Starting out in trucking again

by Molly
(Longview, WA)

I have already passed trucking school, obtained my cdl and drove with Schneider western 11 (basically Sumner, wa to Rialto, ca 4 times) for couple weeks. I was fine driving but became nauseated and nervous getting back in the truck after a few days off or break to get rolling on road again.

I am 23yo female in decent shape. I had a semi truck follow me try cutting me off road from where I slept at in weed airport road ca rest area. I had other drivers knock on door and slash tire. I had a near critical event going 25mph on off ramp. I seen accidents to where car parts were spread from south I-5 to north I-5.

I know this is part of the job. I enjoyed the freedom and traveling but felt anxiety. I thought about teaming because I am a good driver but feel better having someone to talk to or not be alone however I heard a lot of teams that turned me away.

My backing is not the sharpest, could use more practice in that. I avoided truck stops. I'm not sure what I am asking other than myself if the comfortable comes eventually or if I would stay tense.

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Jul 23, 2016
Well, one thing for sure...
by: Anonymous

.. you need to chill the f out and relax.

If you need protection, get some, even if it's a Pitbull.... set of brass knucks (just learn how to use them properly, as most people don't)

A taser gun....

be more vigilant

As far as the anxiety... if you have issues with anxiety, get it in check. You are in charge of 80,000 pounds of steel rolling down that highway ans you should be a Guardian of the Highway....

not a victim of it

Get it together woman. "man" up .. "woman" up ... whatever it is. In time you will gain self confidence.

If you need practice backing, then by all means, find a HUGE empty lot somewhere and set out some cones and start practicing

If you don't have this, only you can tell...

for now. If you get involved in an incident, don't go telling the world how you were shaky behind the wheel.

Truckers deserve a lot more credit that we are given. We drive sick, away from home, tired, depressed, angry.. etc., etc.,


We still have to keep our shit together at all times.


Because we are PROFESSIONALS!

Sure you can do it. You just need to start trusting yourself, because if YOU don't... who will?

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