Protesting Preventable Incidents


on 10-10-11 i was to exit our security gate,they do a maintanence check on all outbound trailers..trailer was in bad order and had to be returned to shop for repair.

in the process of backing up i scraped the pole that holds the was in the yard at the time and called it a preventable acciden..i called in a claim as per procedure and was put out of svc pending talking to safety..

i did all of that recvd a letter saying that i could protest it by writing down the facts and diagrams etc and send it to them..they do a review board and make there decision based on the information supplied..

what is a good form of showing them that this was not a preventable but an incident so that it does not go on my license..this happened in the companys private lot fyi..

my cdl record has no accidents-speeding..perfect score for 20 years plus


mike o'shea sr

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Oct 21, 2013
by: Anonymous

these types of questions are for legal information and you really should have an attorney look into it for you. I only hear misgiven information on this site and if you want a better outcome you need an attorney. Trying to take legal matters in your own and or the hands of untrained indiviuals is a very big risk your taking. If you want a good outcome do something sensible and hire an attorney. If you dont have the money for an attorney well then you must not need to drive. Just saying and fyi....

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