Will a ticket and minor accident hinder me from driving trucks?

by J.R

Hello, I'm looking into getting my cdl soon or at least my permit while studying a cdl manual and plan on signing on with a company and going to their truck driving school in order to not have to come out of pocket as of yet.

My question is I have gotten a ticket about 6 months ago my first ever. (I was clocked at going 71 in a 55.) Was a speed trap. The original speed before the second (55) sign was 7o.  

And also was in a minor accident 8 months ago when a lady pulled out behind me when I was backing up and I didn't see her because she was not there when I turned to look at oncoming traffic in the other direction. (hit her in her driver door causing a small dent.)

My question is will these two things keep me from truck driving? I don't smoke, do drugs, drink, have any kids and I'm not married and have worked for almost 4 years with the same company.

I am 28 years old and want to learn to drive trucks for a living. I know it takes persistence, hard work, patience, a lot of attentiveness to what is going on around me but I'm sure I can do it.

I'm just wondering if anything will keep me from driving trucks.

I sure hope not cause I'm a very hard and loyal worker and can roll with the punches when it comes to being new and starting at the bottom of something.

Can anyone help me?

I am researching and reading all I can about the good and bad things in trucking and what's required.

Thanks in advance.

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