When I get better how can I get back in to the driver seat again?

by Memphis Monroe
(Three Rivers, Tx. US.)

I have had my class A cdl now for three years. I have also had to get a vision waiver all those years as well. I am almost completely blind in my right eye. Just recently I was diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes. And the dr. I went to said in order for me to renew my vision waiver I can not be on insulin or I can get a waiver for insulin too. But I have to have been on insulin for 5 years.

My job that I am currently employed at is holding my job as a truck driver and a heavy equipment operator. What happens if when I get better from recuperating from this first and second surgery that caused this whole problem and I can't get off insulin?

I want to go back to work but I have another surgery to remove my gall bladder and check on my pancreas and other stuff. But what if after all that is done I can't beat this diabetes and get off insulin?

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