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Some things you should know!

Trucking driving jobs still make an excellent career choice in 2024 despite the talk of autonomous trucks.  Truckers are still in high demand and will be for decades to come.  You can't beat a live human behind the wheel!

Safe, healthy, skilled drivers will always be in demand and all most truckers will not be 100% replaced by self driving trucks in the near term.

Questions:  Will autonomous truck take over and kill all trucking jobs?

Answer:  NO.

Question: Will they ever be used? 

Answer:  I'm sure in 10 years or more they'll be used, just not the way people (news media and companies) like to run their stories and press releases.  They won't even replace 1/4 of truckers in 10 years.

Natural question:  How do you know?

Answer:  Good Job! Never be afraid or hesitant to ask people like me that question. lol There's no way for me 'know' 'know' it's an opinion so I can't prove it to you. 

But I will respond in more detail why i believe I'm right. 

The first stage of autonomous is to have someone in the cab ready to take over.  How is that supposed to work? 

People are distracted when they supposed to be driving and they expect them to pay attention when they are not driving just because they are in the seat? 

And that is the 1st stage of running these trucks autonomously.  I digress.....

Company drivers are in high demand!

For company drivers, your pay is at all time highs.  Average pay for a trucker is $80,815 according to Ziprecruiter.  More about driver pay.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Owner operators, you should really be careful jumping in at this time with your own authority using spot rate freight.  The rates are lower due to state of the economy.  Take the precautions here seriously about becoming an owner operator.

The questions that you want an answer to is if you're compatible for the trucking lifestyle.  We will help you figure that out below.

Also, you want to think about which option you will take to get your Class A license and what type of trucking job you want to pursue as entry point and long term goal. (You may not have decided on long term goal yet, you can explore first and decide later)

CDL A Training - Types of Trucking Jobs - Driver Pay - Owner Operator

What to Expect (Job Descpription)

  • First year in trucking, you'll likely be OTR.  Not local.  If you're promised local, double check and triple check at the company.

Any questions? You can ask trucking questions and read others here.

If the information here helps you or you think it can help others like it and remember..... Sharing is Caring. 

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Steps for Getting a Trucking Job

You can be trucking on your own in less than 6 months.  But first do a little research so that you make choices that are compatible for your situation.

Expect to read and learn about...

  • Skills required
  • Trucking Jobs Outlook
  • The Most Common Trucking Job
  • The Truth About Local Trucking Jobs
  • Better Trucking Jobs
  • Making Your Trucking Job a Career
  • The Types of Trucking Jobs

Skills Required

Truck drivers are skilled professionals.  The more experience you have the better your skills behind the wheel will be but you can start right away with the right mindset and attitude about how you perform your job and safety!  Guess what, that will help your job security pay!

There is a certain attitude, work ethic needed but also basic problem solving ability.  You have to think about what you are doing and what other drivers are doing. (Drive defensively is another way of saying it)

But here is another example of problem solving mindset needed...

Senario:  GPS says to turn on this narrow street.  It looks suspect.  Branches over the road, residential area, etc.....Do you...

  • A.  Make the turn anyway and just turn around if it is the wrong turn.  (Problem, you might not be able to turn around)
  • B.  Look for clues that trucks actually use that street  (curb wear by tires, over hanging tree limbs worn by rubbing the trailer)
  • C.  By-pass the turn and find somewhere to pull over to make a phone call  (Call the shipper/receiver, broker, dispatch)
  • D.  Stop there where you are and call someone (lol, you often can't just stop right there.  If there is a turning lane, you might be safe depending on how busy the street is and the situation)

Ideally, you would have taken a look at the directions prior to going, during your trip planning, even if you use a GPS. Googling it or zooming in on GPS to see if the last turn is the right address helps.  Calling the shipper/receiver in advance to compare directions could avoid a lot of trouble too.  Main thing though, is don't be so committed to the GPS directions.

Always look down street for low clearances, hanging branches, wires, etc.  If the street looks suspect you shouldn't take the chance.  Find somewhere to park and call the shipper/receiver to verify the correct directions.

There will be different things that comes up requiring you to actually think and pay attention to details.  This is one example but relax, this stuff is not rocket science.  Just pay attention and think a little.  If you're here reading all of this, you can handle it just fine!

Trucking Jobs Outlook

Bureau of Labor Statistics says trucking jobs will rise until 2031Bureau of Labor statistics expect trucking jobs to rise through 2031

Truck driving jobs are here to stay. No matter how bad the economy gets you can be sure trucking companies are hiring all around the country. Many truckers were laid off or let go at the height of the recession but trucking companies are hiring again because manufacturers and distribution centers are busy again.

I don't expect the economy to reach full potential for a while in fact I think there will continue to be ups and downs. However, I think the truck driving jobs will continue to grow especially since the new CSA 2010 rules and regs hit.  I think a lot of older drivers will get out and a lot of bad truckers will be forced out.(but what do i know! :-)

Update: 7 years later....(2015)  This did happen a lot.  A lot of companies went under a lot of bad and unhealthy truckers are out.  This continues to evolve today.

2023 Update:  As you know we are recovering from recession (They didn't say so, I said so lol) again.  Right now for owner operators the rates are terrible.  But I think next year will be roaring.  If you're just starting out, it's a great time.  Your pay is higher than ever.  Demand is ongoing and NO truckers are not about to be put out of a job any time soon!

So.... truck driving is still a great career for the right qualified person as there will be plenty of openings and options to specialize after getting experience.

If you search for 2018 outlook for trucking you will see article after article about the positive expectations for trucking jobs.

Will autonomous take over?

Natural question:  How do you know?

Answer:  lol, There's no way for me to prove it to you but I will repeat this and respond lower down the page.

Here's how I look at it. 

Humans can predict what other drivers or pedestrians will do only to a degree, you must observe, respond and/or adapt.  Is it possible to write a program to accomplish this yes. Is it easy to write it and anticipate it's performance while interacting with million of humans on the road?

It's almost impossible because of the many various driving still and types of choices people make due to different ways of thinking.

So that means either most of these trucks will need to run together with no humans on the road or they need to have a seperate highway system so that they can run in groups as much as they want.  Then each unit can respond perfectly with each other because they can communicate and operate in sync.  That can't be done with a mixture of humans and vehicles.

The Most Common Trucking Jobs

The most common trucking job that you are likely to start off with is pulling a dry van over the road. Those are the plain box trailers that you see most often being pulled down the highway by a big truck. It is the cheapest freight to haul and usually requires no special attention unless placarded. This means the average pay is normally the lowest pay for truckers naturally though, it is where most drivers begin their careers.

Notice I said "over the road." That is because as a new trucker, over the road for 3 or 4 weeks at a time is most likely how you will start your career. Despite what your person of contact at the company might have told you during the first conversation. You must ask correctly.

(ask, "Can I drive local/regional/etc as a new driver?", not "Do you have local or regional positions?"  That will give you the specific answer you want.  Or at least it will force them to either be truthful or flat out lie.)

Now you can possibly start with other types of trucking jobs that won't keep you out like that. It varies among trucking companies.  Small or medium sized trucking companies or those hauling freight from a local manufacturer or distribution center that sends trucks out and gets drivers back in to do it again is where I have found the most success.  

These obviously are not as easy to find or get hired at for a new driver but they exists. (Experienced drivers take a lot of these jobs.)

Learn more about small or medium sized trucking companies here.

Other Trucking Jobs for New Drivers

  • Flat Bed Jobs
  • Refrigerated Jobs
  • Moving Company Jobs

These jobs can be...

  • OTR or Over the Road - The easiest and most likely for new drivers.
  • Regional
  • Dedicated
  • Local
  • Route Sales

More details about the different types of trucking jobs

The Truth About Local Trucking Jobs

Just to reiterate....

Some of you have been told that you would be able to find a local trucking job straight out of trucking school. You probably got information from a recruiter at a trucking school or trucking company when you called a number on a flyer or in a newspaper.  

For the most part it could be an exaggeration. It is highly unlikely that you will find a local trucking job right out of truck driving school.(Not impossible)

Those jobs are quickly filled by experienced drivers wanting to come off the road and you are stuck with those OTR (over the road) jobs that they left.

The easiest or quickest way you will get a trucking job fresh out of school is with one of the larger carriers that most other folks go to right out of school.  It is not the only trucking company that will hire you just the quickest.

Again, it's not impossible to find other a local trucking jobs or trucking companies that will run you back in every weekend.  Especially if you live in a large city or one with a lot of manufacturing. 

I just don't want you to based your entire decision to spend the money for trucking school on the idea that you will definitely find a local trucking job or dedicated route if you have not gotten that position guaranteed to you by the trucking company itself in writing.

More on Local Truck Driving Jobs

Check if there are local jobs in your area right here.

Better Truck Driving Jobs

The better higher paying truck driving jobs are usually with companies that make or sell their own products and have their own trucks and hire their own drivers. Sherwin Williams, Wal-Mart, Poly Corp, Ashley, etc.

To get these truck driving jobs you will usually need experience of at least 1 year (up to 3 is not unusual) and a clean driving record. That's why you will always hear me tell new drivers to try and keep your driving record and in the best standing as possible. Otherwise you will not get these high paying trucking jobs.

Some of you will love your first trucking job just fine. It all depends on how well the trucking company is operated, the location in reference to your residence, the specific driver's needs and the relationship with office personnel. Oh and the competency of office personnel.

Generally speaking though, you will find your better and highest paying trucking jobs at the types of companies I mentioned earlier or at the one you are at after getting your experience and you prove yourself.  You shouldn't be surprised that if while you are there, you prove yourself to be an asset to the company and not a liability they will want to make you happy and keep you.  (Again if the trucking company is well ran)

For an even higher paying trucking job, you would need to specialize, which you would need experience for. (Heavy equipment, high value freight, military, etc)

More on specialized hauling of heavy equipment

Make Trucking a Career and Not Just a Job

When and if you do get into trucking, you want to take pride in your job performance and represent your company well. Your history will go with you and open doors or keep them shut.

If you take pride in being a professional trucker you will have a career.  If you don't, you will always have a job and not a career because you won't be able to go to the best trucking companies.

Here are some tips to make trucking a career and not just a job.

  • Make delivery and pick up appointments on time
  • Establish a good relationship with dispatchers (people generally)
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Represent the company well when dealing with the customers
  • Don't not get violations on your license
  • Be proactive in taking care of your health
  • Keep your eyes open for that ideal trucking job for your situation but don't change trucking jobs for a few pennies or just because you can.

More on how to be an awesome driver that every company wants

Types of Trucking Jobs

You probably notice by now, there are many different types of truck driving jobs. The type of trucking job you have will help determine how long you stay out, whether you touch the freight or not, how much your paid, the benefits, home time and probably other factors that don't come to mind right now.

I already told you that it is likely you will get the most common trucking job straight out of trucking school. the biggest reason that I want you to look at the types of trucking jobs though is to know what your shooting for after getting experience. Plus there are a few more options to you right now as a new trucker such as refrigerated, flatbed, tanker and even moving company.  For more details on those types of jobs, there is a link below.  But first...if the information on this page helped you, please like and share it.  Thanks, it helps me to keep updating the website!

Here is a list of the different types of truck driving jobs

List of the Types of Driving Jobs

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