My daughter's boyfriend has talked her into getting her CDLs to tag team with her

Here is my problem, she is giving up on finishing her college degree, because he told her she could sit on her ass and get paid for doing nothing. When I heard them say that,I was floored.

Not only did he insult truckers,he insulted every hard working men and women. Now, this 19 year old thinks it's nothing and that's her college education.

What are some things that I can tell her,that will help her understand that there is a lot of more to being a truck driver.

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Aug 31, 2016
Thanks for the info NEW
by: Anonymous

So far he has had 4 jobs and today comes home after they let him go. She has gotten to see just how hard the trucking world is out there, especially with having less than 2 years of driving experience. Is it unusual for a company to fire you after working for a month,over something they found a wreck on his driving record for another company a few months back? I would assume they would have caught it during his orientation. Plus they picked the truck up at his house. His story just doesn't add up at all. He finally gets a job in Colorado and after a week he comes gets her here in SC and they stay out on the road for 3 weeks. Then we get a phone call to get her at his house. He said he was let go, because he had a wreck which wasn't his fault in a parking lot about 4 months ago. The company was coming to pick up their truck at his house instead of driving it back to a terminal. It just doesn't make any sense to me. At least my daughter is home and said she is ready to at in college.

Jun 09, 2016
by: Anonymous

Tell her if working 12 to 14 hours a day is not work she is crazy and the money is not that great.

Yes it's like 12 to 14 hours a day almost everyday.

On the same token.... I made 1400 bucks this week.... Not bad but I own my own truck. Actually made 3k but minus truck payment insurance fuel other bills. Left with 1400 before taxes.

But as the robot trucks come out and they are coming out.... She won't be making Jack shite.

Tell her to stay in school and her " man" should respect her decisions.

It's not all lollipops and roses out here, many days wonder why i do it.

Might also want to mention the enormous weight gain ALL yes ALL truckers end up with. As eating healthy is hard and exercising is hard to do after a 12 hour day... Which is the norm... Hell a ten hour day out here is like a day off.

It's a very unhealthy lifestyle.
Good luck

Jun 09, 2016
Eye openers
by: Hervy

Tell her to do some research...

1. Ask him what are the future plans for them. Which will get a response from him that she will either like or not like. Of course if she also doesn't want nothing like that with him and just wants to have fun, which is understandable for a 19 yr old, it might not be alarming to her.

So you might want to ask her what do she see for herself at 25. What type of life and what will she be doing. Being 19, she will likely blow it off. Saying she has plenty of time for that.

2. Tell her about your stories of when you procrastinated. Put things off to do later that never got done. It happens. We have to plan and move toward it. For more extreme lessons tell her to go to projects or food stamp office and interview single Mothers in their 40's or 50's. No offense to anyone who reads that that is in that situation. However, if she asks many of those women about their stories, she will learn of how many of them made choices which ultimately put the man in control of their lives. (I had written this before I saw in the title that she was actually getting her CDLs too. So that is a little different in that she actually will be able to make money, UNLESS she gets pregnant "unplanned" before properly situating herself)

Might have started off as fun, sex, etc. She gets pregnant, he moves on, she never finishes school and can't work and is stuck raising a kid as a single mother.

3. She can go to a truck stop and interview other truck drivers. Tell them what she plans on doing and ask them if she should do it. YOu might be surprised but most of them will tell her, it's not all roses and that she should go to school and not get in the truck with this guy until she finishes school. Actually a lot of them will tell her to never do it. I think you and her going to talk to other drivers at a truck stop might be the most powerful and easiest to do. What you tell her won't stick as much as what they tell her. Don't worry. Most of them will tell her not to do it. It's her job to ask why. Plenty of drivers will come up with 1,000 reasons.

So I know none of those are quick fixes, but if you could get her to do either it would help her make a better decision. If you could get her to do all 3, I don't see why she would still do it.

Immediate gratification vs delayed gratification, prioritizing and goal setting are some things that you might recommend her research.

Better yet, maybe get a book if she is a reader, an audio book if she is not. Try Stephen Covey's "7 habits of highly effective people". Just tell her is a gift for being such a bright young lady. (Which she is, she graduated and at least had planned on going to college. Just having a brain fart!)Not because you fear her riding in the truck is a bad idea. It might help her look at the situation from a different perspective.

It's much easier to finish school and then drive than to drive and then go back to school.

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