Trying to become a truck driver with a felony

by Boyd Steadman
(Washington North Carolina)

I am a 55 year old man. I have always wanted to drive a truck. I attended a cdl program in 2010 not know that with a felony, drug possession, that I had little to no chance becoming a driver.

It has been seven years now and I still desire to drive. Is there any information out there that can help me enter the truck driving profession.

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Feb 10, 2017
Trucking with a felony
by: Hervy

Boyd Check out this page
Trucking jobs for felons

Jan 10, 2017
Ex-offender looking for work
by: Archie

I am a felon on parole and a sex offender -- non violent and with a CDL, clean MVR prior to the last four years I was locked up. I live in Georgia and am looking for in-state work or day runs that involve drop and hooks and that get me home everyday.

It's been ten years since my charge, six years since my conviction. Am desperately looking for work are there any O/Os willing to take a chance with me?

Jan 05, 2017
Ex felon now carrier
by: Bryant

I have icee 70 felonies larceny and burglary related. Conviction over 10 years ago. Trucking companies have different policies as far as the time you wait before they hire you. Always be up front and don't let nobody tell you can't.

After being a company driver for a few years with more than 6 preventable accidents , I maintain a safe driving record and I have my own authority.

Jan 03, 2017
Sorry dude,
by: Anonymous

not in this day and age.

Trucking company applications can be up to 100 pages now. They hire private investigators.

Trucking companies cannot absorb the liability of a driver under the influence and they have no obligation to hire you and to take that chance

Even if the company wanted to, the Insurance Carrier dictates the decision.

It will be "NO!"

Sorry man. Been in Safety and Compliance, driver, management, you name it.

Find another line of work brother

Jan 02, 2017
Go here for advice
by: Hervy

After 7 years, you might be able to get a trucking job Boyd. Especially if you have been working steadily since then. They will look at that favorably.

Check this page for information and trucking companies that might hire you.

trucking jobs for felons

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