Looking for Creepy Trucker Stories?

by Paul

We're putting together a book of true scary stories called The Graveyard Shift. We want to get people who work though the night--police, ER nurses, security guards, etc--to give us some true creepy stories to include in the book.

Is there a way to post a request for truckers to send us some brief true stories of things they've seen while driving lonely roads late at night (Lights in the sky? Phantom hitchhikers?) that might make good chapters?

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Jun 02, 2016
Battle mountain Nevada NEW
by: Hope

Heading to California, we went threw Battle mountain Nevada, took the wrong exit, so we had to stay put till the 30 minute break was up, did not have any more drive time left, So me being the curiouse nature;" Women that (I am) I went inside looking around , hoping to find a post card for my niece. Walked in and just got A creepy feeling from the place no one spoke or said hi to you ; it reminded me of children of the corn, and looked like they were zombiefied

People, With food in front of them they did not touch it but follwed you with there eyes, I said screw this,so I drove 5 MINUTES to get out of there, And stopped at an exit ramp it was in a low dip near a farm, so shut the curtain on that side so tge heat would not hit me, (Dum mistake) 10 MINUTES into restarting my 30 minute clock, I heard my name being called in a soft tone, but not paying much attention to it until a tapping started on the truck, I reached for my phone in case I needed to call for help, and just my luck my cell service did not have respiration, so as the noises got closer to the passanger door I tryed the quil com but it was out, so I prayed for the last minute to hurry up a pass so I could go, There came a loud crash on the passenger side it sounded like someone was ripping the door open, I seen the time flip over and bolted, I stopped at the nearest truck stop, and low and behold the side steps were crushed in !!! AND TO THIS DAY THE Damage is still in the truck,

Mar 23, 2016
Black dogs NEW
by: Covered wagon Mike

That sounds like it would be an amazing book. Please think about including the countless stories of the black dogs that drivers claim to see on the road at night. I myself have seen them. It's very creepy but it's supposed to stem from overexertion and exhaustion.

Feb 05, 2016
10-4 magazine may be of help... NEW
by: Anonymous

...they are easy to contact and they might enjoy getting involved in the project.

Myself? I've been OTR for over 35 years. I have a ton of creepy stories, but as time goes on they become a bit blurry with each passing mile.

I would contact the mags for truckers and see if you can collaborate a bit ~ after all, their stories come from... truckers

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