if i bobtail 800 miles against company wishes to turn truck in can they give me a bad dac report?

by billy
(richmond va)

This company has known for 3 weeks that i was quitting at a certain time and facility. Now that it is time they are dragging there feet.

I want to head to that facility to turn in truck. They said no,can they give me a bad dac report if i do it anyway?

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Nov 21, 2012
Putting negative comments on your DAC NEW
by: Hervy

Billy unless there has been some changes made, yes they can put something negative on your DAC Report.

Just like someone can sue you maliciously also. Don't mean they will, doesn't mean it is right. They can.

Trucking companies have put negative information on the DAC for reasons they made up.

In this case, they wouldn't need to make something up. If you goo 800 miles or 10 miles to somewhere they didn't authorize, they have some negative things that they can say on your DAC and it will not help you to get another job.

Just think about this..... You are an employer and you see this on the DAC report of someone that is trying to get a job.

What do you know about the situation or the driver?

Answer: Nothing.

All you have to go by is what you see which is...

"Driver drove truck an unauthorized 800 miles out of route.... and quit....we would not rehire...."

So with all things being the way that you have stated, it would seem awful of them to not have you go home at the time you had agreed upon.

The worse thought in my mind though is why...What reason have they done this?

Maybe it is precisely to provoke you to drive out of route to go home so that they can put something on your DAC negative. I don't know. I don't know the story.

You do.

If the relationship between you and the dispatcher or company is not good, I think you should be careful and document all instructions and follow those that are legal.

When you finally get home, then quit.

If them not following through with prior agreed upon terms of you being there and quitting at a certain time and date cause you harm or monetary loss, you might consider talking to a layer or going to small claims court.

If there is no problem in the relationship, other than this situation, it is likely the timing was just screwed up and the dispatcher (or someone) is not that good at planning.

While this does not fix things for you, it is a good reason to not jeopardize your work history when as of know you can likely get a good recommendation from them assuming there have not been problems.

Take a look at this page if you haven't. I talk about Should you quit your job and then how to quit you job

Be careful and do it right. Do it for the right reason.

Nov 18, 2012
which company? NEW
by: Anonymous

dont wanna make the same mistake working for them.

Nov 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

No But they can make you pay for the fuel

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