Can truckers get fired because of their dispatcher?

Can a otr trucker get fired because the dispatcher doesn't give them their miles?

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Nov 06, 2016
As a previous dispatcher...
by: Anonymous

In a simple answer "Yes" but I was given that authority by the VP of the company.

He didn't like doing it and you could always tell when a termination was coming up. The boss would leave for the day.

Your question though, as "Hervy" stated is probably meant to be "can my dispatcher fire me for (you fill in the blanks)

Some VP's prefer to give the final word on hires and fires. Mine did not. By giving me that authority, I could do it. But I will tell you this: You had to push me and mess with me, lie to me, etc., etc., over and over again.

There are other ways to get your point across, because essentially.. a trucking company is NOTHING without its drivers.

I also had training for "reasonable suspicion"... but I exercised that right to send someone in for a drug test lightly.

Now, if you came back dirty, I didn't necessarily have to fire you if you qualified for rehabilitation.

Your question.. is vague, to say the least.

Anyone can fire you. The janitor could fire you if the bossman said he could.

There is no special position or office maintained for hiring and firing. If there were it would probably be human resources... but usually, as stated.. the bosses kind of like to be the ones to exercise that authority.

COuld depend also. Boss could do it MOST of the time... someone else could do it the rest of the time.

Usually, down the road, that driver is either going to want to come back to work again, or want a reference.

A dispatcher shouldn't have to be sought out and bothered with this. Its really not his job. The job of a dispatcher is demanding enough as it is.


Like Herv said.... rephrase the question

Nov 05, 2016
Whats missing in your question
by: Hervy

Something is missing. I am not understanding your question. Can you ask another way?

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