Has the trucking industry improved at all for women in terms of harrassment by other male drivers?

by Crystal
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

I'm a 24 year old woman from Canada and I've worked plenty of different jobs, all of which i was very good at. But lately I've been really wanting a change and it occured to me that the two things I love more than anything is driving a big truck and driving down the highway.

From the time I was a baby till 8 years old I spent most of my time in a big rig with my dad while my mom went back to work. I loved it! Currently my dad is retired but one of my brothers actually owns his own trucking company.

I guess you can say it kind of runs in the family. I've been really interested in getting my Class 1 and possibly going up north to work on the rigs at some point.

The only thing that concerns me is that i'm fairly young, i'm a female, I'm attractive and fairly small (5'1) but i've got an attitude to boot (having been raised by mostly men and most of my friends are men).

I would like to get some feedback from males as well as female drivers. Am I going to have that difficult of a time pursuing this type of work?? It's something I've always wanted to do and I know I would love it but reading up about stories on the internet is starting to make me second guess my decision.

I'm an excellent driver, I've driven trucks forever .. I lack experience driving a semi but I know I can do it! I'm by no means concerned about how well I will get the job done.. but more so if the harassment is really as bad as I'm reading up on?

I'm a very social person and I love interacting with everyone.. Am I going to have to avoid truck stops because there's that many ignorant male drivers out there, I wouldn't be able to kick back with the guys cause i'm a girl??? Am I not going to be able to talk on the CB without having crude comments blurted out to me left and right??

I have no problem putting someone in their place, I'm a master at it and I love being put to the test haha

But honestly is it really that bad out there?? I'd appreciate any feedback.

Thanks :)

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Sep 20, 2010
by: Crystal

Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback! I'm going back home in a couple weeks and my brother's going to let me practice with some of his trucks.

He's not big on my decision but he's supporting me. He's not questioning my driving but he's more so worried about other guys. I guess that's just a big bro for ya!

My dad on the other hand has seen me in action before and doesn't have any doubt I can hold my own. He seems to think I'm a boy trapped in a cute little girls body hahaha I've belittled men 3 times the size of me right in front of him before.

He's more proud of my decision than anything. I plan on taking my course within the next month or two. I want to learn within the winter months while the roads are in the worst condition.

Wish me luck!!! I'll keep you guys posted :)

Sep 18, 2010
Well...here's my take on a woman taking on a trucking job and security on the road
by: NickV

Beautiful, confident, hard working, etc., then whats the problem? Sounds like to me your the kind of woman that can take a name thrown your way by some jerk and either come back on him and make him look like an idiot or just let it roll off your shoulder and keep going.

So whats stopping you? Yes your going to get comments cause quite honestly this is a male dominated industry and I dont think that's some big secret. And of course when you put 200 thousand men together, yeah there is gonna be a good hand full of jerks.

The way you react and how you handle yourself is up to you. Yes unfortunately the CB is usually not a place for the voice of a female. You WILL be harassed if you are on there for entertainment purposes.

But as we have said before, as far as your safety goes its just like any other place. Its not like burglars hangout at truck stops waiting for females to pull in. Your danger is as great at a truck stop as it is at your local grocery store.

You sound like a confident female and in that case the trucking industry would be great for you. Im not going to tell you it is not dangerous out on the road. If you want trouble its not hard to find. But like I said, its how you carry yourself and what you decide to do with your time is the difference between you dealing with that trouble or never noticing it was there.

Good Luck to you and keep us posted on your decisions in your journey on your new path

Sep 18, 2010
A small Piece I wrote b-4 about women truck drivers
by: American Trucker

Today women truck drivers are NOT supposed to be portrayed as sexual objects, in the trucking industry, as they were years ago. Women have come a long way, and my guess is that they are not going anywhere soon (I hope). But the way some men, or should I say leeches, treat women today I wouldn?t blame them if they did.

Companies often overlook a woman as being a good candidate for a position simply because they are a woman, especially in the trucking industry. I know, for a fact, my now female terminal manager was told a few months ago she could not have the job because she was a woman.

Well she is now the terminal manager and does a fine job as terminal manager.

Best of Luck To You Driver
American Trucker (C.Smith)

Sep 17, 2010
Women in Trucking
by: American Trucker

I will say this i salute women in trucking an anyone dumb enough to disrespect a lady the hell with them.

your friend American Trucker..

Sep 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am reading this and thinking of Lisa Kelly on Ice road truckers. I watch this show every week and she puts up with a lot of stuff. Of course that is just a TV show and I'm not sure how much of that stuff is staged when they pick on her but she doesn't put up with it she shows them by doing a bang up job.

sorry not sure about your question as I am trying to be a trucker myself. Just kind of basing this on Ice road truckers lol it's all I can do for now.

I'm sure you will do fine in trucking tho
Good luck to you in your path.

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