One little bogus theft charge and now i cant find a job, can anyone help.

by jlaudio72
(chicago illinois)

OK so in October of 2013 i was arrested for weapons possession w/o a valid foid card. i told them the gun was mine cause i had bought (illegally)it for house protection for my family (i stay in a really bad neighbor hood)...

anyway they ran the numbers on the gun it came up stolen (big surprise) and they charged me with the weapons possession and the theft of lost or misplaced merchandise (the gun).

they threatened jail time if i didn't plead guilty or 20 hours of community service if i did.. no brainer right... but anyway now no company will touch me..

oh and did i mention im a truck driver in the army ( reserves now) and has been for the last 3 years.. and no body gives a damn about that part, or my prevously squeaky clean record... can anyone help me?

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