Could the drie shaft cause the rollover that killed my husband?

He drove this road every day all day back and forth hauling water oil and mud. He was coming off a incline the truck rolled and killed him it doesn't make sense he was hauling water last load for the night.

I found text last night he said his truck drive shaft was being fixed on Mar1 he got the truck back mar 19 and was killed mar 21 in that very truck.

Could the drive shaft caused this and can u tell by looking at the dangled truck? Dps is even still investigating b it doesn't make since he sai and the company he worked for is being shady!

Response: Sorry for your loss. It is a tragedy that I am sure will take a while to let go.

I don't know how a drive shaft could cause the truck to flip though. Usually hauling water (or any liquid for that matter) going around a curve too fast is what causes the truck to flip. Don't know if there was a curve involved or if the speed was considered a factor.

Also, if he tried to do a quick maneuver to avoid an accident or miss a deer or get back on the road with liquid it could flip pretty easily.

I hope you get more closure on what actually happened soon.

Stay around a positive uplifting environment to help you deal with what your going through. You can't let this keep you from continuing to live. I am sure you husband (as any man who loves his wife) would want you to live and find a way to enjoy the rest of your life with a smile and memories of the good times.

Take care

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