Backing Seems Like Rocket Science To Me

Just started CDL school. Having the worst time keeping up with other people.

Backing seems like rocket science to me. They are confusing me talking about how the top of the steering wheel steers different than the bottom?

So if the truck is going too far right, I steer right -“into the trouble” to correct? Can someone help explain how the hell holding the steering wheel from the top or the bottom changes the direction?

If you steer to the left it makes the truck go right, if you steer to the left, it makes it go right,?

Maybe I’m overthinking or getting confusing info.

Don’t understand. Please help me.

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May 22, 2018
This one's easy !
by: Jimmy

Top or bottom of the steering wheel ? The difference is when you hold the steering wheel at the top VS holding it at the bottom. If holding at the bottom, you move your hand in the direction you want the trailer to move.

Another thing you can do is go rent a U-Haul trailer for the day and practice in a deserted parking lot. You will master it in a few hours, believe me. jimmy

May 19, 2018
by: Anonymous

Ok I don't know what they mean by top of steering wheel is different from the bottom of the steering wheel.

If you turn right top or bottom it's the same. Wtf training is this?
Get that out of your head.

If you want the TRAILER TO GO right turn left. If you want the trailer to go left turn right.

Have to remember it takes time for your turn AT THE STEERING WHEEL to reach your trailer can take several feet.

So be patient when you turn your steering wheel will take time before you see the trailer tail go the direction you want it to go.

Backing is tough takes practice you WILL get it.

I would not worry top or bottom steering wheel tell them I am turning from the top of the wheel.

May 19, 2018
Backing With a Trailer
by: Hervy

Relax. Backing with a trailer for the first time CAN be tricky to grasp. You did say it right though. If you steer left (counter-clockwise) it makes the tail go right.

Let's say, your backing into a parking spot between to trucks. You are cutting too quick and the driver's side of the trailer is going to tag the front of the truck....

Yes, you need to turn to the left or counter clockwise to correct the backing.

You have to remember there are two pivot points. If there was one, it would follow a simple logic. Turn the wheel the direction you want to go. Since there are two you have to do the opposite. If there were 3 you would turn in the same direction again.

That might be confusing to follow as well.

This is the easiest way to grasp it. Go to the toy department at Walmart. Get a vehicle with a trailer. Find one that actually allows you to turn the steering wheel. Back it up beside between/beside objects.

Backing with a trailer is a skill and an art. For some it comes easy for others it might take a little longer then boooom! A light bulb goes off. And for others they slowly grasp the concept. Don't worry.

There was this guy in school with me who got it and no one thought he would ever get it. He eventually did and passed.

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