Reckless driving conviction almost 3 yrs ago, can I get hired in WA with SR22 insurance?

by Mrs.Moose's Wife
(Enumclaw, WA)

My husband was convicted of reckless driving almost 2.5 years ago, in our personal vehicle because he wrecked it. His license was suspended as well as this CDL for 2 years (not sure why it was so long even dol couldn't explain that one). He's finally getting his license back but is required to have SR22 insurance. Will he be able to get hired as a class A CDL driver in Washington state?

He has about 10 years experience, impeccable references ( seriously, he's even got a former bosse as a personal reference, he's retired or he would just got back to work for him) and is an excellent truck driver.

Just curious if paying to get his class A CDL back is worth it cause it sure ain't cheap. Thanks for any help and/or advice.

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