Should Backing Into a Fence Count Against Me As An "Accident"

by KEN

Early one morning, during a heavy rain, I backed up against a chain link fence at the drop. there was zero damage to both fence and trailer. i have since left that employer and and now find that potential new employers are telling me that they don't want me because i have had an accident at my former job.

By the way, there was no report made to dot or any other agency,my former employer said that they would not report it because it was "non-reportable incident".

My question is this, can my former employer tell potential employers that i was in an accident when there was no damage and no reports? any words of wisdom would be appreciated

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Jun 12, 2023
That's a question for a lawyer
by: The Crazy Trucker

I would say yes. If he/she describe the incident.

I have to say though, if there was no damage to the fence how was it even an issue? How was it discovered? Did someone see you?

At the very least though i would speak to that employer to let them know that word is getting back to you of how they are exaggerating your incident.

Tell them you will be talking to an attorney about them sabotaging your chances for employment elsewhere.

Maybe that will stop them from doing that.

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