Big Truck Sleepers

Our big truck sleepers is where we retreat to when we are not in the driver's seat. We spend time waiting to be loaded and unloaded where many companies have little more than a restroom for drivers convenience so the sleeper is where we entertain ourselves. It is here where we try to make life as a trucker feel a little more like home.

Most driver will have tv/dvd players, Play stations or some other gaming systems. Some will bring along their guitars or other instruments. Some drivers take it more seriously than others but every driver will add some personal touch when he or she moves in.

Big truck sleepers can be extravagant fully equipped like the ARI 144in Big Truck Sleeper below fully contained leaving you without the need to locating a truck stop except to fuel up or mingle with other drivers . . .

The guy showing me the sleeper said it was too bad I didn't get there earlier while the sales rep Gina Howard was there, he was running from the camera but I think it still went well.  He was cool, lol.

Regular Big Truck Sleepers

Below is a much more common big truck sleeper as shown by youtuber roadsidemanners. You will see how a sleeper looks when occupied and fully used as living quarters in a truckers life.

A tour of the inside of a typical big rig

A trucker's Life

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