someone i kno has a cdl and does drugs daily who should i call

by cassey wright
(bern indiana)

Someone i kno with a cdl does illegal drugs dailey who can i call seeing this driver is good friends with his employer

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Dec 05, 2016
Don't tell who you are when you cal lthe company
by: Hervy

Like they said, and thank yous guys for responding so quick, this is a serious allegation.

The first thing they are going to wonder is if you are a disgruntled partner trying to get him in trouble.

Unless, they see patterns that match what you are saying.

If he is as bad as you're alluding too, I am sure there are signs.

Late for appointments, maybe even talking wreckless to customers or dispatch....

So, if you are serious and even don't have proof you might do him good to call his company and tell him you came in contact with a driver and his behavior was suspicious.

Saying that doesn't prove it was you. And if you been around him like that, you know whether or not he has been interacting with people while affected. If he has driven the way you say he has, then he has interacted with others while under influenced.

Therefor, there is not way, he could narrow down who mentioned it to his company to you. You don't have to give them specific information that would pin point yourself the person calling.

However, this is not something you do to get back and someone. I am just putting that out there. They are not even going to pursue it anyway, with little evidence unless they think it might be true.

So if it is true, in my opinion, they will likely believe your call and have him tested because your story matches a suspicion they may have already had.

The only other thing is to consider how you might feel if he kills himself or someone else from a wreck while under influence and you never made the call to try and help prevent it.

You have to think about whether you could live with that comfortably because it could be how this ends if you never make the call.

You can also make an anonymous call to safety hotline of National Highway Transportation Safety

Passenger Carrier (Motorcoach/Bus/Van)
Hazardous Materials


Federal Relay Service for TTY 1-800-877-8339
Share the Road Safely 202-493-0472

NHTSA Hotline Number 1-888-DASH-2-DOT

Last thing I want to say is hate you are faced with this situation.

Dec 05, 2016
Impaired driver
by: Anonymous

He is also good friends with company owner to a large trucking comapny i am affraid if i call company i know they will warn him and he knows how to cheat urin drug testing has been doing it at this company and previouse company for many years now

Dec 05, 2016
Impaired driver
by: Anonymous

Have no. Proof but i know because i have rode in the truck many times with this person and there has been some scary situations .running over things has hit 2 cars that i know of.

Cant cross devided highway for several minuites because he couldnt tell if he sees car lights or not.

my concern is we have known each other many years and i have had several talks to try and get him to stop.

i lost someone by a driver impaired and im concerned for him and others .but if he knew it was me id live in hell he would definitely make me pay.

Dec 04, 2016
That is a serious accusation..
by: Anonymous

You would want to be 100% sure

They would want to know how YOU know and how YOU can prove it, because in the trucking industry, in order for a dispatcher to send someone in for a drug test, he has to have "reasonable suspicion" and has to be certified by someone like J.J. Keller in the reasonable suspicion department

If you are wrong, you will be the one in trouble.

It's called "slander"

So, get your proof, *which is nearly impossible... and call the authorities, but be ready to answer some questions

Lots of people like to accuse others of things without thinking of the repercussions to their accusations

What would the repercussions be to YOU if this person found out YOU accused him, reported him, and ruined his life... maybe made a mistake (let's say he passes his drug screen if one were mandated)

You need to think this one out thoroughly. Trust me on that.

We don't need dope-heads out here on the highway, but that doesn't make your job any easier.

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