Sudden trailer detached from tractor

by Terry

Already drove 400 miles. Suddenly heard loud noise, looked back, trailer detached from tractor. What are some possible causes? Am I responsible to pay out of pocket for any repairs?

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Apr 09, 2017
It has happened to the best of us...
by: Anonymous

.. I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS made a habit of not only doing the little "pull" test in the yard but also climbing out of the truck and getting under the trailer so that i can actually SEE the jaws locked onto my fifth wheel...

and guess what?

I still had my trailer detach as I was going up over an overpass and around a bend....fortunately, as I am ALWAYS, ALWAYS looking around my rig in the mirrors etc, I saw it, and caught it.

It was a faulty fifth wheel. The jaws can still lock, but that doesn't mean that your fifth wheel might possible just be worn out. Keeping them greased is always a plus... but

ALWAYS expect the UNEXPECTED in ANY situation with not only your big rig, but even your four wheeler.. when you climb into you car, you have a tendency to let your guard down after having traveled thousands of accident free miles in your rig

I always treat traffic and driving as a chess game... I never win, but I'm always creating my moves in advance, and I'm always moving

Good luck. Get the shop on it ASAP!

Apr 09, 2017
Wasnt locked in
by: Hervy

Its probably just that the trailer wasnt locked in all of that time but resting on it and you hit the right bump and right speed to dislodge it.

Ive dropped one as well but lucky for me it was in the parking lot.

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