want to quit take truck back but will they turn my fuel card off? being im in va and need to return it in California?

Will they turn my fuel card. Off?


Answer - If any of you are going to quit any company, it's best to wait until you get back to the terminal before quitting.

DO NOT abandon the truck at home or anywhere that you did not pick the truck up from (unless they say otherwise, which is still tricky)

Drivers get their records messed up quitting when ever or where ever they want to. That's called abandonment and they will black ball you for it.
Yes, even if you call the company and tell them where to pick the truck up from.

My advise, wait until you get back at your home terminal to quit.

DON'T Drive the truck to the house and tell them to come and get it either. Unless you want a negative DAC report.

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