Taking a Pet With You OTR

Lots of people like taking a dog or taking a cat over the road with them although most pets taken are dogs.  There're pro's and con's of taking a dog trucking...or any pet trucking for that matter, which we will discuss down the page.  

If you want to take a pet trucking make sure you go to a trucking company that allows you to take it. 

Ask them, "Do you have a pet policy?"  To find out.

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The trucking company representatives will say they don't allow pets or they will tell you what they allow and what the policy regarding pets are.

Excuse the typo in the video.  You know I meant bathroom.

Joys of Taking a Pet Trucking

Pure Fun and Entertainment

With out a doubt, taking a pet trucking (dog trucking in my case) is a lot of fun, if you love dogs or animals in general.  They are lots of company and entertainment. 

  • Companionship
  • Challenge of training (feeling of accomplishment is done successfully, lol)
  • Protection (Just the added presence might help is some regard)
  • Entertainment
  • Affection (Believe it or not you will feel the love, lol. Unconditional I might add.  Obviously it doesn't replace human.)
  • Provides a distraction from frustrating moments (traffic, waiting, etc)

There is a reason that animals are used to help with recovery, rehab and elderly care.  Animals are therapeutic for most people who love them, if you allow them to be.  

However, don't forget, taking an animal comes at a cost too!


I'm not the type to get lonely because there is always something to do, but for people who does get lonely, a pet will definitely help.  Look at Courtney waiting for me to get back to the truck, lol.

Pains of Taking a Pet Trucking

Ying and Yang, lol.  If there are joys, of course there are also drawbacks also known as disadvantages of having a pet.

  • Stopping to let them out to use the bathroom
  • Expense of food and other items
  • An extra layer of planning required in routing/logistics
  • Expense of care and well being
  • You MUST exercise the animal (which takes even more time)

An animal adds expense and time consumption to your trucking adventures.  But if you ask me, it's worth it depending on your situation and goals.

Believe it the dog or any other pet can become as close as a family member.  Something I didn't expect until I actually owned Courtney as an adult.  I didn't feel the same way about pets as a kid really.

A Truck Pet Can Teach You Things

A pet can even teach you new tricks!  OK lessons about life.  If you pay attention.

There Are Ups and Downs

Animals age quicker.  Courtney looks thin here.  She's actually sick.  Still great company but slowing down.  She's about 13 years old. 

Been to the vet twice and will end up going once again to explore her conditions.  Each visit has been $400 plus.

Unexpected Adventures, lol

I have had DOT in New Mexico check station give Courtney treats.  Florida Ag officer wanted to pet her.  Security officers and Shop officers wanted to play with her and pet her.  I think I got expedited service in the shop once due to her.

That's just situations I can think of right this minute so many times she gets more attention then me, lol.  But it's been so interesting the people that I have met and had conversations about animals and such because of her.

Common Pet Policy Factors

  • Weight or size of animal allowed
  • Type of dog allowed
  • Paying a weekly fee
  • Paying a deposit

Taking a Pet Without Permission

People have asked me about sneaking a pet in the truck without permission.  Here is my take.....

If you are at a company and you never asked and the company doesn't say NOT to take a pet on the road, you are probably not going to get into trouble.  They might asked you to stop when they find out though.  It's there truck, I don't see why they couldn't legally do that.  However, these days with how things are, it will likely be some lawyer or group of people who says this is wrong. (Which is ridiculous to me, it's their business and property)

I digress....

If you are at a company that states pets are NOT allowed in the truck.  There is not room for interpretation.  You are breaking their policy.  You will likely get fined and you could be fired.

In both cases, you might get a bill if there is any damage to the truck.  That includes smells, scratches, chewed interior, etc.

Cats can really do a lot of cosmetic damage to a truck.

Trucking Companies That Allow Pets

Many trucking companies allow pets in the truck.  All you have to do is ask.

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