Experienced Los Angeles area local driver of 23 years ready to go OTR

by Ignacio Rodriguez
(Rosemead, California)

I've been a local truck driver for along time and currently unemployed and seems to me that no one would hire me here in L.A. area.

My MVR is clean and have all endorsements, but I need to support my Family and thinking to go OTR but it will be the same all want with OTR experience and besides I get nervous just to think what I need to know about it like fuel millage,scales etc...

I feel like new driver, that's why I need some advise please.

Ignacio, man don't worry about the fuel, mileage or scales. The company that you go to will explain what you need to know, which is not that much if you are already a driver.

They will pay for fuel. If you don't know how to read a map, learning that is not hard. Mileage is not up to you to figure but you can with the map or you can just ask the dispatcher or Google "mileage from point a to point b"

Basically none of the stuff you mentioned is worth worrying about. Just make sure your family can deal with you gone.

Here are some local La Cal trucking outfits that you may not have been to. Local Los Angeles California Trucking Jobs

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