My DL was suspended for literally 15 years, But no moving violations or any violations in past 5 years. Is this a bad MVR?

by Daniel
(Memphis Tn)

Ok I know I know.... 15 years of DL suspension is crazy. So was the roughly $12,000 in fines i had to pay

Going back and paying all these old tickets i found i had only recieved a bad Uturn and two speeding tickets since 1999.

However my fines we all the same charges in several states(7)
Driving on suspended
Expired tags
No insurance

These charges were 90% of my charges

I have not received a Driving on suspended, expired tags, or no insurance ticket since 2010.
I have only had my DL back for a month now.

Does this mean my mvr is clean or will the suspension charge be on my record still bieng that I finally adressed them recently?

Thank you

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