what can I do about my DAC Report

by Craig
(Redding CA USA)

All I ever wanted do is be around trucks for as long as I can recall. My parents started trucking when I was 9 and thought was so great but my parents told me you don't want to be a truck driver and I should be a doctor or engineer or something that makes more money but I didn't lesson so I got a job later on in life working for a trucking company greasing trucks and oil changes.

Then I started doing brakes and clutches and other things until I got tired of being unapritiated and under paid for 8 years so I started trucking School at a reputable trucking school.

I had good passing grades and did very well graduated early. They helped me fined a job with Werner and everything was going good until the day I was backing a trailer into a tight spot I bumped my driver side fender mirror on a container trailer.

The mirror clip broke and fell and shattered when it hit the ground the container trailer did not even have a scratch and I was with a trainer at the time but he was asleep in the bunk so I woke him up and told him what I had done. He said I had to call are safety office and tell them what happened or I could be fired so I did they put me on probation and made me take a safety class.

After that I finished my training period and got my own truck but they told me if I had another incident they could fire me well 3 and a half weeks later I was taking a off ramp and there was a stalled out car in the middle lane on a off ramp that i tried to go around on the left and I thought the shoulder looked dry enough to drive on to swing around the car to give my trailer enough room for clearance but boy was I wrong.

The shoulder of the road was soft as snow and my driver side steer tire sunk right down to the axle and it would not come back up by steering back onto the road way. Well they had to get a tow truck to pick up the front of the truck and set it back on the road way.

After that they told me to drive it to the nearest Werner yard and I waited 2 days there where they fired me. Now both of those things are on my DAC report.

I have had a hard time finding employment even though I did find a small company that I worked for driving for a year until they went under but I can not fined a trucking company that is all right with my DAC.

My DMV is clean and I never been in trouble with the law I have all indorcments and have never had a dui or dirty test or anything like that.

Most other drivers tell me that those small incidents are very miner but I can not fined a job and have been out of work now for over a year.

I am wondering if I should just forget about ever driving again is there any hope for me?

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May 03, 2014
Call HireRight NEW
by: Anonymous

You can call and dispute your report. Go to Hireright.com and find the dispute link and call them directly. They will give you some options. Also, you may try calling Werner and explaining your situation. Hope you get help.

May 01, 2014
bad dac NEW
by: Anonymous

two problems,,1styou were working for werner and second the trainer was asleep in the bunk.why have a trainer if he is in the bunk asleep?thats just one of the problems with these "cookie cutter companies. what a joke actually a bigger joke than the so called drivers they turn out.

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