i went through the sap program can i become a owner operator

i went through the sap program for one session did what they needed me to do can i become a owner operator

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Aug 27, 2023
Feel your pain NEW
by: Anonymous

Great Answer not a judgmental asshole we've all made mistakes.

Jun 25, 2023
Tanker HazMat o/o NEW
by: Anonymous

Glad I read this I wanna do my own thing with tanker HazMat

Mar 30, 2012
Becoming an Owner Operator after the SAP program
by: Hervy

Short answer, yes.

Questions are ....

Are you planning to lease on or get your own authority?

If you are leasing on, call the leasing companies you intend to lease on with and check if they will allow you with that history.

If you are getting your own authority see if the shippers and receivers will have a problem with it.

See if you are able to get loads from brokers and load boards with it.

See how much your insurance will be with that history.

Determine if the pay you can reasonably expect to earn will cover insurance cost. (I don't know how much insurance will go up because of this or if it will, I am saying you need to find out,)

So can you become an O/O? Yes.

Will it create obstacles in some way, I am sure it will. These things do.

Does that mean to allow yourself to be discourage and not investigate further by contacting directly the parties that would be involved in what you seek to do? That would be a mistake.

I am pretty sure a determined and enthusiastic person can find the pathway to successfully achieve your goals. You just have to make yourself that person. I think you are that person because you have already begun the journey.

Stay the course.

Best wishes, let us know if we can help here.

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