Coping With Stress

Effective ways of coping with stress is important. Trucking life is challenging but many drivers and wives are very happy. 

How do they do it?

Well, it's got a lot to do with their attitude and outlook on life and the fact that they are compatible to a certain extent with the trucking lifestyle.  Don't worry however, if you find that you are not compatible or no longer compatible for the lifestyle and you need ways to cope.  Tips below in the video describe some free and effective ways to beat up on stress!

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Anyone can learn ways to more effectively handle stress. Here are some ways to de stress that works and don't require drugs. Perfect for truckers or people who need to function unmedicated.

in a trucker's life. It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to get relief for stress

  • Exercise more
    By now you know that exercise is a universal remedy to help with all types of health problems. It is also good for de stressing. Exercise is meant to eliminate stress. Stress prepares the body to act. Fight or flight is your bodies state as a result of being highly stressed. To do either is burning energy (exercise) of course you and I both know we don't actually respond this way because we don't live in the jungle where most of our natural responses and instincts are necessary for survival. Stress causes the release of Cortisol which negatively affects the immune system (and can also instigates depression). These toxins float around terrorizing your body until they dissipate. Exercise reduces the presence of the byproducts of stress and so the it helps you manage and normalize. Now go for a 20 minute power walk.
  • Deep Breathing is Relief for Stress You can be anywhere and relax, calm your mind by concentrating on slow and deep breathing.  Or you can pretend you are a Yoga master or something.........sitting in an upright posture perfect position but with shoulders relaxed and with your eyes closed. You will breathe in deeply through your nose holding it for a 5 count or so and then breathe out through your mouth. Breathe from your belly.While doing this for a minute or 2, you will focus on your breathing and NOT the issues that have stressed you out. I always say make positive meaningful statements to yourself while you are doing this if focusing on your breathing doesn't keep you from thinking about the stress inducer. Deep breathing introduces more oxygen into your system which helps your body to be more effective.It too helps removes toxins from your body.
  • Take power naps to relieve stress - Yep, studies show that a 15 – 30minute or 1 hr sleep sessions, the time frame for benefits depends on the person, in the middle of the day or other than in the middle of the night, had serious health benefits. Reducing stress is only one of them. Now we both now that you won't always be able to do this but is you can, there you go.
  • Laugh at your problems to reduce stress Laughter is a great way to cope with stress. It releases endorphins and boosts your immune system while also reducing those toxins in your body. Have your favorite comedian's CD on hand with a finger on the play button.

Choose to let your worries sit on the back burner for the time you will pop your CD in and live in the moment for that period of times as if no problem exists.

We are NOT talking about developing a permanent state of denial, lol.

  • Do Something To Help Someone Else - Shift your focus. Help someone else with challenges that they are facing. Sometimes people just need a good conversation or maybe an outside voice to chime in or a situation. When you take the focus off yourself and instead on trying to help someone else with their problems, it will make you feel better long enough to put your issue in proper perspective. Often we see what we are facing as larger than it really is. If we properly assess the situation and instead of worrying move on to figuring out what the next step is in order to keep moving forward, we will experience less stress.
  • Take a Break - Get away for a week or a weekend. Just you and Father Time and perhaps a camera or video recorder. No log books allowed! If you can't get away, a perfect way of coping with stress is simply making a conscious effort to slow down and pay attention to the small things around you.

can't get away, a perfect way of coping with stress is simply making a conscious effort to slow down and pay attention to the small things around you.

I mean, pay attention to details. In particular the beauty of things in nature. We take a lot for granted in this fast paced society and miss out on the true beauty and magnificence all around us every day.

Watch the birds glide, the ducks swim or just sit back in the shade of a beautiful autumn leaved tree and and pick a cloud to track across the sky.

Other ways to de stress

These all help with coping with stress. But you will need to do them long term and they should be a way of life. Don't want to hear, "I can't do that as a trucker". It's a lie.

  • Get at least 7 - 9 hours of sleep
  • Eat healthier meals
  • Get exercise (yeah, I said it again)

I know, heard it all before right? Well, real talk so you want help with stress or not?

Essential Oils also gives relief for stress
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Coping with stress
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