Trucking Jobs Review For 2023 Including Buying a Truck

by The Crazy Trucker
(Perry Ga)

Review of Trucking Jobs For 2023

Review of Trucking Jobs For 2023

Are trucking jobs still a great employment opportunity in 2023? Here's my honest review of trucking jobs for 2023.

Trucking jobs are still in high demand and will remain in high demand through 2023 despite the recession fears.

Are trucking jobs worth the sacrifice away from home and family?

Well I would say that depends on your specific family situation. If there are no kids or needs to be home for responsibilities definitely go trucking if you need job security or higher than average income.

If you have children it's very family specific. A healthy home environment with proactive positive parenting and especially if there are grandparents local to help with kids if needed, trucking can be a great tool to bring in money and create a foundation for building wealth.

However, if there are issues at home with kids or the relationship a career in trucking is likely a bad decision.
Impact of trucking on the family

What about health. Is trucking worth the impact on your health?

Well truth is trucking doesn't have to have a significant negative impact on your health. I've it's about your planning and choices. I was talking to 2 drivers the other day taking speaking as if trucking was the reason they were on high blood meds. When we finished talking i went back to walking around the building bouncing a basketball. Then went back to sitting in their truck. Choices.

How to be healthy as a trucker

Does trucking pay enough to warrant being over the road and away from 'home' for so much time?

That depends on your goals and life plans.

What are you doing right now at home?
What skills, education, options do you have to improve your future?

I mean you have to weigh your own situation and options and do a cost benefit analysis again what it is like to live the trucking lifestyle.
Pros and Cons of trucking jobs

Just remember a trucking career offers many options. You don't have to be a trucker forever.

Its possible to drive for 5 years and set yourself up for returning home with a solid foundation to easier living.
Using trucking to create wealth

How much do trucking jobs pay? Do they pay enough to drive trucks? What is a truckers Salary?

Trucker pay varies from company to company.
Truck driver salary can range from $45,000 a year to excess $250,000 per year.

It depends on how you get your CDL. There are several main paths for getting a trucking job and each path has different benefits and pay structure.
Reviews of CDL Training options

What type of trucking job you have
Types of truck driving jobs review

If you're thinking of becoming an owner operator, first start as company driver. Your pay as company driver during the recession will likely be less stressful than being an owner operator.

Learn the business and build your credit. The recession will put many owner operators and small trucking companies out of business and equipment prices will come down.

With a cash reserve of $30,000 or so when you see the recession is letting up, getting your authority and a truck could be a nice power move. Or just leasing it own to another carrier could be an option.

However, right now the rates are terrible so don't rush to buy a truck and trailer. Learn the business. Get the authority and sit on it but don't buy the truck.
Becoming an owner operator

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