do you have to graduate to be a trucker? yes or no

by victoria

No. But most better trucking companies will want you to have it.

You have to ask them to find out why. Generally speaking, most companies feel like a more responsible, disciplined or goal oriented person will at least get a diploma. Although a person who doesn't graduate could have the same qualities, how will they quickly convey that to someone who doesn't know them?

So an easy way for 1st stage screening of applicants is to say, "Mush be a high school graduate"

It's enough High School graduates to use that criteria for not looking through so many applications.

As you might imagine, the better the company, the more applications they get. So they are looking for easy ways to narrow down applicants. If you have a poor reputations, you don't have as many applications so you are less likely to need to narrow the pile of applicants down. However, after getting experience, you are more likely to be able to go to a better trucking company.

That is my theory anyway. Like I said, to find our for sure you will need to ask a company why they do or don't require you to complete high school.

Aside from all of that I beg you to finish high school or at least get GED. Unless you have gotten some other type of certification or College Diploma instead. (Community College is good deal). Unless you plan on trucking for a career.

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