owner says truck stolen

by troy

Can i be charged with stealing a truck if i tell him to come get it the job is not working out.

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Jan 28, 2015
Don't make a bad move. NEW
by: A Canadian trucker

Never ever walk away from a truck you hired on for. No matter the circumstance for quitting. Always return the truck to where you picked it up and started work, or to the nearest terminal of the owner.

IF NOT, your actions will follow you for the rest of your life no mater what you choose for a career. Never give them the opportunity to call you a deserter which in some cases can screw up your life.

I have seen this happen.

Jan 28, 2015
About quiting your trucking job
by: Hervy

Here is my answer to your question and more thoughts on quitting overall.

Short answer, take the truck to where they tell you to take it.

Thoughts about quitting your trucking job

It really starts from evaluating what the problem is prior to quitting and seeing if it can be reconciled and then goes into what NOT to do and why.

Abandoning the truck will definitely not help your trucking career.

Doing what you want to with it or leaving it in unauthorized location is a problem. Far as the technicality of what you are considering being label as 'Stolen', that depends on the details of what has transpired (communication, agreements, actions). See a lawyer for accurate information.

Do yourself a favor man, just take the truck back to where you are supposed to take it, but have some money to get home from there too, just in case.

If this has already happened, try to resolve it or get a lawyer.

Best of luck.

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