Prior rehab stints for alcholishm.. and school.

by james
(stillwater, ok, usa)

I have checked myself into and completed 3 different rehabs. All for alcoholism. Anyway, the last one was 2 years ago, the one before that was 3 years before that, the one before that was 9 years before that.

Anyway, I want to know if this would disqualify me for getting my CDL and becoming a driver and getting a good driving job. I have had one dui and it was five years ago. I quit driving after that, so I don't currently even have a license, but I can get one.

So I don't have anything else on my driving record the last five years, and not much before that.

I also would like to know if anyone knows what to look for when choosing a school to get your CDL. I don't want to be taken advantage of for being naive. I talked to a recruiter at Swift Driving Academy. He sent me an email with rates and payback rates and stuff.. and I don't really understand all of it.

I'd like to show that info to you guys to see if you guys think it's a good deal or not or a scam. these are the details they sent me:

Driver must be OTR full time in active status. Tuition reimbursement and payroll deductions will start once driver is released to solo status. Reimbursement and
Deductions will show up as two lines items on check.

Tuition Reimbursement $150.00 @ $37.50 weekly for 26 months Payroll Deductions $300.00 @ $75.00 weekly for 13 months

If driver goes on PLOA (Personal Leave of Absence) tuition reimbursements and payroll deductions will stop. Once driver returns and on a unit, reimbursement and deductions will resume. It is the drivers responsibility to notify Student Loans if deductions and reimbursements have not begun.

There is no retro pay for tuition reimbursement.

Attending the academy is training for a CDL and does not guarantee employment with Swift.

PIF REIMBURSEMENT (Cash Deal): $3900 will be reimbursed 6 months from the Solo Date. If student pays $3900 cash to attend Swift Driving Academy prior to graduation date, the $3900 will be refunded in full after 6 months of continuous full time employment from date released to solo status as on OTR Company Driver with Swift Transportation.

TEAM AGREEMENT ADDENDUM: $3900 will be written off after team has completed 90,000 miles / 6 months of driving team driving (whichever comes first) from the Solo Date.

SWIFT VETERANS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: $4400 (tuition & housing) will be written off after 1 year from the Solo Date. DD214 (Honorable discharge)

SWIFT VETERANS TUITION CONTRACT: $2900 for those currently serving in the National Guard or Reserves. Need to provide documentation of current enlistment (LES - Leave and Earnings Statement)

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