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Freightliner Columbia Repair TipsFreightliner Columbia Tips and Hacks

These freightliner truck repair tips are to help you steamline your process of troubleshooting issues you might have with your truck Freightliner Columbia truck.  They may apply to most Freightliner models.  I've had 3 Freightliners they weren't all Columbia but all had Detroit series 60 engines.  Let's see how it goes.  Share your own experiences as well at the bottom of the page with images and video as well!

I don't know how much it will apply if you have a Peterbilt or Kenworth or a semi truck with a Cat engine or Cummings engine.

The page is relatively new and I have a lot of updating to do.  So subscribe to the RSS feed top left and check back often.

Meanwhile scroll to the bottom and share your Freightliner repair tips and specify if your truck was a Columbia or a different model Freightliner. Thanks!

Issues I Had with Freightliner Columbia

I have a 2006 Freightliner Columbia and I will share some of the truck repairs I've had to make and maintenance suggestions that my deisel mechanics have made and have done.

Truck Wont Start

Cranks but won't start like see in the video, for me it was the check valve exactly like the mechanic has determined before even seeing the truck.  

He also said if that didn't do the problem it could be the SiS or TIS

Water Leaks

Maintenance Tips 

Exhaust System



Fuel Injectors

If you notice missing or lack of power it could be the injects.  You can have it diagnosed by the computer and there is a code that will tell them how often it is misfiring.

I also asked if I should replace all of them since that one has gone bad.  He said that would be over kill. I did replace 1 other one that was not doing as well as the others.

And that repair job as been two years and none of the other injectors have failed yet.

He also said if you have to replace an injector replace the harness and valve cover gasket.

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