Dating Truckers Advice

This page is a response to Mrs I wanna divorce who later

requested for it to be deleted.

Even though it is directed to a specific comment, reading through will give you valuable relationship and dating information to consider about dating truckers or any other human being. (In other words being a trucker has little to do with the success of dating or maintaining good healthy relationships.)

#1. Most relationship problems exist before trucking. Trucking is not a career for people who have relationship problems.

#2. You mentioned that your father treated your mother poorly. Knowing this, you went and got a man just like your father. (Many women do this, I talk about that in my parenting CD and in the book I am writing and whenever I speak about building healthy relationships. That’s why tell single mother’s its so important to not deal with clowns your daughter will repeat the behavior and end up being mistreated. Much like is happening with Mrs iwannadivorce).

The guy you chose has character issues that didn’t come from being a trucker. He just happens to be a trucker. If he wasn’t a trucker he would still be a poor excuse for a man.

#3. Your advice to woman should not be don’t get involved with truckers. Your advice should be more like the following . . .

Develop relationships with men

Who show concern for other people
Who are not self centered
Who are responsible
Who treat their mothers and sisters with respect and love
Who is not a momma’s boy

This advice will serve them better than the shallow advice you are currently giving about not getting involved with truckers. Supposed your new companion listens to someone’s advice who says never get involved with a woman with children? He would miss out on something good right!

#4. This site mentions lot lizards in more than one place. Just as I speak about relationships in very serious terms on several pages as well as the impact on trucking on the family . Having said that, I do plan on doing a page totally about lot lizards if I didn’t already.

It’s not as big of an issue as you and everyone else makes it out to be. The general perception is that these women are everywhere that a truck stops and that every driver stands in line waiting to patronize them. That's far from the truth which is why I am supposed to do a page on the topic. To put the truth out there as you say.

Do they exist yes, is it a pandemic or are truckers programmed to patronize them no. Choose your man based on character and principles and treat him right; he will not waste time with lot lizards if he ends up at a place where they are.
#5. People doing what you’re doing with those types of comments are part of why we truckers have such a negative image. (Of course the other part is because of the clowns that do what your man did) The problem you have is not that your man was a trucker. Your problem was that your trucker was not a man. A man would not treat you and your children like that.

I am glad you now have a relationships with positive men. Real men. All women need that.

Ladies let me ask you a question.

Supposed you were in a good relationship with a man that treated you right? If the man that you are in a relationship with became a trucker do you think he would he still treat you well or would he all of a sudden change because he became a trucker?

If his character and principles does not make you fully confident in his commitment and loyalty to you and your children then you don’t have a man. You have a clown. You also have a problem choosing men. But don’t worry, many woman do. (Then they go and say there are no good men!) This is a serious problem, that’s why I am writing a book about building healthy relationships.

This page is to dispel the myth which you are helping to fuel about all truckers not being suitable for being in relationships.

I understand that you were hurt but what you did with your comment was not good advice it was venting understandable anger.

Ladies if you did not have a positive father or father figure treating your mother with love and respect while you were growing up in the home, you really need to get counseling. At the very least, you need a good positive male friend to have serious conversations with about normal healthy relationships between couples.

I know what I am talking about, because this is not the first time I spoke to a woman about this exact situation and it will not be the last. If you have children, especially a daughter it’s 10 times more important for you to get counseling. If not you will raise your children predisposed with the inability to develop healthy relationships as they follow your steps of poorly choosing companions and friends.

I can’t tell you how I know this but I do I guess I just pay attention to what I see. All you got to do is talk to people and listen you will see the similarities in the backgrounds resulting in the same outcome over and over again because people don’t take control of their life and stop the cycle. Ok, I’m done.

I hope all women listen to me, especially single moms.

You must learn to develop healthy relationships.

This turned into a page about building healthy relationships anyway didn’t it! Silly Me!

Ok let’s bring it back.

If you build healthy relationships then you will have the type of man who will treat you like you deserve to be treated no matter if he is a truck driver, plumber, or a pro wrestler or whatever. Ok anybody else got something to say?
P.S. Just checked, never did the page on Lot Lizards (thanks for mentioning them) will be doing it soon here are 2 pages where they are spoken about briefly.

Avoiding lot lizards and drugs, ( response to a comment )

Is Lot Lizzards Common at Truck Stops

As far as the secret life of truckers, feel free to tell us about the secret life below because I don't know what your talking about.

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