why are the DOT and Police Always mean to truck drivers?

why is it always fines are way too high to pay,and the driver gets blamed for every thing?

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Jan 20, 2012
Do the D.O.T. and the Police Hate Truckers
by: Hervy

They are not always mean to truck drivers. I have been treated great at times and even given breaks. I have also been treated inappropriately.

Some people just shouldn't be doing the job they are doing, that is true for all professions. You will encounter these people, that is a part of life. So make up your mind now how you will respond. You have choices, and it can make things worse or better.

In most cases when the DOT or Police is mean it is in response to the poor attitude of the driver for truckers and 4wheeler issues.

Too many people assume that the police and dot are out to get them or that they are too important to be inconvenienced by the police. Because of this they interact with the police in a rude, smart mouthed or flat out disrespectful manner.

Society has it in for the police more than the police has it in for us. This being the case I can easily see how they can sometimes be less than professional in how they deal with it. (Just like 4wheelers push our limits sometimes. It's not always easy for everyone to contain themselves)

Although like everyone else, I think it shouldn't be tolerated but at the same time we should stop acting as if they are all corrupt or evil. That's just a flat out lie and most people know it, but their actions or words don't show it.

There is a very ignorant mentality that is prevalent with regards to societies thoughts about the police.

Then when something happens, we have the never to utter the words, "The police don't do anything" lol

Nov 22, 2011
Pay the Piper
by: NickV

DOT and local police look at truck drivers differently. We are not only on the roads like everyone else but we are considered as professionals. Look at it as though the roadways are Hollywood, truck drivers are famous, and the cops...well they're the popparazzi. They want to be there when we mess up.

In one aspect they are there for a reason and if you had all your ducks in a row you wouldn't get a ticket. Truck drivers days are full of so many different things to think and do that drivers forget or just try and cut corners may it be weight, logs, bol's, or whatnot. I have dealt with DOT and cops and haven't received a ticket once. Call it luck, call it what you want.

The new laws that have come about with CSA are to get all drivers that have shotty trucks and fail dot inspections again and again with duct tape and bungee cords holding hoods down off the road. Should you feel sorry for "Joe the truck driver" that has been behind the wheel for 30 years and owns his truck putting his baby through college and cant afford to fix his truck,absolutely.

The fuzz is out there to make the roads safe for everyone. Its really a double edge sword. Now you want to strip a license from "Joe the truck driver junkie" then have at it. Although the time of doing meth and going coast to coast 3 times before sleep are over there are still idiots out there.

These are the drivers that we would rather lose cause they just give us a bad name and they are the ones causing accidents and shoving good drivers under the microscope. The heat keeps getting turned up, and drivers are losing their jobs cause poor mistakes by other drivers.

30% of the questions asked on this site which is supposed to be a learning experience is asking about drugs and drug tests. Why would you think if you were high you can operate 70 feet of vehicle? Its stupid, and these are the drivers (some not all) that are out there. Either do drugs or drive, its simple. You cant do both, you cant dodge the cops, so make your decision and stick with it.

The messed up part about it is the more strict the laws get the more drivers are going to be without jobs and then they are really going to start hiring idiots to put behind the wheel and it will be one big bumper car fest on the highways. Over the past year or two companies have dropped their qualifications in which the only reason I can come up with is a shortage of drivers.

3 years ago everyone and their mom was on the road and you couldn't squeeze into a job and now major carriers that required a year are requiring 2 months!

Of course the cops could loosen the reigns, keep points off drivers dac reports, and let things go but then the companies would take advantage of the driver. Iee Yii Yii, like I said its a double edge sword and unfortunately one that effects us all.

Not only drivers but it will hurt everyone in the long run when inexperienced drivers are lining the freeways with freight instead of putting it in docks.

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