help anyone in the industry. …

can I still go for my cdl if I get an omvi with regular drivers permit Not rated yet
I have my drivers permit suposed to be getting my license. Had to redo the process cuz my license expired. Got a ticket for an omvi, can I still go to …

can swifts driving academy report a failed drug test to dot? Not rated yet
can swifts driving academy legally report a failed drug screen to my dac even though i dont have a CDL nor was actually hired on to Swift transportation? …

How Much Are Tags in South Carolina Not rated yet
would like to know how much tags are in SC for 18 wheelers that run all 48 states

Will getting a passenger open container affect nc cdl? Not rated yet
I had an open container in the passenger seat and got a ticket. Will it affect my nc cdl?

I failed a cdl follow up drug test can staill driver as a chauffeur driver Not rated yet
I have two good jobs one a cdl the other a chauffeur. I was wondering if I fail my follow up drug test at the cdl job. Am I able too keep drivering for …

What are the Volvo sleeper berth dimensions Not rated yet
Looking for sleeper berth dimensions for Volvo model VNL64T670.

I take meds for high blood pressure Not rated yet
I take high blood medicine and I need a refill. If I go to doctor I won't pass. Will I lose my cdl? If I do can I collect unemployment?

Driving into Los Angeles, CA Not rated yet
Hey everyone, I'm driving an 18-wheeler into Los Angeles, CA and will be filming most of it. Do you guys know a good route that would give me a cool …

How can i get into driving in the oil field ? Not rated yet
I am a CDL A driver with 2 years experience. I have both , hazmat and tanker endorsements. Been driving right at 2 years pulling a flat bed. Do have prior …

What endorsements can I get on my Class A in California with a blind eye Not rated yet
Can I get all my endorsements in California with a blind eye?

Which autoshift tractor good for haulin dry sand trailer Not rated yet
Which autoshift tractor good for haulin dry sand trailer

Using commercial truck from personal move. Do I need DOT numbers? Not rated yet
I have a box truck with commercial tags that I use in my cabinet business in TN. I want to use the truck to move my sister from Lancaster PA back to …

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Will a suspended license keep me from getting trucking job? Not rated yet
Will a suspended license from 2010 keep me from getting a trucking job. stevens already turned me down. Stevens said i had multiple suspensions when …

I have a suspended class a cdl, will a company help get them back Not rated yet
Is there a truck company that will pay to get them back for me and I drive for them when my license get reinstated.

will any trucking compaines hire after taking a sap program Not rated yet
i failed a random drug test in 2012 and complete a sap program will any body hire me

can I park my 2 axle truck out of a truck route in CA Not rated yet
Got a parking ticket for parking my 2 axle truck at my house

Can you get hazmat wearing a hearing aid? Not rated yet
can a person get a hazmat endorsement if they wear hearing aids?

where can i get some drive time at? Not rated yet
I have driven class A-TX from 1985 to 2008- cross country. I also have a year in ice road driving, anyhow in 2008 i was in the process of getting divorced …

Returning to trucking after a 4 year absence Not rated yet
After failing a random 4years ago I got completely out of trucking. I want to come back but don't know where to start. I learned from my errors in …

Does anyone have information about driving for Greatway Logistics Not rated yet
I was offered a driver job for greatway. just left usa truck after 2 1/2 years otr. i had over 4 fleet managers during this time and rules changed with …

One little bogus theft charge and now i cant find a job, can anyone help. Not rated yet
OK so in October of 2013 i was arrested for weapons possession w/o a valid foid card. i told them the gun was mine cause i had bought (illegally)it for …

will swift hire me if ive only had a clean valid license for two years Not rated yet
i have had a valid clean California license for less than three years, what trucking companies will hire me?

Is anyone here having a problem with the DAC reports? Not rated yet
I got hired by a company and quit after the first day because I felt right there they were not for me. I was told even after one day or not even getting …

can a Ignition Interlock be installed in Big Rig.  Not rated yet
Just curious to know can you have Breathalyzer machine installed in Logging Truck. Is there any laws stating these machines are not to be installed in …

how much is apportioned tag for s.c and ga Not rated yet
how much is apportioned tag for s.c and ga

can i get a cdl and a trucking job with just a year and a half old simple possesion Not rated yet
Is there a place were I can become a trucker with that on record

what do i need to return to trucking after a heart attack Not rated yet
What are the steps to get back into trucking after having a heart attack?

am i making a good choice to buy this truck? Not rated yet
I worked for a small company for over a year, flatbed. Truck grossed between 4 and 5 grand a week at which I was making 19%. The owner claims that …

will a three year old weckless driving charge in west virginia keep me from over the road driver  Not rated yet
i received a wreckless driving charge when i was going through west Virginia, that is still on my mvr im still driving but what can i do to have that expunged …

How do I register a truck outside of California to avoid the cost of the Air Resource Boards (ARB) clean air act? Not rated yet
e.g. 1999 Freightliner Medium duty Two axle Six cylinder Diesel Retail Cost $21,500 ARB Required 01/01/2013 Air Particulate Filter installed $18,000 …

What would be the most convenient way for truckers to pick up their prescriptions? (such as a prescription pick-up at truck stops) Not rated yet
I'm looking for a truck-driver-friendly way for truckers to pick up their prescriptions. Possibilities include: At a discounted cost, a 12 month supply …

what drug test does us express do Not rated yet
Does US Express do a hair test?

how long do you lose your cdl if you received 2 dui  Not rated yet
If i received 2 dui how long do i have to wait before i get my cdl back

what is the usual charge in NY state for truck driving over the legal time, first offence? Not rated yet
What is the usual conviction for a first time truck driver going over the legal rest time in NY state?

What is average the pay for a flatbed trucker with their own authority? Not rated yet
What does owner operators with their own authority pulling a flatbed trailer expect to make a year?

how to tarp and chain flat bed loads Not rated yet
how do i chain or strap and tarp loads on flat bed?

looking for a better job after abandonment Not rated yet
I've been at this company for a year after getting blackballed for truck abandonment from previous company and I'm looking for something better is there …

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foreign driver seeking a trucking career in America Not rated yet
Is there any trucking company in United States that recruit foreign drivers?

for the pass card to drive into mexico & canada how far does TSA go into your background check / Not rated yet
i had 2 felonies 25 years ago & a misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance 6 years ago , a domestic violence that was dropped 5 years ago . will …

If ive had a rear end accident in a cmv recently, what trucking companies would still hire me Not rated yet
I was coming around a curve in west Virginia when i rear ended another truck that was going below 15 m.p.h of the speed limit. I was terminated. Where …

am i ok to drive with sr22 or does my company need to do something  Not rated yet
I got a dui now carrying sr22 my. Employer. Wants me back on the road what do we have to do to make it happen?

how many points is a sign violation for a commerical driver in Ca? Not rated yet
just recently my husband went to court for a sign violation and I was wondering how many points he got as well as if the judge could've wrote it out as …

How important is personal driving record to prospective truck driver employers? Not rated yet
How forgiving and flexible are trucking companies when it comes to personal driving records?

is it normal for me to be grinding gears after three months of driving  Not rated yet
IJts not all the time but still happens 4 or 5 times a day and not bad just rubs and if so how long will it take before i am good?

need to find work but i have two preventables on my record any companies that will hire me with that Not rated yet
i had a backing preventable while i was at a shipper i hit the same trailer twice no other it was on private property and no cops were called so no citation. …

will a one at fault accident affect my chances in getting a trucking job? Not rated yet
Ive never had an at fault accident but i recently was involved in an accident with another vehicle and it was my fault. i received a ticket for running …

How do you tell an aerodyne sleeper from a studio sleeper? Not rated yet
I want to know how to tell and aerodyne sleeper or aerodyne cab from a studio sleeper

What are the physical demands of driving an 18 wheeler? Not rated yet
What are the physical demands of driving an 18 wheeler?

What does a Driver do after they Retire from the Road Not rated yet
I came off the road after 10 years of Truck Driving I tried Truck Brokering and after a year of trying and made no money at all. I am now working on …

quickest route ct to ky Not rated yet
Best quickest route from ct to ky mileage and directions

What will happen if you have an intrastate cdl and you get caught driving out of state? Not rated yet
If I have an Oklahoma class A instrastate cdl and I got caught in Texas driving what would happen? Also im 20 with clean driving record

Is Millis Transfer worse than J.B. Hunt? Not rated yet
You don't know how to spell you're. I really don't know what else to say.

in arizona if i get a fix it ticket will i get points on my cdl Not rated yet
is a fix it ticket get points on my cdl

how much weight can you haul in ohio with a quad axle water truck Not rated yet

Does anyone have any information on Boyd brothers  Not rated yet
getting ready to go to boyds orientation but also being considered by btc. Just want to make sure I am not making a bad decision by joining boyds team. …

Is it legal for trucking company to charge back a driver for anything ? Not rated yet
What can trucking company legally charge back to the driver & not legally charge back to the driver? I'm talking about company drivers only !

what is the penalty for a trucker for getting a warning ticket for speeding Not rated yet
what is the penalty for a trucker for getting a warning ticket for speeding how many points does the dot put on you?

can i get a job while under contract? Not rated yet
i am under contract with another company. can i get a job with another company?

i have a class-a cdl with 12yrs otr exp but i have been off the road and out of the trk for 3 yrs what companies will hire me ! im need to get back out there any sugg"" Not rated yet
class-a cdl driver unemployed for 3 yrs which companies will hire with nice equipment/bnft ? ____________________________________________- this is the …

Experienced Los Angeles area local driver of 23 years ready to go OTR Not rated yet
I've been a local truck driver for along time and currently unemployed and seems to me that no one would hire me here in L.A. area. My MVR is clean …

whats the average wage a transfer owner operator gets Not rated yet
Just wondering the average wage a transfer owner operator can expect in boise idaho _________________________________________ You will see this half …

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profile Not rated yet
how do i make a profile page? _____________________________________________ This is where everyone else is right now truckers wives profiles

is it true that i can't get a medical waiver for my insilin diabetes in ohio if my cdl was issued after 1988 Not rated yet
i have diabetes 2 and have been taking a couple oral meds for several years. my doctor started me on insulin earlier in the spring and told me i would …

company sponsored truck driver training in California Not rated yet
i want to get my class A but don't have the money to pay for a school. Douse any one know any company that will Train me for free and than i will sine …

does stevens transport allow pets? Not rated yet
I want me Yorkie to ride with me when I go Stevens.

what companies hire and offer cdl training for felons Not rated yet
My husband and I are looking for a company that will provide CDL training for both of us and although my husband is just getting out of prison my record …

Will a red light camera fine in az puts points on my cdl in wi Not rated yet
I got a letter from az from a red light camera will it put points on my cdl in wi

Flatbed bed from Houston, where would be the best destination for return freight? Not rated yet
I am an owner operator. ___________________________________________ Just take a look at the load boards man. Houston should be an easy place to …

What is best detector for carbon monoxide and smoke? Not rated yet
I'm wanting to buy a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector for the tractor, preferably battery operated, and wanting to know best brands and best …

what salary can I expect in my first year? Not rated yet
I am about to change careers, and have already paid tuition at a driving school but am starting to worry about how much I will make. After reading …

Will any companies hire a 20 year old? Not rated yet
I would like to know if any companies would hire a 20 year old with a cdl? __________________________________________________ Response: You have to …

Could the drie shaft cause the rollover that killed my husband? Not rated yet
He drove this road every day all day back and forth hauling water oil and mud. He was coming off a incline the truck rolled and killed him it doesn't make …

after a 15 over speeding hit, how long do I have to wait till I can apply for IN. OH. triples permits. Not rated yet
Been pulling doubles for over eight years with a clean mvr,until i was hit with a 15mph over speeding violation in New Mexico May 7, 2011. Been wanting …

i switched my licens back to a class d last year,can i get them back? Not rated yet
Could i possibly get my class a back Without re-testing?

Any tuition help fpr Winsdor Ontario trucking jobs Not rated yet
I don't have money but would like to learn how to drive a truck. I need the $6,000 the gov't is willing to pay to take these courses. Does anyone …

if i got a speeding ticket in a diffrent county and did traffic school and got a diffrent ticket in a diffrent county can i do traffic school? Not rated yet
i got a ticket for missing a red light and i did traffic school i think it was under 18 months ago i cant fully remember i just got a different speeding …

want to quit take truck back but will they turn my fuel card off? being im in va and need to return it in California? Not rated yet
Will they turn my fuel card. Off? ______________________________________________ Answer - If any of you are going to quit any company, it's best …

are you allowed to drive trucks with a felony  Not rated yet
The reason why I am asking is because my fiance wants to drive trucks but he has a felony and we are just wanting to know if it's truck or not. _______________________ …

i recent got a speeding ticket 2010 over 41 mi and i want to know how to file or get info so that i can get hired by employers on their insurance Not rated yet
my ticket wont fall off till 2/2013 and that one ticket is keeping me from employment

can I keep my cdl while in a sap program Not rated yet
Got to take sap class can I keep my current trucking job while going thru the program

What to do if doctors dont release me to drive again Not rated yet
I was taken off the big road in October 2010 because i fainted at a truck stop with a wicked flu & now after extensive testing the doctors discover i have …

If I have active tickets can I still get a cdl? Not rated yet
I want a CDL can I still go get it if I have tickets still be paid on

I am just curious how many points go aganist a company if you are caught driving without a cdl? Not rated yet
I am just curious how many points go against a company if you are caught driving without a cdl?

Funding for truck driving school. Not rated yet
I want to upgrade my class B cdl to a class A and go over the road. I can take the class here at the local community college for a reduced price of 1,925.00. …

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I have a class A licence but no experience, who will hire me? Not rated yet
I have a class A license that I got from a truck driving school. I would like to drive OTR but finding a company that hires drivers without at least one …

Failure to report an accident. Not rated yet
I hit a patch of black ice in my personal vehicle and struck a pole. Since there were no injuries and my insurance company did not need an accident report …

I have not driven since June 2008. Are there any trucking companies that will allow me to drive again by offering a refresher course? Not rated yet
Can I drive again without starting over? I have 10 months of experience but have been off the road for four years due to illness in the family.

i got a class a misdemeanor for resisting arrest,will i still be hirable to over the road jobs? Not rated yet
I am on bond for resisting arrest. No idea when the trial is. It is a class a misdemeanor. Will I still be hireable to otr jobs.

Can I still drive otr with a felony battery Not rated yet
I had a violent felony charge in late 2009 felony battery. I still have my cdl's but haven't drove a truck since 2008. Can I still be hired with this …

Hazmat endorsement back grounds checks Not rated yet
I am studying for my CDL-A-B, with all the endorsements. I just found out that I would have to go though a finger print and back ground check for the Hazmat. …

Will I get a suspended license for failing a pre-hire drug test Not rated yet
If I failed a pre-hire drug test. Is D.O.T. gonna suspend my cdl?

Driving used Peterbilt home to Oklahoma, what paperwork is needed to cross states Not rated yet
I purchased a 1984 Peterbilt from a guy in Kentucky and want to drive it home to Oklahoma. I have bill of sale and title and insurance. Will this …

How long will it be before I can drive in a saftey sensitive position after failing prehire dot drug test and starting sap? Not rated yet
I really want to know how long will I be out of truck driving. Or should I just give up my cdl?

what kind of battery does a big rig require? Not rated yet
Can a big rig truck use 4 batteries simultaneously?

does a failure to stop at a scale house ticket cause you to gain points on your license Not rated yet
I was ticketed in Minnesota for not stopping at a scale house and wonder if it will cause me to incur points on my drivers license

is it legal for someone to retread their on diesel tires ? Not rated yet
If my trailer tires are bald can I legally retread them myself ?

How does an owner operator hold a shipper legally to a verbal shipping rate? Not rated yet
As an owner operator, how do I legally collect from a shipper " the rate" quoted over the phone? In other words, I haul a load of cows from point "A" to …

can you hold a cdl taking insulin in the state of iowa? Not rated yet
can you hold a cdl in the state of Iowa if you are taking insulin?

Can I get a CDL in Teneessee, if I have a DUI from 22 years ago? Not rated yet
No information needed here from lifeasatrucker.... Answer: Yes you can get a CDL. If that is all you have negative on your record, you should be …

Does a Class B require a refresher course? Not rated yet
I received my CDL A a couple of years ago in NC and have gone way past my 90 day lapse to keep it active. I have recently been offered a job using a B …

what kind of company is RPM transport Not rated yet
is RPM transport good company?

Is there a thing called an "all inclusive pallet rate" and, if so, what should I charge for anything around Class 85 cargo? Not rated yet
Hi, I am new to the freight carrier business, and a prospective customer asked me what our "all inclusive pallet rate" is. I called around some businesses …

who do i need to call when i get a speeding ticket. Not rated yet
I wasn't driving a commercial truck at the time but i do know I have to report my ticket i just don't know to who

can you still serve as a cdl driver for someone who has a permit if you fail a drug test? Not rated yet
can you still serve as a cdl driver for someone who has a permit if you fail a drug test?

been out of work for 26 months due to surgery who will hire  Not rated yet
due to surgery have been out for 26 months who will hire experienced driver with several years experience. CDL class A doubles triples and hazmat all the …

Does Usxpress still have a contract wtih Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Pageland,SC? Not rated yet
At the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Pageland,SC. I have noticed that there isn't any USxpress trucks there anymore. I also heard that Wal-Mart would …

Will a ticket and minor accident hinder me from driving trucks? Not rated yet
Hello, I'm looking into getting my cdl soon or at least my permit while studying a cdl manual and plan on signing on with a company and going to their …

How is CR England Logistics to work for Not rated yet
I wanna no if there is someone who has been a driver there. I will work for years, or as a stepping stone to get my OTR experience? I start orientation …

Which companies use a hair follicle test? Not rated yet
I stopped smoking and want to start driving. I am confident I can pass a urine test, but I worry about hair follicle tests ruining my career before I …

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my license are due to seat belt and insurance tickets and i want to know if there is any where i can go to get cdl training Not rated yet
My license got suspended due to unpaid tickets n I want to know if there is anywhere I can get CDL training?

Is there a webpage listing how many points you get for a ticket? Not rated yet
I am wondering how many points I have on my CDL in IA for having an over length ticket. I also got a speeding ticket this morning (72 in a 65)in my personal …

can I efile IRS form 2290? Not rated yet
I saw a website and, its very useful, can I efile form 2290 using this website for my truck.

after a accident How long do i have to wait before i drive again Not rated yet
i was in an accident and received a ticket. charges were dropped when can i go back to driving and will it be on my DAC report?

How to get training for a dump truck driver. Want an tri axle dump truck driver job in Alabama. Not rated yet
i just got my class a cdl in march , i don't want to drive an 18 wheeler i want to drive a dump truck, but i keep hearing the same thing, you need experience …

can you get driving if you have had a suspension over 5 years ago Not rated yet
i lost my license 5.5 years ago because of points. got them back.

Info on Watkins & Shepard vs Arnold Transportation Not rated yet
Need info for both company try to make an choice and don't have many insight about the help please thanks.

will driving without insurance keep me from getting a trucking job Not rated yet
Hello my name is Terry, A couple of months ago, I was caught driving without insurance on my minivan on a Saturday. I live in Windsor Ontario and …

how long does an incident stay on the dac report Not rated yet
I drove for schneider national on a dedicated wal- mart acct back in 2002, things didnt work, wanted to get back into the industry so i requested a copy …

Info on Swift background checks Not rated yet
Are there any Swift drivers out there that can tell me what the deal is with their ex-cop background investigator who instills fear tactics in the new …

i need help with dot vison exemption forms Not rated yet
I need to get a dot vision exemption . but I have never had a CDL before . I downloaded the form . I need to know if there is some where I can go to get …

Mike Ryan ,Phx az new cdl need a trucking job Not rated yet
Just cot a Class A cdl what??

Can I still get a trucking job since I just had a big wreck but no tickets to either party? Not rated yet
He was speeding and hit me head-on as I was turning left. Both cars were totaled. Nobody was hurt. Police came and made report but no tickets to either …

If I am driving for a company and get a fine for over width do I get the points on my license Not rated yet
The company told me to make a delivery and did not get me a permit for over width, I get a fine from the DOT and the company pays it but do I get points …

how many hours of sap rehab do i need to get a certificate so i can drive a big rig again Not rated yet
i failed a drug test 2 yrs ago and want to know how many hours the dot requires you to have to get a certificate

why do they call mirrors on a semi "west coast mirrors" Not rated yet
the term "west coast mirrors" why did it come to be

i am an amputee my right leg is off below the knee can i get a cdl Not rated yet
i can drive a truck i passed the test in driving school and got my CDL.but i was told i cannot drive due to my leg

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