What trucking company will hire me if I've only held a job for 6 - 9 months

I just graduated and have a class @ cdl but I dont have a steadily job history who will hire me

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Jun 17, 2023
Lots of Trucking Companies Will Hire You
by: The Crazy Trucker

When faced with a work history that includes short spans of time at past employers, it's important to approach the situation tactfully and proactively during an interview.

Here are some strategies to help you make up for a work history with short durations:

1. Be prepared to address it: Anticipate that the interviewer may ask about your work history and be ready with a concise, honest, and positive explanation for each short stint.

Practice your response beforehand to ensure clarity and confidence.

2. Emphasize your learning experiences: Focus on the skills and knowledge you gained during each employment period, regardless of its duration. Highlight the projects you worked on, any accomplishments you achieved, and how those experiences have contributed to your professional growth.

3. Show stability in other areas: If your work history appears inconsistent, emphasize stability in other aspects of your life. Highlight any long-term commitments, such as volunteer work, part-time jobs, or personal projects that demonstrate your reliability and dedication.

4. Highlight adaptability and flexibility: Emphasize your ability to adapt quickly to new environments and work efficiently in dynamic settings.

Highlight instances where you successfully transitioned into new roles or industries, showcasing your versatility and eagerness to learn.

5. Focus on the future: While briefly addressing the past, redirect the conversation toward your future goals and aspirations.

Demonstrate your commitment to finding a long-term position and explain how the skills and experiences you have gained will contribute to your success in the role you're applying for.

6. Showcase positive references: If possible, provide strong references from previous employers who can vouch for your abilities and work ethic.

Positive feedback from previous supervisors or colleagues can help mitigate concerns about your short work durations.

7. Emphasize growth and stability in recent roles: If you've had more stable and longer-term positions in recent years, highlight those experiences to demonstrate that you are capable of sustaining employment and have overcome any past challenges.

Remember, honesty is key during an interview. While you want to present your work history in the best possible light, it's important to be transparent and authentic about the reasons for short durations, without making excuses.

Presenting a positive attitude, willingness to learn, and commitment to long-term employment will help offset any concerns an employer may have.

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