prime inc. messed up my dac

by jk cullum
(searcy arkansas)

while i was in training as a student driver my so called elite trainer forced me into a u turn and i refused to do it but he told me that i was gonna do it. (when you are in anothers mans truck how much choice do u have) so i turned my flashers on and waited for the road to clear of traffic, well a man was hidden behind me and darted put when i attemptedd to do the u turn, i clipped his bumper. there was no tickets issued and i paid half my trainers deductable.

long story short me and my dispatcher had words over the way i waas being trained and the conditions i was put in. the dispatcher told me that the best thing for me to do was get my a#@ back into the truck and go.

well at that point i had had enough and decided i was at my limit with their b.s. and me and my wife both left. now they have put the accident on my dac and also said i was a no show so now im having trouble finding a job. and my wifes dac is clean as a whistle.

i tried disputing it but prime inc. will not remove any of it. i need help

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