Drug Use and Trucking

Trucking companies have to randomly test 25% of it's drivers.  It was once 50%.  It could go up again if positive results warrants it according to FMCSA.

I read that marijuana was the number 1 increase in positive test results in trucking in 2016. Even though many states are legalizing medical marijuana it's use is still not allowed in trucking.

Currently there is a movement to start testing for opiates.  Since there is an epidemic in the country, this might someday pass.  (It should pass)

First though, you have to pass a drug test to even get into trucking.  A lot of people are coming to the website that are failing the drug test in trucking school at orientation.

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Are You Addicted?

I come across a lot of people who feel they are not addicted to alcohol or drugs.  Yet you can't resit using it, knowing that it will cause you to pursue your goals.  A clear thinking person who is able to make a logical decision based on what you want for your life would not take that chance unless addicted.

Likely, this wasn't the first time a choice was made in favor of drugs or alcohol over progress toward achieving goals. 

Get help, if you can identify this behavior in yourself.  You are addicted and can recover control of your life if you are honest with yourself.

Keep This in Mind

Drivers need to keep in mind first and foremost, these drugs not are not a part of the trucking lifestyle for most drivers. Despite what old movies and common chatter might suggest most truckers simply do not use illegal drugs.  It's not cool, and it doesn't make you a 'trucker'.

Test positive for drugs automatically you can no longer drive until you complete a costly program.  If you are wanting to drive to make money using drugs or driving while intoxicated does not make sense.

Every time you use and get away with it, you greatly increase the risk of destroying  your life and/or the life of others.

If you have goals in life, and plans for the future, taking or using any kind of drug not prescribed by a Dr. is really not in your best interest. (Even those prescribed by Doctor might sometimes hurt you more than help. Ask your Dr. is there alternatives to the drug, like changing your habits)

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