Have A CDL / Not Driven since early 93 / Would like to get back OTR / Have Felony from 04, Any Ideas or hope to share along these lines?

by Jay Lawrence
(Humble (Houston), Texas)

I have about 4 years OTR with JB Hunt at first then CFI. I have a felony conviction from 2004 for meth, but have been clean as can be since that day of awakening.

Don't drink, smoke or use anything outside of an occasional aspirin. I have been recently released from a job where I have been at for more than 4 1/2 years starting at $11 an hour working up to management with a salary above $50k, A company vehicle, iPhone and corporate credit card.

There I worked as maintenance MGR, Shop MGR as well as Shipping MGR. Europe,s restructuring of the global posturing put me in the path/direct employ of someone I have been bumping heads with for the better part of a year thus causing my release.

I have been thinking for the better part of two years now about how much I miss the road and driving for a living, wanting to get back on the road only this time working toward owning my own tractor/trailer and eventually have several trucks contracted out.

My checkered past along with my lack of recent driving experience has really been quite the hurdle up to now. Thou I still have my CDL I fully understand that I will most likely have to return to school and go out with a trainer once again as I did in the beginning.

School tuition is not an issue, that part is covered thanks to savings over the past few years.

If ANYONE can recommend steps I need to take toward this eventuality I will be forever grateful.

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Jun 26, 2023
Never feel run down
by: The Crazy Trucker

If you go through truck driving school again, you'll surely get another truck driving job with the other things being years ago.

I'd say get a trucking job and stay long enough to save up $10,000 at least.

Meanwhile go ahead and start a company and build business credit so that you are able to get your equipment.

You should go ahead and start a youtube channel about your intentions and documenting your journey.

That way you have an audience of potential drivers for your trucks. But more importantly, you can bring on other owner operators to run under your authority.

That is lower overhead and more money to your bottom line with less financial responsibility on the business.

Make sure you have a great CRM trucking software to bring on owner operators in an organized way so you can issue statements, trip info and pay.

Treat them well so that you don't need to spend money on advertising. And your off!

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