hired, and fired same day, because of blood pressure meds? wasn't paid for that day of work.

by Ashley
(victorville, CA)

My uncle was hired, did doctors physical, drug test, signed tax information and was hired and started his first day on the job. He completed two local runs that totaled a full day of work. Before he set out to leave state on his third run, he was advised to return to the yard.

When he returned, he was notified that because he took "blood pressure" medication, (small dosage to keep his blood pressure at a safe, and suitable for driving bp) he was terminated on the spot. Also was not given his pay for that day. This is in California, law requires a person who is terminated to receive pay check within 24 hours.

Now, is the company wrong for the termination when they 1st, knew about the medications, and 2nd, he was cleared by doctors. And what does he need to do as far as collecting his pay for the work he did in that da???

Please help!

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Jan 04, 2016
Wait a minute.... NEW
by: Anonymous

He disclosed what meds he was taking on his application?

HIPPA makes some allowances for this as long as your GP say's you are "safe to drive" or "not likely to experience adverse reactions" to your meds.

The insurance company may have lagged and the company jumped the gun in hiring you.

The funny thing is this: If it was that high, The DOT exam has a tolerance level. So, your pops must be on very high dosages meaning that if he runs out of meds on the road he becomes an immediate risk.

You can fight this. But, you have to get an attorney. Most truckers arent to good in discovery and standing in front of a judge vs. a trucking company attorney, so, get an attorney and fight it, get his back-pay and get back on the road...

that is, if he feels SAFE to do so.

BP is no joke these days. Is he overweight also?

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