How to go back OTR how?

by Jim
(South Dakota)

I have 27 years driving a truck, over one million logged miles. I have ran everything on the highway, all 48 states and parts of Canada.

I have winter safe driving awards, a year safe driving award.

But here's the kicker, I went to work in the oil fields, hauled heavy equipment, pipe, water, you name it my 10 year MVR is not spotless thanks to equipment mainly. No speeding, no DUI, and have always had a health card. Never let my CDL expire, heck used it every day. But none that they seem to be able to verify recent. Even though I ran in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and a few loads to North Dakota via South Dakota and Montana.

Well as you know the oil field is dry, and I like driving trucks, so been trying to back Over The Road and keep getting told I have to go thru the training again.

I understand log books have changed, and I know company policies differ, but 3 months? Of a students pay, really? Any help would be welcomed.

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