Paper logs for beginners? Please help😟

by Yvonne
(Fontana, CA)

Newbie here kinda feel like its a dumb question but I'm the type of person that's needs someone to break things down step by step so I can clearly understand and no one seems to answer this clearly enough. And I really want to understand the paperlogs but the math stumps me here.

Lets say its January 1st at 9:00pm start driving. 15 minutes pretrip and of course You take ur 30 minutes break in between and You can drive til estimated 8:45A.M January 2nd. then again ur 10 he break . and 6pm January second u can drive again.

The log or math just doesn't look right when I do this please help me picture the correct way to log this. And don't take this as a joke. I'm really serious about learning this right. Thanks to everyone.

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