Any second chances out there for old school driver?

by Deb C.

Hubby was a driver way back in the day, and a darn good one. Won awards, got safe driver bonuses, highly respected from drivers with 20+ yrs under their belt, fantastic driver!

Here's the situation...he hasn't worked in about 17yrs. He was injured on the job and went on Social Security Disability. He's in pretty good shape now. Off the pain pills, no more therapy, feeling strong & ready to go back to work.

QUESTION: Would ANY company take a chance on a guy that has no recent work history and if there is one out there, would prefer one with a rider program for me. Wouldn't need much home time at all.

Is this a possibility or just a pipe dream? Thanks.

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Jun 16, 2015
best of luck
by: Anonymous

Wouldn't hurt to call around and ask. prime is a good company. Freymiller in Oklahoma is really good. There are a few other good ones..just have to call or look at there websites.

Many will of pur him through driving school to get him caught up on today's laws and regulations with his past experience.

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