I wanted to know if it is okay for me to drive 18 Wheelrs if i have diabetes?

by KeKe

I am asking what illness will disqualify

You from being a driver of a 18 wheeler

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Jan 14, 2016
yes, you can, BUT!!!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

There are two types of common Diabetes

Type 1 (which requires an Insulin shot)

and Type 2: Which is the beginning the doc will try to control with diet and exercise and probably a Glucophage pill

Either way, its a blood sugar issue, it is allowable if being treated

and is also one of the most potentially dangerous "Allowable" diseases a trucker could have

It used to be that with Type 1 you couldn't drive with a CDL Class A at all.... then they changed it to Intra-State and a check up or medical review every 6 months

Then they changed it to a 6 month review

Now they realize that Type ll can graduate into Type 1...

and now Type 1 Drivers are allowed to drive INTERSTATE... which goes to show how stupid our lawmakers are. If you are going to allow a Type 1 Driver to run, why are we bothering with the BMI index?

Which is worse? A fat truckdriver (who ever heard of that)

Or a Type 1 Diabetic who just ran out of Insulin and is in the middle of nowhere??


How about the Type 1 Diabetic who just took the WRONG fast-acting insulin and jumped in his sleeper berth completely exhausted?

If he manages to get up, what's he gonna do? Take the right shot and compound things or is he gonna jump out of the truck in below zero weather and start running around to burn up blood sugar?

Or will he simply fall into Diabetic shock?

Playing with fire (at the expense of the public) is what I say.....

Diabetes and truckdriving mix like oil and water in my estimation.

Too much work to manage it... for "some" people....

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