Thinking of Starting New OTR Trucking Career at 56. Realistic?

by Dan
(Corning, NY)

Manufacturing Engineer 34 Yrs. (Been there done that) Looking for adventure (next 5-10Yrs):

56 Single Male, physically fit no health issues except hearing aides.

Introvert by nature don't mind my own company but I do enjoy experiencing different kinds of people & circumstances.

Don't have family commitments at the house, children grown. After 1-2 yr or would like to be in 50K range with opportunities to make more (70-80K) if I'm willing to keep growing & taking on more challenging jobs.

Don't think I want to be owner operator or lease. Thinking company driver...

Is there typically pressure to drive in life threatening road conditions?

Are OTR company drivers normally driving alone or with another driver. How is a driving partner typically selected when you are a new driver?

Do large companies have a system to best match drivers & ability to switch things around if need exists?

While on the road as team drivers is it realistic to think I'm going to have time for an "On-Line Presence"," work-out", go for walks or possibly bike ride to take advantage of "seeing the country"?

I'm assuming driving alone OTR the time would be there to do those things above due to # of hrs allowed to drive per day.

I know this is long winded. If you only have time to answer one or two that would be great...


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Sep 02, 2019
Trucking at 56
by: Hervy

Very realistic and common!

As long as your hearing is correctable with hearing aid you're good.

You can easily be at $50,000 by 1 year mark. You can make sure that you are able to get 70 to 80 by 2nd year. Especially if you start with flatbed or refrigerated. You mentioned an interest in more challenging jobs so I would suggest flatbed and migrating over to heavy haul.

Prime is a great company for that path. TMC and Maverick are viable choices as well. (Others too I'm sure just not coming to mind right now)

Also, if you decide you want to lease drive they will have that option available. If you do go to prime or any company for that matter, get your CDL first from a community college or trucking school if that is an option. That will help you make more money out of the gate.

Most OTR company drivers are solo after training. Unless you specifically are signing up at a company for a team position or you decide to go team after going solo.
Just make sure the company that you go with have team operations. They way companies choose a team driver varies from company to company. (Maybe someone will comment on companies that run team operations)

More info on team driving Team Driving Jobs

Team driving would give you less time to do those leisure things than running solo. With the exception of online presence. That truck is going to be moving all of the time.

You're right solo would give your more leisure time for outdoor stuff like working out, walking and bike riding.

Aug 31, 2019
Trucker Feedback for Hotel Investment
by: Mike

I'm looking for some feedback for a potential investment:
- How often does a trucker stay in a hotel?

Depends on the trucking company.

- Which hotels are most commonly used?

It varies among the trucking company. Most companies you don't put in you a hotel. Those that do often let the driver choose among certain chains or dollar amount.

Specialized companies will put you in a room. For example furniture delivery. That's what I did. We used any hotel we wanted. Company reimbursed.

- What is the average cost per night?

Varies. I didn't care about the cost, just the most convenient. I saw other drivers an all price ranges that had legit truck parking.

- Which types of amenities are most important?

High speed internet. Printer/copier.

- How many hours are typically spent in the hotel?

For the average company driver, not many hours in the hotel. Even hauling furniture I spend less that 14hrs on average in a hotel.

- How important is the room size?

Room size is not all that important to me.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

I think one of the biggest things you can offer to differentiate is a drivers lounge, adequate well lite parking and half night stays. Depending on location. If it's a good location with heavy truck traffic, I'm sure it could be a good investment.

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