Motivation and Encouragement

Never Give Up on Your Dreams

Sometimes the path to reaching your goals or pursuing your dreams are not as clear as you would like them to be.   That's a challenge which causes friction and keeps you from moving forward.

Remember this.....  challenges are a normal part of life..... because you aspire to achieve something big. 

If you were content with mediocracy, you would experience less friction. 

The fact that you encounter challenges means that you are ambitious and growth oriented.  You likely want financial freedom, exceptional health, meaningful and loving relationships, the ability to travel the world at a moments notice and to live wherever you want in peace and paradise. Or Maybe you want to provide the ultimate lifelong experience and security for your family.  Leave a legacy that grants generational wealth.  All while contributing to society in a positive manner.

How do you get there?

On a journey this grand, you'll have shorter term milestones.  The skills you learn and habits you form.  And even they will have challenges.

There are various ways to view and be affected when we find ourselves facing these challenges. 

Here are some examples.....

  • Frustrated and Discouraged
  • Aware that it is a Normal Part of the Journey
  • Excited About the Lessons to be Learn Along the Path
  • Things Are Not Happening to me It's Happening For Me (get lessons)
  • Excited About the Adventure
  • Who You'll Meet Along the Way

You can get frustrated and discourage because you don't know how to so something.  Or it's taking longer than expected.  I've rewritten this script 5 times.  Thought it would take 10 minutes.  But i kept going.

You can simply be aware that it is a normal part of the process and instead of being frustrated, seek the information needed to keep moving forward.

You can be excited about the research needed to move forward when faced with challenges because you know you will learn new things

You could see it all as an adventure which will give you depth as a person.  Even give you great stories to tell about your journey

You could see it as an opportunity to meet and network with new people who will become a part of the journey.

As you can see, it's a matter of mindset and what you CHOOSE to focus on.  How do you perceive what your going through?  How do you label the challenges?  The answer to questions like these will be what determines how you feel about the present and future.

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So, now you are reminded about the power of your thoughts.  You are empowered to be mindful about how you label the challenges.  How you assign meaning to them and therefor how you internalize them. on a day to day bases.

You will have faith and confidence in because you KNOW.....

What ever you do over and over again, you get better and better at.

When you start something new, have no expectations of the pace.  Normally it's slow at first.  The longer you are moving forward the better you get, the easier it gets and the closer you get to the destination.

Don't expect to know every aspect of how to carry out what you want to do.  Research is at your finger tips with ChatGpt, Bing and Google.

Get started on your journey if you haven't already and don't be discourage about set backs or challenges. 

Start with a blog, Youtube channel connected to your social media and just as much of the journey as you want.  You can be as open as you want or share limited parts of your personal life.

Showcase how you navigate the steps of your journey toward any goal.  Share your process of learning the skills required on your journey.  Share the lessons you learn on the way.

That will do massive things for you.  Here are three.

1.  It will document the journey and make reviewing it like a movie.

2.  Create an accountability partner which is your audience

3.  Establish you as an authority on the subject matter you're documenting.  

This online real estate becomes a foundation from which you can grow other opportunities.  Just like you are reading this blog or watching this video, you will have people who have began following your journey.

Some will want to work with you.  Some will want to work for you.  All will want to continue learning from you.  You've earned the audience and attention and can share anything that you do that will help them move forward.  

When you help people, you can generate income!

You're reading this website or watching my video below that I used to document my journey in trucking.  I started the website in 2007 and the Youtube channel in 2008.

If you read the comments at either, you'll see that it positively affected lives not only in the United States but also abroad.

I've had reporters interview me, film production crews emailing me wanting to do a show.  I've had trucking Companies featuring me in their newsletter, NPR articles written.  A late night talk show wanted me as a guest and probably other things that I forgot.

I shared my insights, lessons and opinion on this journey, while learning new skills along the way.

This can be your story too!

Part 1

Imagine if I actually was wanting that to happen.  I could have been intentional about everything and I'm sure the response would be over the top.  But my passion is stuff like this article I'm writing.  Inspiring and motivating and sharing insights and information.  Not interested in fame.

I will take some money though, lol.

Anyway.  Watch this simple video that was supposed to be a chore of me cleaning the trailer out.  I turn it into a motivational video of sorts.  It's an analogy for your journey.  You can label and characterize your journey however you want to. 

Might as well choose to make it empowering and powerful to your spirit. Society likes to inspire victimhood mentality and create attitudes of entitlement.

That's not for you.  You understand, your commitment, dedication and application matters.  in other words your thoughts, actions and attitude today will determine what you experience tomorrow.

See you at the top.  Enjoy the video.

Part 2

Motivational CD's, Positive Audio Books

Listening to motivational CDs by people such as Zig Ziglar, Dr. Tony Evans, Bishop TD Jakes, Steven Covey, Les Brown, Patricia Russel and many more are the types of positive cds you could be listening to while traveling in your truck.

What listening to these motivational speakers will do is keep at the forefront of our minds a positive foundation from which to think so as we encounter all types of situations that life throws at us it is easier to handle in the best way instead of the natural response way or the best feeling way. (Anybody know what I mean)?

Lets get some motivation and make some changes to improve the quality of our lives

After you read my message check out my interview with a guy out in El Paso Tx. Estaban. He finally got motivation to change bad habits, coming clean off of drugs, but after they ruined 20 years of his life! You'll find out how he did it and what might work for you but first

read and comment!

Yeah truckers and truckettes (did i just create a new term?) its time to go ahead and make some serious decisions to take better care of ourselves. All of us have bad habits that need to be addressed. Most of us won't be held accountable to changing them by no one but ourselves due to the nature of our lifestyle (at least not at first)

No one will see you grabbing all those donuts or 2 six packs of soda every day. No one will see how many cigarettes you blaze during rush hour traffic. No one will feel your blood pressure rise as you turn red when that four wheeler cuts you off.

Your body knows about everyone of those little activities and its getting less and less able to cope with the problems associated with them. We all deal with too many stressful situations that we can't control every day

like having to wait needlessly at a receivers dock while warehouse personal do stuff they could be doing after your gone.

Or being given the wrong directions after you purposely and intentionally emphasize the direction you will be traveling from so that it is unmistakeably understood without the direction giver having to know north, south, east or west and they still get it wrong. We end up down a neighborhood dead end street in time for a garage sale.

Or being told we have to be there at 6am when we really don't have to be there until 8am. On and on it goes but that's all life as a trucker so these things you WILL encounter as long as you are in the trucking industry and that is why you need to prepare your mind to be able to deal with it.

and on and on

therefor, we should do all we can to eliminate those stress causing bad habits and health hazards that we voluntarily engage in everyday. Yes I did say voluntarily.

That's exactly what it is.

Our bad habits are merely a result of our willful decisions and poor choices. Now these are usually (but not always) a result of some things in our environment that stuck during our journey through life. The popular term used by those seeking what they feel is a legitimate excuse is 'a product of our environment'.

This term no doubt has truth to it but also true is the fact that things don't have to end there. We still are in the position to change how the negative influences from our environment or past affects our current thought process.

We choose to go along with the naturally occurring reflective thought pattern because its easier than challenging it with more positive fruitful thoughts. Especially under less than ideal conditions.

We too often easily settle for quick fixes rather than solid solutions. Easy outs rather than resolution.

Well its only a matter of time before things start to fall apart when we refuse to take control of things. Soon the more serious effects of our bad habits will be undeniable. Affecting not just the individual whose selfishly says "its my life" or the common "I got to die of something".

Now the family suffers also. Failed lungs, cancer, diabetes, heart attack, strokes, drug addiction, sex addition, you get the idea on and on. So much of it is mostly preventable by changing our bad habits ahead of time. Its called being proactive. We should be proactive about our health and our attitudes so that we live a happier more productive life.

So that our families get to enjoy our presence and not have to take care of us because we have become weak and diseased from poor decisions and bad habits. I have found ways to use trucking as a tool to help make the changes necessary to be more positive and proactive and you can too.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to help you shift the way that you think is to frequently listen to motivational speaking while you are riding down the rode. Your cd player can be used a educational tool. A Motivational tool. A life saver even! A constant beacon of positive thought so that your mind operates from that solid foundation to keep you high on life.

I highly recommend Stephen Covey, Zig Ziglar, Bishop TD Jakes,and I hear some good things about Tavis Smiley's latest book. Sounds like that is a winner too.

This keeps what seems sometimes like common sense (but not common practice) at the forefront of your mind so that you actually use the better thought patterns and positive thinking techniques which enable you to accomplish all types of other things by default including changing your bad habits.

Create your own personal mission statement too. This will help you stay on track with your own goals and what is important to you in life.

Where do you see yourself being in 5 or 10 or 20 years. What do you want to have accomplished and what type of person do you want to be in 20 years. What impact would you like to have had on other people along the way.

Summarize in a few sentences what steps would need to be taken by you day by day to make that big picture reality. Go over those 3 or 4 sentences until you have nice little statement that you read to yourself every morning when you wake up.

Now that's a motivation kick!

If you follow those 2 things, you will began to have a paradigm shift. You will look at life a little different, situations different and you will start seeing all kinds of opportunities. Social, business, networking many of them small but most of them meaningful. You will be a motivated trucker thinking proactively without trying (which will piss some people off) and you will be better positioned to address and break your bad habits.

Oh, trust me, you still won't be perfect. Lol. Not even close.

But I tell you what, you will be able to walk around smiling no matter what is going on in your life because you know its gonna be alright. (You will also by then realize that it can always be worst than what you are experiencing. and then I guarantee you, you will walk around with a smile just like the crazy trucker.

Ok I have been rambling on enough, aaaah anybody else got something to add. I'll catch yous guys later I got to go see if my truck is out of the shop!

Trucking Can Change You

Use trucking to change you in a good way.  Don't let it change you in a bad way.  If you use it on purpose, it won't have a chance to let you drift off course.

Let me know what you think about the Website.

Positive, negative, good, bad, doesn't matter as long as it is constructive.

What's good about it,what's missing on it, what did you like or didn't like?

Did it give you good enough insight about life as a trucker to help you make an informed decision?

Did you realize that there is a lot more to being a trucker than you knew or had considered?

Talk to me! Talk to the people!

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