The Professional Truck Driver

A Professional big truck driver takes pride in being a truck driver. He or she contributes to the trucking industry in a positive way, making the most out of trucking so that it is a rewarding career and not just a job.

In order to get to this point though, a person must make sure he or she is the right person for trucking before becoming a trucker by asking questions to other drivers and to trucking companies to make sure they know what they are getting into.

People who end up on the big road and hating the job will have a hard time becoming a good truck driver or a professional.  For that matter if he/she is miserable as a trucker he/she will also likely be a poor spouse, poor manager of money and poor manager of health.

After a person decides that trucking is the right move here is how he would handle the job to become a good truck driver and considered a professional trucker.

The Mind Of a Better Driver

They perform their duties with the sense of belonging to a part of an industry that no one can dispute plays a significant role in making the wheels of the economy turn. They also realize they are part of a team to get this done. Everyone has a role and to play and responsibility to uphold in a successful operation.

Driven by this mindset, these types perform as professionals. On time appointments, safe operation and courteous driving habits comes automatically, if not, this type of driver intentionally works on performing to these standards because he/she takes pride in him/herself and the chosen profession.

Though patience is a constant struggle, (lol, ok it once was for me at least, I wore the numbers 1-10 out!) good big truck drivers understand the importance to make every attempt to master patience. 

A professional driver knows that rushing is usually a waste of time and effort and could easily lead to poor decisions, so he/she counts or do whatever else is effective to be patient.(OK, I count. lol, Sometimes, like in stopped traffic I just stare at the buzzards gliding through the air with slow, steady, deep breathing. What ever works for you man.)

Professional drivers pay attention to their surroundings so that they can be proactive to avoid incidents. They try not to ride in packs of other traffic including big trucks, knowing this increases the potential for issues in the event the need for an emergency reaction.

For instance on of the vehicles has a blow out or a deer jumps in the highway, what are you going to do if 5 vehicles are all in a bunch riding beside and tailgating each other

They make up for other drivers poor driving habits. For instance, if someone ahead is tailgating another driver, a good truck drivers knows to allow extra space from that pair or get away from those vehicles because it is a potential hazard waiting to happen.

Good truck drivers never wait until the last minute to leave for appointments whether it is to pick up or deliver. He or she realizes that anything can happen (like breakdowns, traffic jams, accidents) to cause delays. Leaving to arrive just in time is not a smart plan for success. (Doing things at the last minute in LIFE period is not part of a smart plan for success.)

The more cushion of extra time between leaving and the appointment time, the better chance of being on time regardless of small unpredictable delays. A good truck driver leaves early.

Obvious need for common sense here. I am talking at least hours if you have it. On a long trip I sometimes leave a whole day early. However, I have no wife and kids. A family man may not want to leave that far in advance. You will have to use common sense and judgement based on your situation. Bottom line DO NOT wait until the last minute to leave.

Good truck drivers always signal before slowing to make turns or changing lanes. Some drivers will slow down, then signal, some will slow down and get on the exit ramp before putting on a turn signal, what's the point? It's too late we already know what you are doing at this point. Of course four wheelers does it. Big truck drivers are professionals, they should know better. This issue is so ridiculous. Such little effort and mind power to do it right with no sacrifice on the driver what so ever.

Some drivers will be turning in a turn your coming out of on a busy street and your waiting to keep from pulling in front of him only to see him turn on the signal when he gets to the turn and then there is too much traffic for you to pull out, so you wait again for another break. Good truck drivers don't do that. He or she wishes to make negotiating traffic easier not only for him or herself but for others who share the roads.

Good truck drivers always turn on headlights in rain or bad weather because they know that it makes them more visible to others. It's common sense and it's the law. Yet you see some idiots that won't do it. I their minds they are being defiant in reality they are being ignorant. You will see when you tell them to turn their lights on. LOL

Good drivers wear their safety belts at all times because they know that statistics show that wearing the seat is safer for the driver and for other highway users. In the event of an accident the driver is less likely to be thrown out of the seat which means there is greater chance of having some control. Also a driver thrown around the vehicle or outside the vehicle stands if hurt more often. Plus it's the law and it's now enforced with fines and points. To not wear the thing would not be in line with wanting to be a smart driver with a successful money making trucking career. Basically it's a dumb idea to not wear it.

Good drivers are courteous and thoughtful. For instance, when traveling through residential areas early morning or late night or even at normal times in most cases the Jake brake is not needed. (Regardless of how much some of us like to hear it.)If we take a minute to think about the people who live in the neighborhoods, (the father might like it but mothers might jump and drop a frying pan on the little one's head or something) see it as noise pollution. It just makes them dislike trucks and drivers even more. So good big truck drivers turn the jakes off when it is not needed.

More and more communities and towns has noise ordinances against using them anyway. Watch for these signs especially in state highways through out Texas

This positive, proactive mindset is how we look at life so we use it consistently while driving. For instance, when pulling up to a red light, there is not need to block someone in a driveway. We let them out and then pull up or if it does not cause a problem with the flow of traffic we leave the driveway open for others to get in and out. Often you will see truck drivers parked behind broken down four wheelers or other big trucks to lend a helping hand.

You'll see then grabbing a lane to the right when it doesn't cause a problem to let merging traffic on the highway. We wish the merging drivers knew that traffic on the interstate has the right of way and that they are suppose to adequately accelerate or slow down to make the merge a smooth move with out us holding their hand! ...but we do it anyway

However, you must judge the incident. Good truck drivers don't pull in front of traffic in the lane to the left to do this. The ramp traffic is supposed to make the adjustment to enter the highway when necessary. A good truck driver doesn't make lane changes that require others to slam on their brakes to accommodate a merger. (unless your avoiding an accident, like I said you'll just have to use common sense to judge the details on a case by case basis, there are some real idiots out there)

Defensive driving is second nature to good big truck drivers because they are constantly thinking of the welfare of others. This affects the way they drive. It's a matter of a person's way of thinking being expressed in their driving habits.

I think it is fascinating to look at how people drive. In my opinion it is very closely related to how you view yourself and others around you. For instance a self centered jerk will cut people off or ride the left lane with traffic passing on the right for no reason... etc. You can easily psychoanalyze a person by the way that they drive. (Accuracy? Who knows. lol)

Good big truck drivers are good people who happen to be drivers. They think of others as much themselves. Good big truck drivers love people and understand that everyone has the potential to change their lives so we do what we can when we can to help them. They have the inner desire to see others prosper and live well.

They tend to make good boyfriends and husbands. They usually find that balance to successfully nurture relationships at home with family even though they are on the road most of the time. That's because they are trustworthy and reliable. They give and receive equal amounts of respect.

They help companies be profitable and products on the shelves at your favorite store when you expect it to be there. Our attitudes are pleasant and positive because our outlook on life is that all things are possible and the future is what you make it based on the things that your are doing right not to get there.

There are truckers all over the world going through what I go through everyday who could immediately identify with us truckers over here in America.

In every country there are trucks on the road delivering the essential products, raw materials, building materials and other goods to where they need to be for other businesses and communities to thrive. It's good to be employed where you are an essential part of a vital industry.

Without trucks in any country, that country stops. Without good truck drivers at trucking companies the bad truck drivers would cause the companies to collapse. Good drivers know this and treats the job with the responsibility and the respect it deserves. At a good trucking company this is honored and he/she is also treated with the respect he/she deserves.

The bond with others on the road can be similar to that of military comrades, or football players, or race car drivers, etc.

(you get the idea!).
Most good drivers meet and talk to other drivers from different backgrounds and strange places that used to do other things. We learn and grow from each other as individuals as drivers, and as people.

(To whom it may concern: Your life is not dictated by what you endured or what your ancestors endured. You can choose to let the past propel you forward or drag you back, it's up to you.

You know or can learn what it takes to be successful (read or ask questions)so don't make excuses for why you don't have it, find out how to get it and go get it.

Others have made great contributions with absolutely no advantages, so to make excuses instead of making some type of effort is foolish. (Ok you can use misguided if you want to, that's fair).

Set goals for yourself and work toward them. You can do what anyone else can do. Believe in you, not in those who say you can't achieve because of what you or your people has been through. ok, back on topic . . .

Good truck drivers know life isn't necessarily fair but to us adversity is a challenge to make us stronger. They find ways to reverse the disadvantages of becoming a trucker to use them as advantages.

We know the power of planning ahead. We overcome, we excel, we make things happen. It's in our nature.

If you're gonna to drive, be good at it and be a professional truck driver.

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