How come the scale master legally violate someones rights!

by Tracy
(Virginia, Idaho USA)

I run team, I was pulled into a scale in Ohio, said I was 100 pounds over on my steers, was actually on route to a Carly scale, anyway said I had to pay right then via cash advance with ca comcheck.

Well problem, my company does not allow drivers to get cash advances for any reason, and they've one use comcheck, so I said OK well I'll let my co driver go on and ill stay until we can work something out.

He replied the truck can't leave, I said why my co driver is innocent and has done nothing wrong, so you and basically holding I'm ransom! And that's crime last time a heard.

I also said what's next! The Gulag! My co driver gave me cash scale master said not allowed to take cash, well you wanted me to get a cash advance through comdata, sounds like Mexican justice to me!

He got upset and told me to get the he'll out of here, so like I asked how can they legally make you pay on the spot?

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