Why are Restricted Road fines so high?

by Julie Barnes
(Las Vegas, NV.Usa)

I'm sorry, does anyone know why the fines are so ridiculously high for accidentally turning onto a restricted road in PA.

I got turned around, nobody was hurt, yet I got a ticket in the sum of almost $17,000.00. YES seventeen THOUSAND dollars.

I had to follow the police car to their station, to get officially weighed; First Police Station I've ever seen that had their own SCALE at, right in front there, and IRONICALLY, while FOLLOWING the police over to this Scale/Police Station, I had to drive on ANOTHER restricted road, which I found out later, was fine, only because I was being escorted by these officers at this time.

NOW, my understanding of this law, is to protect these older streets that were NOT originally made for large and heavy vehicles to be on.

I can understand this concept, but I don't understand, how or why this is deemed such a crime, where the penalty can be enough to pretty much ruin a mans form of livelyhood.

HOW can this make sense, how do they figure? And who, exactly are "THEY" that decide on the costs of fines? Anyone? Help me understand.

Thank you for your time. JB

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Nov 13, 2014
D.O.T. assholes NEW

Its all about money. They deserve to die and rot in Hell for eternity. I would love to torture a D.O.T. officer and then slit his throat. Truck drivers go through too much anxiety, frustration, anger, sacrifice, and depression just to keep this once great country running. This is how they repay us. D.O.T. officers deserve nothing. Fuck them! They should all die!

Dec 29, 2013
Oh man NEW
by: NickV

That's horrible you got a fine that big, in fact I think its pretty insane. The only thing I can come up with the fine being that expensive is maybe they have historic low bridges you could have taken out or maybe electrical. I dunno but they don't understand what a driver has to go through. Your from the other side of the dang country and they are treating you like you've driven the streets for years. We get bad directions constantly. GPS, company dispatch, heck I've been given wrong directions after actually calling a company and asking them how do YOU get to work. It all comes down to these laws and the grip of law enforcement getting tighter and tighter. Yes I understand they are trying to keep the roads safe but the more drivers you fine that could be good drivers, your just opening a spot on the road for a brand new wet behind the ear driver. Really sorry to hear about this extraordinary fine and hope you can keep your head above water til you can pay it off. That number still seems pretty dang excessive and may be worth talking to a lawyer. Good Luck

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