Can i take my wife and my 1 year old son on the truck with me to colorado

by Emanuel silvia
(Hereford tx usa)

Well i want to know if i could take my 1 year old son and my wife on the truck with me to Colorado

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Oct 20, 2016
... NEW
by: Anonymous

I would look more into what your company will allow. My husband worked for a local guy for 7 years and me and my children were never aloud to go. He has now been with a new local guy for over a year and I go all the time. Every company is different

Sep 14, 2016
We do it NEW
by: Anonymous

I go with my husband and our 1 yr old not often but we do it to spend time together honesty other drivers don't really care they know how hard it is as well just dont tell your company me and the baby stay in the back we do have a car seat my husband strapped down to the bed frame very safe and it's not forward facing baby can look out the window or he will play with me in the Back.... longest we have gone is a week we do stop a lot to give our little man some exercise...... God bless

Aug 05, 2016
At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. NEW
by: ellise

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.

Aug 04, 2016
My guess is..."No" NEW
by: Anonymous

The insurance liability premiums that your trucking company pays are high enough as it is

If you happen to work for an extremely large company, they will carry liability for passengers and even then there is usually a "clause"

For example:You might be able to take one person over the age of 18 once a month (no infants or children.. too much liability)

If your company allows passengers, it is usually someone who also holds a CDL...if not, they would have used it as an advertising 'perk" to hire you on

For example: Pets allowed, Passengers Allowed, home once a month, 50K a year... all B.S anyway

Here's my policy, and Ive stuck to it for over 30 years. "What they don't know won't hurt them"

If you are an OTR trucker and you rarely get to see your family, they are coming with, there are a few specifics

When you see other company drivers (tattle-tales) your passenger ducks

when you are at the shipper or receiver the passengers go into the sleeper for the duration of the loading or unloading process

Without that, I would have had a lot less family time over the years, and I have many fond memories of the times my family came with me.

It can get annoying as they need to stop more often and eat in a restaurant, but it always gave me a more peaceful feeling when I went to sleep and the trip felt more like a vacation than work

My son still comes with me all of the time.

I don't ask for my perks, I take them. I pick him up once I leave the yard and when I get back, I really dont care who sees what. Fire me. Ill have another driving job tomorrow.

The reason that your trucking company might say "no" is not because THEY care it is because the insurance company dictates EVERYTHING... what they cover, how much, who, etc, etc

For people don't know, when you get turned away from a trucking company after letting them (their insurance company) run your liecnse, it is bc the insurance company turned you down, not the trucking company. The trucking company might see things in advance and already know the answer, but the insurance company could require a "one on one" meeting with the new candidate just so that you can explain one minor infraction on your MVR... they might be concerned, they might not

In summary: most companies when asked will say "no'

If you ask and they say "no" you just put up a red flag because they know you are probably going to do it anyway.. why? Because everyone else does also.

You want to take thme? Say nothing, hide them at customer locations and be discreet.

Thats MY opinion. Doesnt mean im right, it just means THAT IS WHAT I DO

if you are involved in an accident... (BTW) you will wish that they were NOT with you.. and so will the insurance carrier.

This is the very reason they say "no" is because now your wife wants to sue for your child who went out the windshield....i am being dramatic, but you get the point

those moments with my family.. or trips...I can't put a price on. Yes, it would be nice to have the company blessing, but... it aint gonna happen

Oops... almost forgot

They go in the sleeper in the scales also and if you get pulled in for inspection.... tape over their mouths

do what you gotta do

You only live once and family is everything

If you work for Western... I can already tell you the's the answer I just gave...

I know them... out of Colorado and I also know that they will gladly keep you out three months at a time until you finally realize that you have to move there if you ever want to be home, but they will hire you if you live in Cali and promise you the world

They have a monthly ad for drivers that theyve been running for years and years in 10-4 magazine....always looking, huge turnover...great truck, extremely low pay, no raises, just cool shit for your truck

Sorry... I like to rabbit trail a lot....its what I do....

Aug 04, 2016
Company Policy determines who can ride
by: Hervy

Check with your trucking company policy Emanuel. More details about taking riders on the truck here.

taking riders trucking with you

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