being pulled over with no shoulder

by Rodney

when being pulled over on a 2 lane road with no shoulder in an 18 wheeler what do you do?

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Jan 17, 2018
Where to stop ? NEW
by: Jimmy

Reminds me of a time in Idaho while driving 2 lane at 2am with about 15 other trucks spaced out about 4 min apart. Was getting pulled over with no place for miles to stop, so stopped in the travel lane for the cop, he got out to hassle me, then the next truck was coming and cop got scared so cut me loose ! Jimmy

Jan 06, 2018
Slow Down and Acknowledge
by: Hervy

Rodney make sure the cop knows your intent to pull over. Slow down some and put on hazards pull over as soon as you can safely do so. A shopping center or large parking lot would be nice.

If you get to a center turning lane first, that will do.

Like i said first good spot to pull over. Dont be like some people and try to pull over in a way to put cop in unsafe position.

That's ignorant, hateful and childish.

Yeah some places in Ohio you might have to ride a while lol. Best practice is to avoid giving a good enough reason for them to want to pull you over man!

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